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    1. September 12th 2015 - What a bad kid.

      by , 09-22-2015 at 09:53 AM
      Sleeping: September 12th 2015, 11:15 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 13th 2015, 11 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      This girl appeared once in a blue moon. I still didn't know who she was. This was the second time she appeared. A small number didn't mean anything, but the feeling did. I felt that this dream character stood out from others. I'd love to get some more information on her.

      Well, I don't have to care, actually. Let's get into the topic, for the sake of progress tracking. I slept at 11:15 PM on September 12th, 2015. Woke up naturally and recalled a fragment. It had been solid for only a few seconds then I failed to make an image out of it.

      We were... somewhere, sitting at the table in an ice cream shop. We spent quite a long time discussing various things. It seemed like we've already formed a relationship.

      That's all I could remember. After recalling, I kept on sleeping. A long dream started here. Surprisingly, she didn't vanish, she just didn't play a role. However, both of us still felt like we've talked a few minutes ago (in the previous dream). I failed to recognize this illogical timeline. I couldn't be at that place then be in a class in such a short time.

      I was in a class, assumed it was an English class. We were assigned with big chunks of sheets (exercises) to do. The classroom, as far as I could remember, felt smaller than usual. I couldn't remember how it actually was since I didn't even bother to look at the whole classroom.

      I started working on my exercises. Some questions were answered with choices. Some questions were answered with short writing. There were no specific topics. Things were random, but most of them were about psychological.

      While I was finishing them off, my close friend (sitting next to me) constantly bothered me. He asked me some answers, or just complained that questions didn't make sense. (Of course, they didn't. Yet, I didn't notice.) There was a question to answer with a full paragraph. It was asking something about techies. This time, I had to talk with him as I wasn't sure. It was a question to be answered in a creative way also.

      He could only say he didn't know. He said those whole things didn't make sense, yet I didn't even notice. Soon, my supposed teacher came in and told that we had to give it to teacher already. I, not finishing my works yet, grabbed my close friend's paper and copied all those answers. (What a bad kid.) Thank goodness, everything I've left out seemed to be simple, choices questions.

      The teacher asked me for a fee, for not completing my works. I was confused and instinctively looked back for no reason at all. I saw her handing me some coins already. I took it, and thanked, even though being confused.
      Then, I woke up. I haven't taken any notes on when which dream was recalled. It was far too long for me to remember also. Thus, I could only leave a list of my awakening: 4 AM, 7 AM, and the final one at 11 AM.

      Seriously. Complete nonsense and multiple warnings went unnoticed. How lovely.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. September 10th 2015 - False Conclusion

      by , 09-21-2015 at 02:00 PM
      Sleeping: September 10th 2015, 10:45 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 11th 2015, 6:45 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I was in a school. As usual, I was doing some works. It couldn't feel worse. Things looked boring. I did talk with my friends a bit, but conversations couldn't last long. I let out a sigh and continued finishing my tasks. Somehow, I felt sleepy, close to point where I would collapse without knowing. Soon afterward, I instinctively put my hands on my desk. I looked carefully and noticed I had an unusual amount of fingers.

      I believed I knew this was a dream. I concluded that I felt asleep in my classroom. Though, illogically thinking, I could walk out of the classroom without feeling disturbed anymore. I stood on the second floor's balcony, only to stare at the another building on opposite side of the road. I wanted to fly there, but the feeling was different. Something made me know that I wasn't able to control. Myself worrying about this fake wake-up led me out of the desire.

      I turned around, saw many people walking. More interestingly, one of my closest friends stood by my side. He stared with that blank look, same as mine. Without turning his head to me, he started telling me that he dreamt, having me as one of main dream characters. My curiosity started. He told, in his dream, he was arguing with me for some reasons. It was harsh, yet he couldn't understand the contexts. He felt it would just be better to let me know.

      I wondered what he was talking. However, as (I thought) I knew this was my dream, I came up with an idea. I asked him, "What about now? Do you think you're dreaming or awake?". As expected, he thought he was awake. I repeated the question. He realized something was wrong with my question, thus knowing this was a dream. To me, he didn't seem surprised at all. He smiled with some thoughts in his mind I couldn't know. He thanked me as if I was his subconscious reminding him. He could do whatever he wanted in this dream, so-called "his". Weirdly, he also warned me to think carefully. I, not recognizing that false lucidity warning, didn't take it seriously. I smiled, keeping the fact that me waking up would cease his existence, thought how he couldn't get any further than me. He sighed then walked away, I assumed he was going to do whatever he wanted. I didn't have to care, so I walked into teachers'/staff room nearby.

      I felt I should try something bad. Then, unconsciously, I flew in that room and messed up with all the documents. Most things fell onto the floor. Suddenly, a teacher stood up and yelled at me. She stated how I wouldn't be able to get away with my actions. Chuckles being turned into a loud laugh, I taunted her. It was only a few seconds until I felt something bad coming at me. I quickly flew out of the room.

      I woke up at the classroom. Looked around, and things looked so usual. (That was usual for dream thoughts, of course!) A teacher walked in so all students went back to their seats. It was her, someone I saw in my dream. I thought I was fine, but then I was shocked. I was surprised when she called my name and told me to go to the staff room. She said, "retribution", then walked away angrily.

