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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. log6-10

      by , 09-16-2012 at 08:15 AM
      Log 6

      A Vision upon waking: a smoking worm of perception???

      I am in a laboratory of evil dream scientists. DR strange is inside my head. "They Are Trying To Kill Scrooge McDuck!" I flee quickly, with an invisibilityspell, finding myself in a slum.

      Two female succubi blond and brunette. They try to steal my sexual energy. I summon a baseball bat and ram it into the brunettes ass like a barbarian. I do this to teach the blonde one compassion.
      *Scratch, shiva scratch!*
      Visions of dr strange. He meditates, and then we are in space. I see myself as astring of spacesuits, sorta like analbeads.


      In the tower of illumination. It is dark upstairs and a loathsome alien lives there. A hippie commune near the tower, there is a garage and a lake nearby. We goe for a swim with the hippies. My naturist thinks it is ridick ilous to wear swimpants if you are a hippie.

      *Scratch Shiva scratch!*

      Army forces attack the commune....to be continued...


      In my house of birth, me and my ex GF having kinky sex. Afterwards i go to an old saunabuilding witch is now in public use during the festivals of the Students Infinite=you. Every student notices my shitty pants. GOL. then every kid asks me about the shitpands.LOL.Som wisekid says perversions are A O K.

      I Meet a visiting mentalist and ask him to read my mind. He sees all my sick false memory implants and avises me to think the rape scenarios happened to a 17 year old Cosovan. Or former life.

      I dream of sleeping in hibernation in a flat somewhere between dreams and waking. Music..speaches. Waking up i seek the source of sound to the neighboring flat 2 men 1 female or vice versa...*False awakening* Mirrors...ugly toot leaves my mouth and a hot hard tooth comes underneath My hand is invisible and i get up. (am ai ded?)

      My fire body condenses and i feel it. aaawaakiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Tis teh fnord, voices tell bees.

      Karmic scnaps.
      I am a courier. a man on a mission. with my faithful companion going to russia to accomplish some mission with im, J. In my city I first go grab a bite from truck stop with V.S.But... le fu...the fries of obedience are over. VS. stops icescreamning and we be ballin to a nextstop.

      FInally! in rssuia. Meet my first love. Shes tho one the package was meant to go. Near a russian factory. I hold a kettle.in it theres a hoop. girls need it 4 deir games. I wanna join but mans gotta do whatta mans gottado...to be continued...