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    superhero mainia

    by , 08-13-2017 at 05:55 PM (284 Views)
    (before I start I must say that the quantity of dreams I'm remembering is getting higher and higher and the most dreams I've remembered was 4 = a false awakening)also the quality of what I remember is getting lower so I have something I'm going to start doing I am going to write in my dream journal first than later in the day I'm going to type it out starting tomorrow)
    1st dream- (It was a pretty big dream but I don't remember to much) - I am somewhere, I am in a building, I don't recognize this place It is kind of like an office. I am a super hero. I have a move list, literary a move list that pops up when I want it to the whole thing is blue but the words and symbol's are black. After that I'm at the next scene that I for sure remember. I am fighting a villain his looks? All I remember is blue, but we start fighting before I do that I look at my move list and I use the first move I see. All It was is that I flew In and punched him in the face. Surprisingly It knocks him out. Next scene I'm in school I don't remember the rest
    2nd dream - fragment - I remember a music in the background I can't describe it well but oh well.
    3rd dream - not remembered (have you ever know for a 100% fact you have had another dream but you can't remember anything)also can someone please explain the quality quantity situation and how to fix it if not then I will probably do the dream journal than computer thing but I need help)
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      I am not an expert but what I find is that if I regularly read / post on dreamviews and keep it going plus work on all the main things like dream journaling and rcs then things will be much much better than without dreamviews. My clarity and recall improves when I do this.
    2. ARandomViewer's Avatar
      I see. I'll keep that in mind.