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    August 15th 2015 - #Procrastinate4Life

    by , 08-16-2015 at 04:37 AM (274 Views)
    Sleeping: August 13th 2015, 11 PM (UTC +7)
    Awake: August 14th 2015, 7:10 AM (UTC +7)

    Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

    I don't know why, but school started being a sign in my dream (through previous dream journal). I love how it stresses me so much, freaking love it. LOVE. I can't remember when it started, I was in a classroom. Though the location wasn't possible within real life. It took half the (waking life) convenient store. Room consisted 36 desks for students, 6x6. I was sitting in column 5, row 4 counting from top left. Not too much are interesting, it was mathematics. Something about ratio, with business incorporated. I don't know why, but the class felt like it was supposed to run for 9 hours. 8:30 AM to 17:30. That's not even possible. I checked the clock several times, time went fast but I didn't notice the flow of it. Once it reached the time, we just got out and went home as usual. I just came by the store near my class, bought something before walking back home.

    There went another boring day. However, I was (too) late and I just procrastinated. So, I did my homework right before getting into my classroom. Thanks to dreamy desk outside there. Some of friends came out and asked why I didn't go in, and just took a break, buying something, then went back to their class. Soon, I decided I should go in. I just went in and got prepared for my own doom, but nothing happened. I could just sit down on my desk and started studying things as teacher taught. Due to weird fatigue building up, I felt sleepy. I also saw my crush behind me and sleeping on her desk. I couldn't control it and just fell asleep on my chair either. Checked clock from my cellphones two times, it showed somewhere around 11 AM and 5 PM (actually showed as 17:xx as of 24-hours clock). After few seconds of fast sleep drifting, I felt my whole body paralyzed. I shocked and acknowledged it was possibly a SP.
    (SP within a few seconds of sleeping in a dream, what?) I realized I could use this, so I just calmed myself down and started being able to move. As soon as I moved off my (dream) physical body, I woke up in real life.

    Tried recalling this and this is all of what I got. No natural awakenings throughout the night remembered also. Love the false lucidity anyways, as that lucidity is just fake one, for a dream inside a dream (which eventually means only one dream anyways).
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