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    Memorable Dreams

    1. He Who Couldn't Read

      by , 09-14-2015 at 02:54 AM
      #1 [A Strange Child] ~Non-Lucid~

      I awoke within the dream on bedraggled pavement - I faintly recall the feel of and emanating odor of the grass. A young adolescent, no older than 25 I think, is what triggered my awakening. He stopped and stared at me asking me if I was going to join them. I responded: "Join what?"
      He did not answer me and interestingly I was incredibly preoccupied with why I couldn't remember this man's face or name. I preceded to stand upright - immediately I felt a strong pain in my legs forcing me to genuflect. Just as fast as the pain came on I shoved it - almost as if I didn't feel anything. Seemingly disremembering the pain I took notice to my surroundings.
      I faintly recall a large quantity of old boxes, scattered about pipes and such giving me the impression of a dilapidated warehouse not used in decades. A skip in my recall occurs here. I recall being outside, possibly mid-day, I believe there was a breeze. A different man, possibly no older than 25 as well, put his hand on my shoulder and shouted.
      Initially I was annoyed, however I discovered there was a pack of wolves retaining selter within a run-down school bus. Now contemplating the atmosphere was somewhat apocalyptic, but that's besides the point. I thought upon glancing at the wolves we would be in serious trouble so to speak. But 'my friend' successfully intimidated them.
      Another skip in recall. Now 3 individuals, the same two from before. The one who place his hand on my shoulder was smashing a tipped over trash can with a bludgeoning object, maybe a bat. The other -from the beginning- was reading which I thought was out of the ordinary.
      The last one, was much younger, a child, perhaps no older than 10 and he was staring at me. A frightening force saturated me, I could not budge it. As I was panicking my 'background' changed, almost resembling the pages of a book with words spinning about. I began taking notice to the spinning words to discern what they were. Disremembering the earlier feeling of panic I became occupied with the words of which I don't recall being able to decipher.
      Then suddenly I began fading and it happened entirely too quickly to feel it's effects - awakening me in actual life.

      [I used very expressive language, but I believe I remained true to my recall. It was my first Dream Journal so I am little out of my element.]

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