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    Motivational dream :) May 24th 2012

    by , 05-24-2012 at 06:06 AM (321 Views)
    Notes Dream Lucid

    Dream 1: Someone called "Micke" had called me and some dude on skype. He asked what we have done while he was gone, and we told him that we hosted a livestream. I thought to myself that Micke gott a really highpitch voice, and when I say really I mean REALLY :O.

    He asked us if we could play team fortress 2, and we was like "Yeah sure". He told us to play on the map called crossroads, because that was the only map that his computer could handle.

    We played TF2 for a while, and I got a pretty good gameplay. This was something that I really braged about

    I wake up somewhere around here.

    Dream 2: I were going to start jogging after school to become fitt to race that my school will host. I told it to my sister, and she showed me a technique wich makes me run faster, every time I'm running. I mentioned that I usually se Pontus near the route that I was supposed to take when I jogged. She told me that somehow cheats when he is jogging.

    I took the buss to Uppsala, a city close to where I live. The buss stopped close to a forest, wich was the forest that I were going to.

    I wake up somewhere around here. Somehow this dream made me realize that I have to start exercising

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