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    1. There's no way to escape, if you try you will die

      by , 02-03-2012 at 07:54 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Well... let my mind run me on this LD, attempted a WILD before the LD, pretty sure it was a DILD.

      I'm in a sunny medow, there is moped next to me, small, red and really slow.
      I jump on the moped and begin to ride up the hill, there is a series of train tracks ahead of me, although I do not realise I'm dreaming yet my usual narative is going on.
      "Train coming down the ..... track"
      I quickly go past that one, approaching the next one I begin to realise the narative,
      "Something's not right here, I'm dreaming aren't I..."
      I attempt the finger through palm RC but it wont work, I really tried hard on that one.
      I see a mushroom on the floor, I want to give myself superpowers so I begin to eat it. It's disgusting.
      Everything goes purple, my vision fades in very slowly, but it's still very blury.
      I'm in my bedroom, I know somethings wrong, I hear a voice in my head when I look towards the door.
      "There's no way to escape, if you try you will die"
      Me logically thinking, I go to the door and attempt to escape...
      Turning right to go into my parents bedroom a force pulls me back, I struggle at first but I give up after a short time.
      I allow myself to float down the stairs into an area in my house that I don't realise, there are strange objects there but I wake up before being able to observe further.
    2. Darkness

      by , 10-27-2011 at 11:34 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Recall: Not Sure.
      Overall: 3
      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment Aids

      Suplements: 200mg B6
      Mantra: Spent 5 minutes "I'm Dreaming"

      Very odd lucid, no vision, some feeling and hearing.

      Complete darkness, I believe I am at a supermarket, tescos maybe. I'm on my motorbike, I hear the engine rumble beneath me. Spark of awareness occurs, 'why can't I see', I attempt the finger though palm, it goes through with some effort. The dream is way too unstable, I hear a friends voice offering advice about my bike.

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    3. They chasin' us!

      by , 10-24-2011 at 11:00 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Vividness: 9.5
      Recall: 7
      Overall: 8

      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment Aids

      Great dream, I knew school life was preventing me from having LDs, you really do need those extra hours.

      Suplements: None (had 200mg B6 on the 22nd-23rd)
      Mantra: Spent 5 minutes "I'm Dreaming

      Standing in a gloomy corridor, something's off, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is the creepy hooded man staring at me a little way down the corridor. I look down, the floor is patterned in a ugly black and white checker. And the walls a gloomy grey... 'Maybe I'm dreaming', it seems very realistic and I struggle to reassure my self that it is a dream.

      Remembering the creep to my left I look up, he begins advancing on me, I panic and start to try the 'finger through palm' reality check, it's not working. I decide to start running down the corridor until I come to an opening, it's like I am in a have collapsed Colosseum, this makes me gain confidence that I'm dreaming and I turn round.
      As the man approaches I effortlessly raise my hand sending a large shockwave towards the man, I chuckle as the man flies back where he came from.

      Time to work on stabilisation, I tell myself. I shout 'Ultra Stabilise' though cheesy seems to do the trick, I feel alot more rooted, I notice that details came into focus when I shouted it. I want the dream to be more detailed so give it a shot 'Clarify!', the dream becomes so real for a spit second but then defocuses to becoming slightly blurry. After a few attempts I feel that I've got it as detailed as possible and I'm impressed, standing across the room from the ruins of the other side of the building, I can see each piece of rubble.

      I hear something behind me, the man's back, I don't want to fight him so I summon myself some angel wings. Diving off the edge of the building I hear him scream at me, but I don't care this is absolutely awesome. At first I have to manually think about flying, up, down, up, down. But I gain the confidence to let the wings do their own thing and it works, I'm hovering with little effort. I see a church and begin to fly around the building, around the large tower, through the arches in the walls. A woman is stood looking out over a beautiful view, I go down to talk to her, but
      a large hook is wrapped around me, I am dragged backwards and I catch a glimpse of the man's return, he has a young sidekick now which appears to be wearing multiple glasses. I know I made enemies with him in primary school, so silly.
      I fall on to the rough dirt, although I had flight I had little power or speed, so I lose the winds and blast the wire away from me.
      'Sean!' it's my brother, he is here to help me. Observing the opponents they appear to have minor dream control, summoning themselves sawn off shotguns. Realising the danger I throw us into the deep puddle river thing behind us, summoning a large pillow behind us just in time to sponge a volley of bullets. In the water it's a mess I frantically attempt to move the pillow so that it protects us, and begin to wade out of the puddle. Grabbing my brothers hand I teleport him away.
      A raised shotgun is pointed at me, it's one of those 'have any last words moments'. I summon a crystal shield in front of my chest, muttering words of a spell. In shock this is just a small area of the chest I shout 'shield, surround my body'. It works a treat, running in the opposite direction my wings appear and I head off into the distance.
      I stop back at the Colosseum, where I am confronted by the young accomplice, I attempt to make peace but he won't have any of it, he raises the shot gun to me which I quickly disarm.
      I am quite angry and unleash a point blank shot to his head, the damage for some reason is minor and heavily grazes the left side of his face.
      The dream is fading, I think I am reaching the end of my REM, stabilisation isn't working, so I give myself iron man boots in combination with my wings and fly off into the distance.

