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    ArcadeHero's dream journal

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:03 PM (404 Views)
    July 10, 2009

    The Conduitzone Warfare 2

    Last night I was playing The Conduit&Killzone 2 with my bros and I was anxious to watch the Modern Warfare 2 trailer again and I did before I went to sleep, its funny how things like that can work their way into our dreams. Lets Begin.

    I was flying a helicopter in third person into a urban area that looked like a destination in Modern Warfare 2. It was low on fuel so I had to land in the very suspicious area. I got out now in first person and drew my gun out. It was very high-tech and had a radar that could scope out enemies up to about 50 yards away. I approached a blown out house and crouched down. The radar on my gun didnt pick up anything so I went in. There was a corner I had to turn to get into the building so I stopped and crouched again. The radar on my gun picked up two targets, I turned it off and slowly turned the corner hoping no one was there. Fortunately no one was so I moved on. The hallway I was walking down led to a research lab. I entered the lab crouched down and completely silent. I finally came up on a soldier that looked alot like a soldier from killzone 2. I stood up and he spotted me, I shot him up before he could even load his gun. I took some of his stuff and moved through the lab. It was fairly dark in the house so I just kept walking being as stealthy as I could be. I came upon a weapon cache and restocked my weaponry, I turned around and saw a killzone soldier's big red eyes staring right at me. I shot him but he just kept looking at me. His eyes started to get closer so I unloaded on him. Nothing seemed to kill him, and his eyes just kept getting closer. Thats when I decided to just shoot him right in the face. He finally went down( yay! ) and his eyes turned black. But, a red circular item on his chest started flashing. I crouched over him and saw the item. It was a bomb and it had 2 seconds left on it. There was nothing I could do except say "Crap !" It exploded and knock me off my feet and I slammed into a wall. I fell to the floor when I realized "That didnt hurt one bit!" I knew I had to be dreaming so I got up and looked at my hands. I had a sixth finger on my left hand and instantly knew I was dreaming. I tried to keep my cool so I rubbed my hands together and everthing became "real". I picked up my gun and continued to sweep through the house. I finally came up on a group of enemies in a very wide hallway some of them were Drudges( from The Conduit) and some were Killzone soldiers. I said " Hey!" They all turned their attention to me in an instant. I then said "Looking for me?" They all loaded their weapons and pointed them towards me, In my mind I said " When they shoot me it wont hurt at all." Then I said outloud " Come and get me! " They fired their weapons all at once and I braced my self. To my amazement the bullets didnt even hurt it just felt like a bunch on puppies teething on me. I let out a big laugh and began walking toward them.They started saying classic game quotes like " Dont let Him get any closer!", " Kill Him!", and " Were not ready to guit." I grabbed a grenade out of my pocket and threw it at them. It expoleded and killed most of the enemies there some were still alive but were on the floor trying to crawl away. I didnt even bother trying to finish them off so I just moved on. I finally made it to the exit door of the house, I closed my eyes and said "There will be a huge boss on the other side of this door." I opended my eyes and I woke up in my bed. So happy that I had a lucid dream I instantly wrote it down and went on about my day.

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