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    Dream Frag #1

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:13 PM (416 Views)
    This dream was pretty hazy and trippy. My vision kept fading in and out a black and white music studio. I could hear Lil Wayne's voice but I couldnt see him then the song Single by Lil Wayne came on but it was warped the beat was so f*cked up. My vision still fading in and out caught glimpses of Weezy singing into a mic. He looked different though his hair was cut I think and he had a cigar in his mouth while he was holding a glass of liqour. My vision finally allowed me to see clearly but the whole place was still in black and white. I felt high and I kept bobbing my head back. Then I heard Lil Wayne laugh ( not the little chuckle he does but the laugh he does at the end of the song Single) I pulled my head back up and I saw a gun pointed at my forhead , a super tatted arm, and Lil Wayne's face. He mumbled something and my vision faded back out the last thing I heard was "I aint trippin on nothin" (I smelled alot of smoke after that so Im guessing he blew some in my face) then I woke up before anything crazy happend.

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