      Few seconds passed, I came back to my senses. However, before I could do a state check, I realized I woke up. Why didn't I notice that weirdness? Dreaming in a dream also, how nice. D:

      Actually, there was a fragment from my natural awakening at 5 AM. I could recall having a false awakening. My house floor's color changed to brown/orange. It looked luxurious, though. I noticed it and became lucid instantaneously. (Please refer to notes in next paragraph.) I kept on checking time via a clock on the wall and a clock on my phone. I picked my phone up from my pocket. My phone's display appeared to look like Android's while I actually owned an iPhone. Things looked exactly the same as when you were on a phone call and decided to put it in the background. But, I didn't care about it too much. I decided this was something to make me sure that I was in a dream.

      To be honest, I couldn't dare to say if I was actually lucid. This fragment was too small, especially when matching up with next dream as explained previously. I felt that my actions in this fragment were unconsciously done. I couldn't even recall controlling anything, or even if I left my area.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. September 5th 2015 - Bombs & Lucid Flying

      by , 09-06-2015 at 02:13 PM
      Sleeping: September 5th 2015, 10:20 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 6th 2015, 6:20 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I didn't know why we were here at night. I was with my parents, along the streets. There was a car on other side of the road. I also got hold of a remote, which I knew it was bomb. We decided, I pressed the button. The time was set for 30 seconds, so we ran. We thought we were safe. Yes, we were, but bomb didn't explode at all. I was confused on why it didn't work. Picked up the remote and found that I didn't press it at all yet. I just pressed, and ignored that bomb I activated.

      I walked along the street and saw all the situations. Groups were trying to stop the bomb from exploding. So much bombs were placed under the ground. After I inspected most enough, I came back and walked into a nearby forest. It was dark and scary, but I just got some bomb activators there. It was just a small snack bag, with suspicious cube inside. I torn it off, got the cube in my hand. There were police around me, so I tried to be sneaky. Threw that bag away and slowly put the cube inside my pocket.

      There was a policewoman who saw me. She said to nobody, but targeting me. "Heh? A kid found some suspicious things and didn't even help us. Lovely. Come here and get some rewards, boy." I was like "Freak. What do I do now?" and walked to her. Handed her the cube and tried showing my innocence. I apologized as much as I could and led her to trust in me. Although, she knew I was one detonating the bomb. We engaged in a long conversation about this bomb incident. She asked if I would even help her in their works. I refused, with reasons that I and my parents had to go somewhere else after that car exploded. She nodded, and acted like she didn't know the culprit 'me' at all.

      I woke up afterwards. I was in my bed, recalling this thing. Due to how sleepy I felt, I continued lying there. However, the result from last night reminded me to not go straight into sleep yet. While it was super easy for me to sleep if I didn't get out at all, I risked forgetting about this dream. So, I just got out of my bed. Went out of my bedroom, got my phone. Came back, checked the time and wrote notes for this dream down. It was 4:40 AM. It took me around 10 minutes to fall asleep, assuming. Actually, I felt like I couldn't sleep at all.

      I was awake in my bed again. Although, I felt weird this time. I didn't know what it was, until I took a look at my hand. Bang. Immediate lucidity from false awakening. Although, I didn't dare to move yet. I was afraid that 6 fingers I saw was just my failed vision. Actually, the room was dark. Things were quite blurry. So, I decided to try controlling something without my movement first. I was afraid I would wake up easily. I saw my closet, so I tried moving it with my mind. It worked effortlessly. I continued trying with other things in my room until I could be sure. There was nothing to lose this time. I had to get out of my bed or else I wouldn't be able to do anything.

      I stood up, double checked my fingers. There were really six fingers on each hand. I was amazed by how things looked so real, comparing to my last dark lucid dream. I walked around my home. All the lights were on, though I remembered they were off in waking life. Subconscious did great job simulating myself waking up in the middle of night. This included seeing my dad falling asleep on the floor when watching TV outside. I accidentally stumbled upon him a bit. He woke up. I wasn't able to speak. He understood. "Sorry? That's fine." and continued being asleep.

      I realized I didn't have to worry much. I opened the door with my mind. I couldn't remember what I was going to do. Only one thing popped up in my head: fly. It was bright noon, so great dream time to try. I opened my arms, ran a few steps out of my home and flew up. I was surprised I could do this effortlessly. There was one problem: I got my head stuck at the roof. Instead of having trouble flying up, I had trouble landing down. I used my hands to push the wall above so I could get down a bit and continued flying.

      I was finally out of my home area. Flew up high on the sky, seeing the whole city. I felt amazed enough to point where
      I forgot I was dreaming. I landed down in a forest. I was in the wide area with no trees. Trees around this place were big enough to cover the sky. Found my friends there. I didn't know where should I fly to, so I just asked one of them. It continued to myself asking him for my other friend's cellphone number. Just to tell some people I was going to visit their house. Thanked him, flew off.

