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    The Day 'Out'

    by , 09-15-2015 at 08:40 PM (447 Views)
    #3 ["Silly Teases"] ["The Other Glass"] ~Non-Lucid~ (My dream came true -excuse the pun)

    Uptown of a City - My brother and I were strolling in a misshapen city, occupied by 'enough' people. It was possibly between the hours of 12:00 P.M and 5:00 P.M, clouds were clearly present. My brother was engaging in discourse, but oddly with no one. I thought that rather strange, but suddenly I felt the heat on my face from the sun, distracting me from the thought. A skip in recall occurs here.

    Upscale Restaurant - Me and my brother were now in a well-to-do resturant, dress rather appropriate for the decorum. He was ordering two large glasses of high-quality fruit juice - this was well within the normal behavior of my brother. He proceed to taste the juice and it was to his liking - very much so that he urged me to try it. I recall him uttering: "This juice is top-notch, one the best".
    Now I was giddy at the thought on tasting it. However, no waiter was in sight. After much time, I was desperate to try it. So I got up and as I had done so I glimpsed upon a waiter near the doors of which entering, brings you into the kitchen.
    I began walking in that direction, but stupidly the waiter began walking toward the kitchen doors. So I ran after him even going so far as to shout "Stop!" perhaps annoying every bourgeois elitist bastard there. I needed to taste that juice, however rather unfortunate the waiter crossed into the kitchen. And as I opened the kitchen doors my recall ends, though I didn't wake in actual life.

    (I used expressive language, but I believed I stayed true to my recall. This dream was irritating.)

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