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    September 3rd 2015 - When music brings bad...

    by , 09-06-2015 at 09:59 AM (262 Views)
    Sleeping: September 3rd 2015, 10:20 PM (UTC +7)
    Awake: September 4th 2015, 6:20 AM (UTC +7)

    Non-Dream, Non-Lucid, Lucid, False Awakening

    I've been waiting for chance to play piano in my dream for long time. This was finally featured, but as others playing though. It was an ordinary day. I thought it was somewhere around evening, or the weekends. However, everything looked like afternoon. I was doing my assignments/playing games in my house; I used to live here 3 years ago. While it was supposed to be small, it was big this time. Everything was perfect. Things went on until I heard someone playing a piano. I tried listening what it was, but the song changed. As far as I could recall, it was one of pieces I've been trying to play. I was surprised there were great pianists around my house. Eagerly, curiously, I dropped what I was doing down. Walked to the door and took a look. I couldn't figure out who it was.

    I didn't dare enough to go out of my home, as people would suspect. I doubted they even hear the piano sound at all. So, I could only try to look from the door. After few minutes, I noticed something weird outside around the right. It looked like multiple vertical black/red dead pixel lines. By this time, it was already raining; I didn't notice it was before this. Soon, I heard some weird sound which I eventually assumed it as some weird UFOs coming. That actually happened. I panicked, didn't know what to do. What I ended up doing was trying to stop the flood. Water was flowing into my front yard. I closed all the (dream) front glass gates and got various things to stop the flood.
    I woke up soon though.

    I felt confused for my dream actions. Though, it was interesting to see what I would do later on. I didn't get out of my bed to take a look at my alarm clock, or even writing this dream down. Simply fell asleep in few minutes.

    Afternoon. I was in front of place I assumed it was my home. I was in a place that looked like public park. Things behind me were building made with brown/orange bricks. I saw people setting some stages up, much like a concert. A huge Novation Launchpad Pro was also featured. I talked to someone who was near me all the time. We discussed about an event. I could recall it perfectly: someone's livestream, morning for school by my timezone. I complained how I couldn't even have time to watch it. He then said, "it's now, isn't it?". I didn't get what he said, but time changed to night.

    We were somehow sitting in our seats already. Quite high, looking down seeing the event starting. Lights were fantastic, and other people were clapping, or screaming as if they would. Soon, a strange, suspicious man walked in. He said that they had to do this before the show started. He then shot a bullet up high in the sky, but it curved to rightmost seat in my row. The bullet then exploded into a huge barrier wall with screen on it. That fitted in the space between seats, completely making rightmost person separated from others. The screen was there for that person to see another person. He continued, and it eventually came near to separating everybody.

    I figured it out. I quickly looked around the stage, quickly calculating the possibilities. The barriers, accompanying with how seat positions were placed out; they would make everybody trapped in. I sensed bad things coming. However, we were too late to leave. It was about to separate us, and we were sitting too near. We decided to separate off a bit to make sure the wall wasn't going to squeeze us down. I lost my shoes and tried to find them, but ability to do that was then blocked. I could only feel worse things coming.

    I woke up abruptly soon afterwards. Freak, I'm eager to see what will happen afterwards. Interesting, a dream character tried to tell me I had to watch something. I completely forgot about it when I woke up. Still, seems like that livestream was postponed due to various reasons. I could only facepalm, recognizing it right now.

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