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    ArcadeHero's dream journal

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:00 PM (338 Views)
    July 8,2009

    The Cops The South And The Family

    I was being chased through the woods by the police on my magic carpet when i spotted out a lady and her daughter ahead. I stopped in front of them and told them to hop on. They didnt ask any questions and got on. The police were comming up on us so I decided to get high up in the air. When I tried to pull the carpet up to get higher it shook a little and hovered only inches from the ground. I started to panick so I started to yell at it. I said "Cmon you stupid household item get higher!" I tried to pull it up again and it didnt work. I turned around and saw the police only feet away from us. I turned back around and said " We're doomed!" The llady's daughter crawled up in front of me and whispered something to the carpet. It began to shake wildly and rumble like a jet before take off. I knew it was about to shoot up into the sky so I told everyone to hang on. As soon as I said that the carpet let out a loud "BLAST-OFF!!" and took off into the sky. We left the police in the dust as the carpet swerved past the trees until it finally got above it all. It then stopped shaking and smoothed itself out in the sky. We kept flying in the air until we made into a clearing in the woods. I told the carpet to land on a big bown patch of earth which from above looked like a target for skydivers.

    We all got off the carpet and went our seperate ways. I walked until I came up on a familiar looking loghouse(it turns out it was my uncle's house). I went inside and my whole family was there. They welcomed me as if I was gone for a long time. After all the greetings I went back outside, I lookd up at the sky and noticed the moon was pearly white and really close. I looked down and saw a big dark field in front of me. I could've sworn somone was looking at me on the other side of the field but I shrugged it off and went back inside and my sister&brother said "What were you looking at?" I must've said something off the wall because they started laughing at me. I said whatever and then I woke up.

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