      I woke up right afterwards. Checked the time, it was 5:51 AM. I quickly noted them all down happily. Continued sleeping on to late 9:30 AM. Well, that was my last night to have a long sleep. Until then, there comes another week of school works!
    4. September 3rd 2015 - When music brings bad...

      by , 09-06-2015 at 09:59 AM
      Sleeping: September 3rd 2015, 10:20 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 4th 2015, 6:20 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I've been waiting for chance to play piano in my dream for long time. This was finally featured, but as others playing though. It was an ordinary day. I thought it was somewhere around evening, or the weekends. However, everything looked like afternoon. I was doing my assignments/playing games in my house; I used to live here 3 years ago. While it was supposed to be small, it was big this time. Everything was perfect. Things went on until I heard someone playing a piano. I tried listening what it was, but the song changed. As far as I could recall, it was one of pieces I've been trying to play. I was surprised there were great pianists around my house. Eagerly, curiously, I dropped what I was doing down. Walked to the door and took a look. I couldn't figure out who it was.

      I didn't dare enough to go out of my home, as people would suspect. I doubted they even hear the piano sound at all. So, I could only try to look from the door. After few minutes, I noticed something weird outside around the right. It looked like multiple vertical black/red dead pixel lines. By this time, it was already raining; I didn't notice it was before this. Soon, I heard some weird sound which I eventually assumed it as some weird UFOs coming. That actually happened. I panicked, didn't know what to do. What I ended up doing was trying to stop the flood. Water was flowing into my front yard. I closed all the (dream) front glass gates and got various things to stop the flood.
      I woke up soon though.

      I felt confused for my dream actions. Though, it was interesting to see what I would do later on. I didn't get out of my bed to take a look at my alarm clock, or even writing this dream down. Simply fell asleep in few minutes.

      Afternoon. I was in front of place I assumed it was my home. I was in a place that looked like public park. Things behind me were building made with brown/orange bricks. I saw people setting some stages up, much like a concert. A huge Novation Launchpad Pro was also featured. I talked to someone who was near me all the time. We discussed about an event. I could recall it perfectly: someone's livestream, morning for school by my timezone. I complained how I couldn't even have time to watch it. He then said, "it's now, isn't it?". I didn't get what he said, but time changed to night.

      We were somehow sitting in our seats already. Quite high, looking down seeing the event starting. Lights were fantastic, and other people were clapping, or screaming as if they would. Soon, a strange, suspicious man walked in. He said that they had to do this before the show started. He then shot a bullet up high in the sky, but it curved to rightmost seat in my row. The bullet then exploded into a huge barrier wall with screen on it. That fitted in the space between seats, completely making rightmost person separated from others. The screen was there for that person to see another person. He continued, and it eventually came near to separating everybody.

      I figured it out. I quickly looked around the stage, quickly calculating the possibilities. The barriers, accompanying with how seat positions were placed out; they would make everybody trapped in. I sensed bad things coming. However, we were too late to leave. It was about to separate us, and we were sitting too near. We decided to separate off a bit to make sure the wall wasn't going to squeeze us down. I lost my shoes and tried to find them, but ability to do that was then blocked. I could only feel worse things coming.

      I woke up abruptly soon afterwards. Freak, I'm eager to see what will happen afterwards. Interesting, a dream character tried to tell me I had to watch something. I completely forgot about it when I woke up. Still, seems like that livestream was postponed due to various reasons. I could only facepalm, recognizing it right now.

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    5. September 2nd 2015 - Nostalgia

      by , 09-06-2015 at 06:36 AM
      Sleeping: September 2nd 2015, 10 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 3rd 2015, 6:30 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I was in a mall between food and games area. My mom and younger sister were talking to someone, far away from me. There were games for kids which I used to play when I was so young. I somehow wanted to play them again so I just got some coins in. (I'd rather not note all the details here. Whole dreams were just playing games, in one sitting.) After a while, my mom just saw me and chuckled a bit. I continued playing as I felt nobody was watching. Things were getting harder and harder until I failed. Although, the result was pretty high in leaderboard, I decided to not leave my name there. I then pulled a burger out of nowhere to eat. I woke up before I could even know the taste of dream foods.

      Long things short. How the hell is our brain capable of imagining the whole game mechanism in few seconds? I don't even bother writing all of them here, or what it was.
    6. September 1st 2015 - "no veggies plox"

      by , 09-06-2015 at 06:26 AM
      Sleeping: September 1st 2015, 10:45 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: September 2nd 2015, 5:50 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      Since when I got back from that event (August 17th-18th 2015), the dream place started recurring at steady rate. That was where I assumed I was, but in fact the scenery was all different. I was with my 5-6 friends on the top floor of hotel. It was evening, meal time. There were long tables with foods on it, for us to queue and get them. Of course, nothing to expect much. I had already finished eating them. Went onto conversations about various things before we got out of this table. Left to our room to do our things.

      Things fast-forwarded to somewhere almost midnight. Nobody was at their proper rooms. It felt funner sticking together at someone's room, right? The thing was... we weren't inside the room at all, but I believed we were. The place resembled my school's gym. I was sleeping on the ground with my feet pointing to a room. We just sat down and talked about various things. Topic changed from time to time, without anybody even noticing.

      I looked at the clock, and it was almost midnight. I was about to tell them that we should have slept already. A person suddenly walked in and told us we had to get up early next morning. So, that was it. We just left to our rooms and slept. Things fast-forwarded from that scene to next breakfast. I was about to take some fried rice as I heard there was. However, I couldn't find any. I was just confused, trying to find, and next thing I stumbled upon. Everything turned into creepy veggies, felt them staring at me. I just... "freak." and ignored them.

