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    Strange Island, Job, Tragety

    by , 01-29-2012 at 03:50 PM (884 Views)
    Non-Lucid Lucid Comment

    Again a lie in today, which wrecked my recall. I'm sure I have more dreams that these but I just forget them after I wake up and fall back to sleep.
    Some weird dreams last night...

    Me and my family are going on holiday, for some reason I feel like we are going to magaluf.
    I remember being on a boat in a cabin made out of tree trunks, with my family.
    When we get to the island I go out to look for a job, I ask around a bar but there is no jobs there and they instruct me to look further down in the town.
    We head up to a pizza shop for some food, the pizza is strange and the toppings are inside the pizza. Nevertheless it's very tasty.
    The women working at the pizza shop asks me if I'm looking for a job, excitedly I sign up, I will be working Fridays.
    I go to talk to my brother who also was looking for a job, he says he has found a job as a standard bearer for a tribe. I don't like the sound of it and attempt to persuade him form doing so.
    I have to go pick up my brother from his job, something doesn't seem right and he is dead on the floor, I begin to cry and scream in pain. There is a man behind me laughing and I throw myself at him in rage.

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