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    Two lucids in one night, Flying, Void, and Stabalisation.

    by , 09-14-2011 at 02:51 PM (1109 Views)
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    Tonight I properly worked out my wake back to bed time, using 90 minutes per REM cycle I chose the third REM to wake up. I also used sleep cycle with a wake period of 15 minutes, so I get the maximum REM period, wether this helped I do not know. (Going to upload my WBTB Sleep Cycle pictures from now on.)

    I am in tesco with some friends, this guy searches me, and some staff tell me that he is there to find hazzards, one tells me he's really creepy and annouying. I become weary of him. For some reason we all decide to see how many of us can fit in one toilet cubical, the cubical is blue and large, there isn't enough of us to fill it. Hazzard man comes instantly and makes a massive fuss, chucking us out. I tell him to back off, he says no and grabs my motorbike helmet, and begins peeling off the sticker, I push him off it and tell him to back off again.
    Vision changes and I'm charging at him, we are having a massive fist fight in the middle of the store, it's quite fun.

    Quality = 6/10
    Recall = 3/10

    I am sitting in a circle of people, I think we are all dressed like warriors from games, I know I am wearing plate mail although I feel no burden (even when lucid), there is a women across from me wearing brown/green cloth clothes.
    I can't remember why, but I become aware, I do not do a Reality Check, I don't need to, I know I am lucid, it is very unstable and bad quality.
    The second I become aware I feel pushed back on my real life body, as if it has gone completely stiff. My arms feel forced into place, like in iron man or dead space 2 when you change your armour, a machine holds you in place, it was like that.
    Impressively the first thing I attempt to do is stabalise, it's hard to describe, but the dream was only appearing in the top right of my vision. I grabbed it and brung it down, then I fell to the floor, eyes pushed up against the floor hands grasping the surroundings, this stabalised the dream.
    I go round a corner and fade out, ergh.

    I'm in this house where a single dad and son lives, I get the feeling I am the dad's brother, I remember sitting in a dark room discussing whats going on. I am sleeping in this large childrens bedroom, I have a laptop, I put the laptop down to go to the toilet, when I get to the toilet all there is is a kids potty, I begin, but realise why the hell am I doing that.

    Quality = 8/10
    Recall = 7/10

    I'm in my bad, it's not a false awakening because I know I'm dreaming, again no reality check needed. It's my room now, and the laptop I was previously using has changed colour to white (from black) and is gigantic, wedged in my room. The dream is already fairly stable, as I am calm and not too bothered.
    I decide to try flying, it comes very naturally to me but there is one problem, I can only do it on my back, for so my back is facing the floor. This is quite annouying as I can't see where I'm going, I explode out of the roof of my bedroom into the street outside, I float down to the pub. I observe the surroundings, it is very clear, but there are bits of blackness, abit like google road view thingy.
    I consider doing the ToTM I imagine a dark night lake, but I don't go there for some reason, then I'm in this fog. There is a voice narrating whats going on. Apparently I am too close to my eye ball (yeah I know it doesn't make sense) and I am begining to fade out. I have to swim to stay up, I'm loosing control, strange monsters begin to swim after me, they are composed of an eyeball and a tenticle to swim, there are hundreds of them, I attempt to swim away. The voice says "if you see cars you will be coming out of the fog." I look desperately around for car lights, none. I attempt to teleport by closing my eyes and spinning but before I spin, a monster bites my on the hand (doesn't really hurt but puts me off) I keep swimming through the fog... CAR LIGHTS! I swim towards the car lights, and a dream scape begins to appear, I look down and DCs are helping me away from the monsters by carrying me. I look around considering to ask them for a gift, I lose thought and see a beautiful women in front of me, I've lost so much concentration I fade out.

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    1. marwanin's Avatar
      what application are you using for android? and what is your android OS system version?
    2. Arch's Avatar
      It's for iPhone (can't you tell) iOS 4 (4.3.3 jailbroken) It's called sleep cycle and I use it to +- 15 mins.