      I woke up right afterwards.

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    7. August 29th 2015 - Living alone within crowds

      by , 09-05-2015 at 06:20 AM
      Sleeping: August 29th 2015, 10 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 30th 2015, 7 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      What could be worst? Illogical dream that isn't last one before I wake up. (Thanks, Aqua's dreams are quite logical.) My recall is like... "lol, nope.", and I can be frustrated enough if I can't recall this great dream. I haven't had something random like this in a while. This one's completely made from imagination. I can't remember chronological sorting well.

      After long hours of working with my friends in school in the evening, we left to our place. I didn't know where they were going, but I had to find a place to sit on. My closest friend decided to follow me. We went to a pavilion on the corner of road intersection, inside school, waiting for our parents. (We're supposed to wait outside, but oh well.) I picked up my phone, checked the time and it said 17:11. (5:11 PM) Soon, my friend left, walked out of school.

      I continued sitting there, wondering why I was even doing this. An old car came in front. Someone went out, placed a bag nearby and told me to take care of it. I was confused, but nodded. He got in his car. Nothing happened afterwards, he disappeared completely. It was already night, felt like midnight to be exact. I didn't understand why my dad wasn't here yet, but I still did nothing. Soon, I walked off to a restroom. Things were dark and scary. Nevertheless, I felt brave enough for it.

      After I came out, I walked out of the school through front doors. Time flew fast while I was walking, it turned into noon. Now, the whole city looked much better than before. Things looked lively. Crowded. I crossed the road to another side. Standing in front of a building having no idea what to do. I picked up my phone and checked the time. It showed somewhere around 10 PM (22:xx).
      I realized I was dreaming, so I'd rather explore the dream. I turned behind me, saw the building's door lifted up. There was a basement staircase inside, so I just walked in. I was then in the food court of a shopping mall. Wandering around as I noticed I dreamt about this place few months ago.

      After few minutes, I ended up sitting down. Things went as usual. A waiter came, I ordered some. There were a group of people running down the stairs to my place. I ignored them and just played a game on my phone. As soon as I picked my phone up, I remembered what I was doing. It was just a few seconds for myself to lose lucidity. Situation went bad. Those people started messing with this dining area. They punched/shot several people. I was still calm. Let out a sigh and walked away.

      I woke up as soon as I stood up in my dream. Recalled this dream. Also, I was able to recall some more fragments stuck in my mind. One being myself playing an old game I used to play when I was 8-9. However, I had to use username "AquaBlitz12" as my "AquaBlitz11" was used. This was a real life case though. Someone, assumably from Terraria server I was moderating on, took my name. My real life decision was never to get back on this game again. (I'm serious about my name though. ) Another one being some bomb incidents. No more than these for recalls.

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    8. August 6th 2015 - Life Hacker

      by , 08-29-2015 at 09:43 AM
      Sleeping: August 6th 2015, 11:30 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 7th 2015, 5:40 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I couldn't remember when did this start, but I was in a my school's canteen. Everything was normal and loud around me. I was sitting on a table with someone else at opposite side, nobody else. It was quite serious conversation on what he had been doing. This included mentioning of his guilt and such also, until I noticed something weird. I slid my index finger from left to right, in front of him. Called out a window which included information that he had 4,294,967,295 HP. Maximum of UInt32 variable. I acknowledged that and continued the serious conversation with him. He continued speaking on his guilty topic, including how and why he 'hacked' his life.

      Not sooner than that, he started trying to punch me. I quickly jumped out of table and mentioned how it wasn't possible for me to fight. He came out and continued. Most of punches came in slow rate as there were always another sentences after it. Of course, I did talk too, and tried fighting back. It went on until we found what we were doing was complete nonsense. We got back to our table and sat down. Continued this gruesome conversation. He also said he wanted me to tell this to police for some reason. I kept asking him why, but I never understood why he would even. It was unreasonable. It continued to the point where he decided to leave, telling me that I couldn't help him feel any emotionally better. I struggled to say anything, but told him I'll think about this favor. He walked out, thanked me for at least talking with him.

      I decided to go back to home, and I was then there. However, I walked into door at side of my home instead. I unlocked the door and walked in. Everything looked like a mixture of my usual house and my cousins' house somewhere far away. I walked into the bedroom and lied down to the bed. Stretching my arms out above my head and kept thinking about what happened. Until then, I heard someone's car parking at my house, then came in my home. They, which I assumed it was my family member/cousin, walked in and warned me about how suspicious I was. "They suspected you being able to teleport around places since that case." I just nodded then continued feeling strange in my bed. He/she walked out and did their things as they would do in daily life.

      Soon afterwards, I woke up. Recalled this and related "suspected teleport" to one of my other dreams. Actually, two. I still struggle to remember what that guy said and what I said to that guy. Who was that guy, also? That wasn't friend, wasn't stranger either. Name that popped up in my head when I was wondering was only "Reflection of myself"/"Cloned Reflection". I can only relate them to something I have yet to interpret. All those quotes from my other dreams.

