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    log 11

    by , 09-17-2012 at 06:36 PM (389 Views)
    I am in a castle. a friend of mine and I play a roleplaying game. I fly out across a river. Then back to the castle. Cat-the-pillar (a cat with a thousand legs and a body like a catepillar) is in front of a door. It stares at me strangely.
    Nonordinary reality visuals... I see a bonfire. Three humanoid figures, one blue, one white one red. The blue one notices me and searches for my Name. Instinctively I pull back to my Inner world. Words fly in the air. They seek my name. Negative emotions enter my inner world in the form of an orc horde or something. I kill them with my bare hands


    Voices, feminine. "...but if you do it then i can show you the meaning behind sex in dreams."

    According to her wishes(?) I go to seek a lucky lady.
    ...Somewhere here I become lucid...

    1700-century themed garden. Familiar faces all dressed in the clothes of french nobility I take a porn shot of a woman

    and then...

    damn, i wake up.

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