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    The weird dreams of Appe96

    Missed the flight :(

    by , 09-20-2011 at 03:39 PM (453 Views)
    Type: Non-lucid
    Vivid: Long

    Dream: I'm standing in a airport somewhere in Turkey. It appears that I've missed the flight back to Sweden and my parents has my passport :O.

    I'm now in a aircraft that will bring me to back to Sweden. The aircraft is quiet big and I am talking to a familiy that are sitting right next to me. We are talking about that I maybe have to fly back to Turkey due to the lack of passport.

    I'm at the airport and I am meeting a guy that will help me get a passport for 1000 euros :O

    Note: The dream ends right here. It maybe seems like a short dream but it felt like it was for ages.

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