      I'm leaving note of "something along these lines" type of messages I might have said to that dream character. Included what he might have said to me.
      • Why would you even do this?
      • I know, I won't be matching against you anyways.
      • What's the point? There's no point doing this.
      • YOU are crazy. Stop thinking too much.
      • I don't understand what you're even trying to tell me right now.
      • Stop your attempt to help me. You're not making me feel any better. In fact, WORSE.
      • This is my darkest secret, but please tell them. At least make some signs, please.
      • I'll think about it.
      • Thanks, that's enough.
      • etc.

      There are much more than this, and these are just something I could thought of. I didn't remember who said which also.

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    9. Month #1 Summary

      by , 08-28-2015 at 03:50 PM
      Range: July 25th 2015 - August 24th 2015

      It has been a month since my attempts to LD already. So, I guess I should summarize my progress for the my lovely first month. This way, I can finally drop my dream notes from my phone to my PC; clearing out space to start better formatted notes. I can also keep track of missed dream journals here to work on it. Let's get straight into it, I guess.

      It all started on July 25th 2015, around 7 PM while I was researching Five Nights at Freddy's 4's game data, mechanics and theories. Things went well until I stumbled upon this post on Reddit. That was interesting evidence piece to support theory that player you're playing is dreaming. I quickly went on and started googling dream clocks to make sure it was right. There I got it! I stumbled upon a blog about LD, read over them on how clocks can be used to induce a lucid dream. I thought I was about to end there, but all the spared reading spirits came. I middle-clicked (open in new tab) every single linked keyword as I read through, and I got into all of them. This became a chain, as each page led me to more. That was it. As much as how I would be addicted to reading wikis, I couldn't help myself out in this case also. I finally got interested in it, and there went my first night!

      First night went as a mixture of technique. I decided to go for WILD when I was drifting to sleep, and if it failed I would do DILD instead. Of course, I was RCing like crazy throughout the day (not really, it was night) as fail safe. However, with my lack of detailed knowledge, it just failed. I was actually awake in my bed longer than usual (as far as I could remember; I might be dreaming already, who knows?) with thoughts about lucid dreaming. That eventually led me into a scene I visualized up for my unique attempt of WILD. It just felt like walking into darkness with some weird, hypnagogic lights. It was long until there, I fell asleep unconsciously. (yay! failure!) I woke up with a fragment stuck in my mind. I didn't usually have good recall rate before that. It was... erm... a dream per month or something that came up from long 12 hours sleep. They weren't fragments also. This night was different, that got me interested even more. I woke up at 5:50 AM, much earlier than usual, as it was weekend. I continued my sleep at 6 AM, awake at 8 AM with no dream recalled.

      I noticed changes in my personality for the next day. At least, I felt better than usual. Couldn't explain, but it was euphoric-like state. My family did mention that I somehow sleep-talked, couldn't understand scrambled speech though. Quite something for me to freak out. Actually, I had been thinking about possibility of sleep-talk during the nights as I did, many times. For the second night, I just slept as usual with mild obsession to LD. Recalled a fragment which I wasn't sure if it was my visualization or actually dream fragment; it came up with other random thoughts before I drifted off. Same went for another nights. Except that I did WILD (probably I just did it without actual intention) on my nap in July 31st 2015 , probably due to some shaky environment that kept me a bit awake. I wasn't sure if it was actual dream or it was just all the visualization held in my mind, just like my lucidity on August 21st. It was quite random though, and I did some (possible) dream controls. I woke up in same, euphoric-like state, of course. Still, I didn't feel to fine calling this a lucid dream yet as I couldn't confirm it on how I felt.

      I registered my account on Dreamviews in July 31st 2015, late night of that nap day. Finally being able to step in community and such the next day. I eventually decided going on intro class and DILD class of this great place; finally having a place to share whatever I was trying. Dreams do have to stick together as fogelbise said.

      Since August 6th 2015, my dream recall started being a great thing (at least for me). It was a long dream each night, or even more due to natural awakenings noticed. Though, there were suddenly huge downfalls whenever I had to sleep like... 2 AM or something. It ruined my dream recalls for a day or two, before regaining them over nights. Sad news is it happened quite often with my works. Anyways, it wasn't too much of a problem since I could always try.

      After almost a month of attempts, my works finally paid off. August 21st 2015, I finally have a lucid dream. At least I could be surer than that random day nap mentioned above. Tried some dream controls on dream characters summoning, and it went well. Probably because how it felt like just a visualization, I could feel it happening instantly. Anything could be read on my dream journals, intro workbook and DILD workbook. Down here would be short list to link to dream journals and such. Actually, I'm going to use this to keep track on dreams I haven't written down.

      • July 25th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 26th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 27th 2015 - False awakening
      • July 28th 2015 - A fragment
      • July 29th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • July 30th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • July 31st 2015
        - Worthwhile Nap
        - No dreams recalled
      • August 1st 2015 - A dream recalled
      • August 2nd 2015 - A dream recalled
      • August 3rd 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 4th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 5th 2015 - A fragment
      • August 6th 2015 - Life Hacker
      • August 7th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 8th 2015 - Fabricated World
      • August 9th 2015 - No dreams recalled
      • August 10th 2015
        - A fragment (one sentence dream thread)
        - False awakening (DILD workbook)
      • August 11th 2015 - A fragment
      • August 12th 2015 - Let the system go nuts! (1 +1f)
      • August 13th 2015 - How to risk your life for nothing
      • August 14th 2015 - A fragment (DILD workbook thread)
      • August 15th 2015 - #Procrastinate4Life
      • August 16th 2015 - No dreams recalled (Slept at 3:30 AM of August 17th 2015)
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      • August 18th 2015 - Two fragments
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      • August 21st 2015 - Lovely School
      • August 22nd 2015 - Another boring day for games
      • August 23rd 2015 - Nonsensical Question
      • August 24th 2015 - School. Again (2)

      That's all. Long summary for myself to write and read on. I'll compile all the dream fragments I noted here whenever I'm able to. Whether ways, happy dreaming, oneironauts!

