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    The weird dreams of Appe96

    When Björkliinge attacks.

    by , 03-21-2011 at 07:10 AM (754 Views)
    Type: Action/Strategi/Non-lucid
    Vividnes: Long
    Dreamrecall: Fragments

    Notes: "Björklinge" is a city 10 kilometers away from my village.
    I am not sure how the dream started.
    Yes i did dream this.

    I am a General in a battle. I check my map to see the enemies position. I notice that the green dots are the enemy, and that they are advancing on our left flank. I jump in my car wich kinda looks like this:

    My driver drives me to the front, so i can see how it's like there (the terrain.) The enemy starts to attack the HQ, and I can see how our flag slowley goes down(like in battlefield 2.) We get's reinforcement, and starts to drive the soldiers of "Björklinge" back to where they belong . MY drive starts to chase a motorcykel from the enemy team, and starts shooting at him. The motorcykel starts to hide behind a hill, so we can't find him for a while. Later on we finds him because i used something called "chakra" to find his energy :O

    The only thing that i remember after that is that we burned down "Björklinge".

    I wake up, a bit confused, and starts to write this dream down in my DJ.

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