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    4. Epic Diamond Quest! Vocal Command Experiment!

      by , 10-02-2011 at 02:03 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Yay, recall is back in the house, I'm very happy with these dreams!

      Recall: 7
      Overall: 8 Pretty Epic!
      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

      Heading down an empty narrow road, it's winding through the night like a snake, I am in a new white car, and my mum is sat next to me. Switching from 3rd person to first person and various angles in between I feel like I have no control, yet the car remains perfectly on the road, taking each corner with grace. The drivers seat is on the left side, which is strange because in England it is normally on the right. I am in dialogue with myself, taking about how I can't drive a car, only a motorbike, and I'm very worried about crashing. For some reason I'm driving the car with my head stuck out of the window, like I shouldn't be watching the road through the windscreen.
      The road starts to become inclined, I see a sharp corner ahead, and drive straight through the metal barrier, into the sea below.
      Underwater, I turn to my mum, and say half hearted:
      "Should we go back to the last checkpoint?"
      She disagrees and points out a underwater cavern nearby, it looks kinda creepy, but I shrug it off and we decide to head here.
      Appearing in the carven, I observe my surroundings. The room is very tall and old, I can barely make out details of the upper staircase. The floor is most and covered with large broken tiles, but its not hard to remain standing. There is a cornered staircase in front of me, heading up to a room which is brightly lit.
      Realising that my mum is here too, I turn around, she looks very nervous and tells me not to look to either side of me because of the skull monster. I'm not too bothered and turn my head, instantly a hooded figure is right close up to my face, a skull appearing from under the hood.

      I'm startled not scared, she tells me that we have to go to a ceremony up the stairs, so we decide to go up the stairs, I occasionally turn my head back laughing at the skull!

      The room is brightly lit, and reminds me of a church, we head to a seat at the back of the room, I am joined by my brother and sister... and the random skullman.

      We are told of a lost diamond, that we perfect in all ways, and the size of a mans fist, I am taken to the front of the room and asked to find it.

      Outside, everything is nice and green, lots of plants everywhere, I am dressed in armour, with a large two handed sword which is magnificently polished.
      I head into the forest, and look for the diamond. (loosing detail here) I manage to find the diamond, it's huge, I can barely hold it with one hand. I hide it under my cloak.
      My brother (who looks nothing like my brother) comes and talks to me, I tell him I found the diamond, swinging the sword in a playful fashion.
      I lead him inside to the church like building, but the diamond has gone, I ask my friend Ali where it is, he looks very happy with himself.
      He tells me he as the diamond, I ask for it, and he holds out his hand, and there is a tiny version about the size of a pea.
      "I shrunk it so people can't find it", but the diamond has lost its beauty and I am disappointed.

      I wake up and stumble over to the bathroom, I remember that it is a dream, but I am not sure, I think it's a dream because I remember falling over and smashing my head (?), and that has caused me to enter a dream. I try multiple RC's but they all fail, I look in the mirror and attempt to change it, nothing, I look down, look up, everything is black behind me in the mirror..."I'm Dreaming!"
      Running into my bedroom, I hear someone singing upstairs, I decide to try some vocal commands by saying "Mute", the voice instantly silences. I conjure a mirror on my closet.
      And look at myself, I look normal, slightly blurry. I want to have a medieval theme, so I say "armour", close my eyes, and open again, and I am clad in some armour. I want to be more heavily plated so I say "more armour" and I am a living tank!
      My dad comes up the stairs and I hold out a hand and blast him away (we had an argument that day, lol).
      I fade out into blackness.

      I am in a shopping mall, when drinking lucosade, I decide to eat loads of food, and become fat.
    5. Swimming Pool Lucid

      by , 09-28-2011 at 10:30 PM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      Here is a bad recall dream, sadly its because of a failed WBTB, ive been struggling recently and I don't know why.

      Vividness: 8
      Recall: 3
      Overall: 5

      Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

      Interestingly enough I tried visualizing a river with a massive stone D upright in the middle of it to try and MILD, because in this dream I become lucid at a Swimming Pool, correlation? I think so.

      I am at a swimming pool, and become lucid, I do this through awareness, I look down to my hands and they look kinda blurry, I change my skin colour to black and head into the pool.