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    10. August 24th 2015 - School. Again.

      by , 08-27-2015 at 11:58 AM
      Sleeping: August 24th 2015, 11:20 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 25th 2015, 6:25 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      Yet another day to be in a dream school; let's call it stress-induced lucid dream! (Not really for this night) Too bad, I can't remember this in chronological order as I haven't noted it when I woke up at 5:20 AM at all. Only noted a word in case I forgot what was this mainly about. Actually, I can't remember much contents; as much as how I didn't pay attention to long hours of (not-so, dreamy) usual class.

      I don't remember myself being in a (dream) English class until now. The classroom was big, I mean, very. At least it shouldn't be size of usual classrooms. All desks were separated far. Teacher didn't come in, but did give us some assignments in previous class. So, call it a free period. I, as always, picked my phone up and checked things. Whether that will be social networks, or even dreamviews, or playing games. While I was scrolling around a Facebook group dedicated to one of projects we (our classroom) had to do, I found a weird content. It looked like most pages/games paid advertisement, but it said "Blocked Friends". Description said something like this user had blocked following friends. As of what I could see, I see my classmate blocking herself. I was confused. It was reasonable for a person to create new account with old accounts removed for their reasons, but not blocking their own account with another account. I tried getting some information on this, mainly because privacy. Why? If a social network publishes users' block list, that's worst.

      4-5 of my friends walked in the line from the door, passing me in the middle-left of the room by my right side. I talked to one of them, a bit. They eventually separated to their desks. Soon, teacher came out of nowhere and told us we had to give her the work. I was like... "oh f***" and tried my best getting around that. At least, since all the pieces from all students were supposed to be given in bulk for convenience, I could buy myself some more time to do the work.

      The dream abruptly ended with myself waking up. I recalled these, got out of my bed. I looked at the clock and it said 5:20 AM. Did some reality checks. Walked down my bedroom, was about to take my phone back from another room. Though I didn't as I was afraid I'll wake people there up. Instead, I tried finding some paper and wrote a keyword in to remind me of this dream. Got back and slept.

      I went to school I used to study at when I was at primary grades. Just giving them some visit. They sky looked clear, and the environment felt quiet as if nobody was there. I thought it was some time around early morning (clear sky, RIP) so I just walked into the building to find some comfortable place. The first floor resembled one of my current school's small building. Two rooms to the side, unknown (probably storage) room in front with staircase leading to two more rooms. Layout organization looked the same as it would in real life, (but not. How the hell did my primary grade school get something from my current school? RIP another dream sign unrecognized.) It looked somewhat old, with cobwebs around though. I pulled out a desk and a chair from a room out, put it somewhere behind the wall at the corner. Sat down and picked my phone up, played games.

      During these periods, I saw few students walking up/downstairs. I just looked at them, and got back to what I was doing. A moment after that, vice principal came behind me. I greeted her and started a conversation with her. She mentioned how I'm still with games even it was already a long time, and talked something about my grades and such. Of course, conversations also lingered around this school's status, and how she was doing. After all, the conversation went as expected; how people haven't met each other in a year, came, and talked. She did tell me to visit here a bit more, that would be pleasure for her to welcome me. I nodded, smiled and affirmed that.
      Soon after more of forgotten talks, I woke up at 6:25 AM.

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    11. August 23rd 2015 - Nonsensical Question

      by , 08-25-2015 at 11:39 AM
      Sleeping: August 23rd 2015, 10:30 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 24th 2015, 6:20 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I'm already bored of dreams which take place at school. Anyways, things in real life do influence, eh? Woke up once at 4:30 AM with no dreams recalled; exception being light feeling as if I was flying in a dream, a song that was stuck in my head, weird fast blade sound. Took me around half an hour to sleep at 5:00 AM (probably).

      This took place in a classroom where I used to study last year. For this class, specifically GSP (The Geometer's Sketchpad), teacher arrived late so we just messed around as we always did. Environment was just usual, people brought up their laptop, getting things prepared, some chit-chat around, walking around, doing other works, etc. Though, carpet on the ground was dark blue; lighting was dim amber light instead of usual fluorescent light. I walked to the desk in the middle to talk with one of my close friends about some assignments we had to do. Spectated some people in the back, came up forth and then a female teacher came.

      I sat down on my desk in front, leftmost while my teacher just went on and turned on school's computer at rightmost in front of the activboard. The class went on as usual, until she called me and one of my friends up in front. As always, I just expected it to be some method showing and such which I didn't pay attention to (at least in this dream class). We sat down at the desk in front of my usual desk, facing my friends, using the (dream) computer there linked to projector. She showed us a figure of what we needed to calculate... something.

