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    The Muddled Night

    by , 09-15-2015 at 02:13 AM (488 Views)
    #2 ["Who was it?"] ~Non-Lucid~

    Uptown - It was night, and lights surrounded me wherever I looked. I am presuming I was deep within the labyrinth of an modernized city. As I could not recall the complexity, so I'm going to not look past the forest for the trees. I most certainly recall riding on a motorcycle, it was dark -possibly black.
    I had gloves on and a sensation of freedom was all I thought of as I zipped pass slowly moving vehicles. I came to a 'red light' and immediately I took notice to destitutes, prostitutes and all kinds of social dross. A dark-tinted black vehicle pulled up next to me. I felt intimidated and fearful when the operator of the vehicle began lowering his window.
    It was cracked, it was most possibly a middle-aged man, someone you wouldn't want to be alone with. He winked and smiled - a skip in recall occurs here.

    Nowhere - I was 'still' on my motorcycle moving -'flying'- down the open roads. It remained night and I can clearly and vividly recall the clouds, which were of various odd shapes. As I was staring at the left side of the road and scenery I was hit in the head with an object. I turned to discover where and who had thrown it, but no one was there -recall ends.

    [I used expressive language, however I believed I stayed true to my recall. Also ever since I made the decision to 'do this' my dreams have been quite devoid of happiness. My prior dream -before I started doing this- was bright and cheerful I hope I can record a more pleasant dream.]
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