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    Dream Frag- 3peat

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:14 PM (417 Views)
    After I woke up from that dream I fell back into a continuation of it. This time I faded into the black and white dream and stayed there . The dream pretty much left me at the climax of the frag right where Lil Wayne was supposedly going to shoot me. I propped my head back up to face the gun again Weezy took a huge hit from his cigar and blew it in my face. My vision got distorted for a few seconds but went back to normal right before he cocked back his gun. He kept mumbling things I just couldnt understand so I just close my eyes and waited for the big finished. He pulled the trigger and a little white flag came out and so did some black and white confetti. I was scared half to death and I jolted up from the couch I was sitting on (more than likely the flag had the word BANG! on it but I couldnt really make it out cause I was zoned out -_-.) He started laughing hysterically so I punched him and he stepped back but he was still laughing. I turned around to lay back down because I felt really tired and I saw myself still laying on the couch with my head bobbed back. It was so crazy like the copy did all the things I did right up to where I closed my eyes in anticipation for the gunshot. I was so weirded out I woke up again and stayed up.

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