      I expected it to be easy, until then I found myself struggling to even replicate that. It was a simple polygon, but I failed to even think of length of each sides. I looked at the board, of course, I saw all numbers or x's there; but I was still confused as my friend was. I spoke to teacher, asked her on how sides were supposed to be. She looked at me once before ignoring me, continuing her class as if my friend and I weren't even here in first place. We just had to do something as if we were sitting at our usual spots. I was left confused like this, trying to do things and such with this simple image. I didn't notice it shifted few times, with few numbers changed which might lead to lucidity.

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    12. August 22nd 2015 - Another boring day for games

      by , 08-25-2015 at 11:07 AM
      Sleeping: August 22nd 2015, 11 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 23rd 2015, 7:20 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      Woke up once at 4:40 AM, didn't recall anything. Continued sleeping on.

      I don't know how I started it, or when did I, but I found myself playing a game that I usually play. Of course, Terraria, why not? (Though I don't really have time to play IWL right now due to works and such. I'm also actually a moderator on a server.) I was on a server, alone with someone else. Although, I was only one who was actually playing. They were just watching and talking to me. It was a simple, quick, parkour map which also had a server plugin co-operated: to not allow standing in same spot for more than one second. Indeed, it was rushing and also short. I was supposed to use a new character to play on. However, I had 400 HP and 200 MP but with no other equipment/tools. I don't think I have to explain here since it's gameplay as you would do in your usual life, would be boring. Anyways, it was great idea for me to actually try IWL.

      After few minutes of getting through backtrack and such, final thing I had to do is fighting a boss with purely new character. I hesitated a bit, but decided to give it a go. I didn't know when, but I actually had 500 HP by that time, with weird flame-themed items. (Actually molten/flame things, with a bit of green; looked great anyways) They were non-existant IWL though. It was long time with that, while I was also talking to that unknown person.

      I woke up. It was probably on how I actually got break as August 22nd was Saturday. A great break from getting stressed with schools. Of course, this also meant game/coding/etc. elements were still things in my dream.

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    13. August 21st 2015 - Lovely School

      by , 08-22-2015 at 10:48 AM
      Sleeping: August 21st 2015, 10 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 22nd 2015, 6:45 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      Oh god, another school? Another place I can feel everything goes on ordinarily? Can't remember too much. I walked up the building with my friends, heading to classroom for math as usual. I entered teacher's room on second floor, picked up all my friends' notebooks. Though, I felt almost nothing for 47 books. Came outside and saw 3 of my friends there, I asked them to take a half even I could carry all of them quite fine. (Not in real life. 47 books are too heavy for weaklings like me.) Went up to fourth floor, to my classroom before everything started. Things went as usual. I sensed myself waking up. Though, I didn't feel awake and something just stumbled upon me. It was my sister, out of nowhere, came and hugged me in my room. I didn't care and continued dreaming. (I'm not really sure about this. I might be awake for real in real life, but not too much so that wild dream/visualization can still continue. Though, from this point, everything was so dark. I still knew what/when/where/who was that anyways. I'm afraid this was just visualization though. This and this explained.)

      For some reason, I felt I should do this. I looked at color tape on top left of my notebook and it showed orange. (Weird but useful thing. Since there are two classes for maths to separate, we've different color to mark them out easier. Just orange and brown though. Differences go for another classes.) Turned back and saw it being brown, I suddenly realized it was a dream. Not time to direct out all my joy, just calming myself down. Before even doing anything, I visualized everything from this point backwards just for recalls. This included acknowledging my false awakening/real awakening with some weird dreamlets earlier. I walked out the classroom (somehow walked out the second floor's room rather than fourth floor), walked down the stairs and found a friend doing some crazy things. (He was supposed to be in the classroom.) I talked to him a bit. (forgot what I said already) Had know what to do, and was just lost in my thoughts with some visualization. Soon enough, I caught myself back on spot and decided to summon someone which I could assume it was reflection of myself (subconscious). I tried my best seeing the details, but things were too dark. I talked to him about how I was doing, and asked him if I actually did something good. He simply replied "no." with reasoning that "you didn't believe enough". I was a bit surprised, as I felt that coming without myself controlling. I told him that I was here already, this was already enough for me to feel great. Wasn't this great progress? He nodded with smile on his face, opening his arms before I ran to him and hugged him. High five and such. Finally being able to share how good I really feel with someone.

      External sources had been disturbing me since that FA. Sounds and such, including mixed feel of both dream body and waking physical body. I felt out of control and slowly woke myself up. Was there for few minutes, recalling things before looking at the clock and wrote things down.

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      lucid , memorable
    14. August 15th 2015 - #Procrastinate4Life

      by , 08-16-2015 at 04:37 AM
      Sleeping: August 13th 2015, 11 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 14th 2015, 7:10 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      I don't know why, but school started being a sign in my dream (through previous dream journal). I love how it stresses me so much, freaking love it. LOVE. I can't remember when it started, I was in a classroom. Though the location wasn't possible within real life. It took half the (waking life) convenient store. Room consisted 36 desks for students, 6x6. I was sitting in column 5, row 4 counting from top left. Not too much are interesting, it was mathematics. Something about ratio, with business incorporated. I don't know why, but the class felt like it was supposed to run for 9 hours. 8:30 AM to 17:30. That's not even possible. I checked the clock several times, time went fast but I didn't notice the flow of it. Once it reached the time, we just got out and went home as usual. I just came by the store near my class, bought something before walking back home.

