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    I'm cool like that!

    by , 07-23-2010 at 04:11 PM (454 Views)

    I'm serving drinks in this cool futuristic looking bar when some guy comes up to me and ask me for a drink. He wanted to have a number of drinks in it and I told him that I dont serve the drink like that. He told me to go fuck off and some smokin hot lady told him to chill out and go drink some water he asked for a glass and I gave it to him. He lifted it up in the air and then put it back down and said thanks for the water. I took the glass looked inside of it and there wasnt a spot of water in it at all (it was kind of weird ) The lady then looked to me and told me to fix her a highball she wanted to be nice and tight so she said make it a double. I pulled a glass from the cabinet and twirled it around my fingers I put it on the table and the table lit up to match the drink I was pouring. The drink was red with white swirls in it( it looked pretty good) I slid it to her and she said nice moves. I told its what I do and she drank the whole thing in a matter of seconds. I took it back twirled it around my fingers and took the bottle and spun it in my other hand. I set the glass back down and poured another one this time she let the drink just sit there.

    The lady was staring at the drink like it was something from another world. She said do that again. So I took another glass and did it again. I looked down and noticed the colors on the table was blue with a little green in it and was swirling around just like the drink. It was pretty cool looking. The lady called a few people over and those people called a few people over soon the whole bar was standing around me. The lady told me to bust a move the table turned white and the song I'm cool like that by digable planets was playing in the background. I grabbed a bunch of glasses and bottles and shakers and started doing these amazing tricks. The guy that told me to fuck off came back and challenged me to do some crazy trick that no bartender could do. Everyone souped it up so I obviously had to do it. I grabbed a lighter and poured alcohol on the table it turned to a goldish orangish color. I set the glasses into a pyramid form and filled them with different types of drinks and lit the whole thing on fire. It was kind of cool looking because every glass had an individual color of fire in it. I took the glass that was at the very top and downed it. It tasted like blue jollyranchers and mystery flavor airheads. Everyone cheered and the guy left off in a swinging his arms and complaining. The lady hopped over the table(that was still flaming ) and started french kissing me. She asked me how did I manage to pull of the trick and I tried to end the question with good closer so I said "Cause I'm cool like that!" Everyone started saying cause he's cool like that as we continued kissing and feeling on each other until I finally woke up.

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