      There went another boring day. However, I was (too) late and I just procrastinated. So, I did my homework right before getting into my classroom. Thanks to dreamy desk outside there. Some of friends came out and asked why I didn't go in, and just took a break, buying something, then went back to their class. Soon, I decided I should go in. I just went in and got prepared for my own doom, but nothing happened. I could just sit down on my desk and started studying things as teacher taught. Due to weird fatigue building up, I felt sleepy. I also saw my crush behind me and sleeping on her desk. I couldn't control it and just fell asleep on my chair either. Checked clock from my cellphones two times, it showed somewhere around 11 AM and 5 PM (actually showed as 17:xx as of 24-hours clock). After few seconds of fast sleep drifting, I felt my whole body paralyzed. I shocked and acknowledged it was possibly a SP.
      (SP within a few seconds of sleeping in a dream, what?) I realized I could use this, so I just calmed myself down and started being able to move. As soon as I moved off my (dream) physical body, I woke up in real life.

      Tried recalling this and this is all of what I got. No natural awakenings throughout the night remembered also. Love the false lucidity anyways, as that lucidity is just fake one, for a dream inside a dream (which eventually means only one dream anyways).

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    15. August 13th 2015 - How to risk your life for nothing

      by , 08-14-2015 at 03:45 PM
      Sleeping: August 13th 2015, 11 PM (UTC +7)
      Awake: August 14th 2015, 7:10 AM (UTC +7)

      Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

      Hm? What? Took a pill for last night's cold and went sleeping outright. It all started when I was sent to a desert for something. It could just be my need to get some information about that place. Feeling well, though I knew I was risking my life here. First step into a dungeon-like structure got some chills ran down through my spine. I could sense danger here, but I still felt great for this. It was a long journey throughout the labyrinth with puzzle things and such, it felt familiar to a brain-destroying puzzle map from a game with edits at the end. (Well, map has no way out of this place.) I found myself at the hallway leading to outside, seeing some lights.

      Although it was long journey through pits of deaths, I still hesitated to get out. I just noted some information on my notepad, looking at some insects and spiders around me. It took me few seconds before realizing some people were following me. I quickly ran off and hoped for best that I won't die. That worked, I simply ran through all dart traps, pits and such. Finally getting out, I saw a message popping up indicating that it took me exactly 20 seconds in this part. New high-score, yay.
      (Okay, I honestly have to RC whenever I see any notification messages or everything that could be a game.) I just thought how bad it was, but I managed to get through whole thing quite fast. My "friends" won't catch up.

      I don't know what afterwards, but soon I was using my laptop to start working on my data. All I can remember is I was finding some information about some theories on physics/science/such. That page consisted a logo on top which I didn't pay attention to. A search bar, with few checkbox filters below. One of them was "Paranomal-engaged sc[blurred]". Some others were same style, including "...-induced ...". (I hope I actually saw that.) Search results were picture thumbnail with text on the right, two columns for data found, less than 4 rows were shown without scrolling needs each time. I just went through attempting to search whatever I could think of, but didn't find what I actually wanted. After few moments, I successfully found a thing by exact match. No other things were shown. Can't remember what happened afterwards.

      Things fast-forwarded to when I was in physics class. Desks placement and desks themselves were weird though. As always, teacher just walked in and took my notebook and checked for next lesson. He was standing on desk which was right and up for a block each. Soon, I had to walk there with confused expression as my teacher called for me. He opened a page which had a question written, my explanation was there but few things were left out blank. I started hearing my friends giggled and laughed. He asked me why I didn't do this, why I was not responsible, why friends had already given their works to him but I didn't. I was like "what?" then quickly checked everything. I was shocked as I thought I had done it all through my risky effort. (I don't even know why I started being an archaeologist going into a pyramid in the desert without proper reason then it became my excuses here.) "Do you even need some grades? I'm already tired of you. Go and do..." blahblahblah, more assignments he was giving me blahblahblah if I didn't want to lose my marks. The laughter suddenly got louder, directing at me. I was more than even shocked, with few tear in my eyes. (No more assignments, please. Waking life was already enough.) I was about to go down on my knees already. I took my book back, headed down, walked to my desk and sat on my chair. Asked myself "why?", "I did that already. Why everything went away?". Laughter was still loud, they were just humiliating. I punched my desk with force even less than 1 N, crying for my worthless effort and how everything I did disappeared like it was a dream. (It was a dream, dummy.) I collapsed and that also got my chair fell down, but I just didn't do anything. I left myself there in despair with some tear in my eyes and shocked expression.

      I woke up due to my mom yelling that it was already 7:15 AM like crazy. (Not even enough time to get myself ready for school. At least, school in place I'm living requires assembly at 7:45 AM. Unlike you guys there which were like... 8-9?) I closed my eyes and tried thinking back to what I can think of, and those are all I could remember. I kept repeating keywords in my head and acting drowsily, getting myself prepared for things. Did some RCs. As soon as I got to my phone, I just typed those in and sighed, finally being able to concentrate on what I was doing.

      A good thing, my cold completely disappeared over night with help from medicines, yay!

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