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    1. 1,000th DREAM!!!

      by , 07-22-2011 at 04:41 AM
      Last night I hit dream number 1,000! It's taken 1yr 8mos

      Here's my DJ for last night(thousandth dream is noted below) :

      7/21-22. 915. With someone who’s a friend in the dream. Area kind of looks like near the area around the Ruby’s on the Pier in Oside. Sunset? Area seems more compact though. See an expensive yellow car that looks kind of like a Lotus. Called a “Cararo” (made up). Comment on it in the style of Jeremy Clarkson. Someone then gives us a PA speaker? Then on freeways. Lots of construction going on and unfinished walls. Can see rebar sticking out of the concrete

      Dan Fxxxxx is over at our house. He drives me somewhere. Then back home and it’s Kyle’s birthday. I see 2 fire helmets and they’re for me for some reason

      Dave and someone drinking. We’re in some sort of theme park? They’re getting sick from drinking. The one person throws up? Then some people pass and I talk to them?

      FA? I’m in my bed. I get up to clean myself and take a shower using the toilet. Mom and dad are then up and help me. I see academy people in the mirror

      225. At Theresa’s. The cats are waking up
    2. Driving, FA, random mind wandering

      by , 03-29-2011 at 01:39 AM
      3/27-28. 930. Something about WoW? Then driving at night. Rain? Headlights go off then turn back on. Then looking at stars. Maybe on the 71N before Pine, or on the 15N after Norco

      2ish. FA. Dad wakes me up I think. I look at the clock and it’s 415am, but my alarm is set (4am). Then I’m talking to him while he’s on the couch and he asks, “What did you see after I left?” It had been a dark kind of shadow but passed it off as eye trick, but didn’t say that, didn’t answer. Then I wake up for real

      At some school. I’m in a bed and Cameron from House is there and my mom. Something about some medications reacted and that’s why I got sick. Meds were for stomach pain and something else. Then I’m a super hero and I go to find the Flash. Find him and talk to him. Ask if he could take me back to my class on his back because I was running late. Then it’s a high school in a PE lockers kind of area. Some fire starts and I go grab an extinguisher. Electrical fire and some black girl is trapped in a stall. I walk around the stall and it’s completely open so tell her to come on. Then I’m on the school’s roof. Mr. Hxxxx from middle school PE opens a vent up to let out the smoke. Adam Hxxxxxx is with me and we jump around on the roofs. One of the gaps is too big I think so look for another way. As I finish looking, there is now a hill where the buildings were, hilly and open land, and there’s a ramp I use to get off the roof. I get to my class which is being held outside. I take out my phone and start to turn down the sound. The teacher sees and says, “I hope you’re putting your phone on silent.” “Yes, I am.” “Thanks for being honest.” Then in a Mid East kind of place, sandy and dunes. We’re doing a shot gun project that has to do with mapping out where shotgun shells land. There’s some guy on a piano. Then these raiders come and attack us (hills are green from the area they come from). As the raiders go by, some crawl out of the ground slowly, but very crude looking and jerky. Then I’m watching a MST3K movie and they’re making fun of how horribly the special effect of them coming out of the ground is done. Kind of a theater. Mom, and Kyle(?), there. I have these cards from Joy and Mark Jxxxxxxx so open them and read them
    3. Chucks, house then shaft then plains

      by , 03-13-2011 at 12:02 AM
      3/11-12. 1. Looking at Chucks. Dickies store? Selling for $50 (I'm not exactly sure if this was from tonight, but I remembered it when I went to a store that sold shoes today. Could have been from the night before, or 2 days ago [been horrible lately abut writing dreams down right when I wake up])

      In a house and I’m sitting on the floor, beige. Dad and I then walk around the house, like it’s a tour. It’s Gma V’s house. I’m wearing an SCBA mask for some reason, purge the bypass. There’s quite a bit of remodeling work being done. Lots of art, glasswork, and pictures around and on the being of being clutter, like a mansion. Then there’s stuff that’s broken or stolen. Gma knows who it is. I examine a broken glass piece. Outside and see some windows broken out, 2 story house. Then I’m lying on my stomach and there’s a super deep hole in the ground and other people are stuck on ledges. I’m a little uncomfy on that edge so scoot back a little. Christopher Loyd (Doc from Back to the Future) falls. We start to turn off the lighting for some reason. We get a system of 2x4’s set up and they’re placed in a certain order and they help pull up the people trapped. It’s my job to put the boards in the correct spot (I have had this dream before about the mine shaft, Doc falling in, and the board system). Then Herman Munster (from The Munsters) is helping us out. Then we’re on some plains, looks like Stonefield from Rift, and there’re these pins I have to stick in the ground to keep monsters away. I’m examining the tag and pin because the pin goes into the center of the tag, but looks like it barely stays on and could come off easily. Then the pin and tag have turned into the guy from Inglourious Basterds, the one that says, “How fun!” He’s in a tank and is stiff like an action figure, the tag is his base, like a plastic Army man. He’s kind of yelling at his tank crew about something

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    4. Training, Universal Studios, Rift, British

      by , 03-09-2011 at 06:49 PM
      3/7-8. 12. 8. Going through a covered walkway. Feels like a line to a ride kind of. I look into a piece of glass, it’s a window, but there’s nothing inside, and see a reflection of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Edd is talking about something. Then it’s a CoD/ Metal of Honor kind of war training. Something about the gun magazine. Then dodging enemy gunfire.

      At Universal Studios. Pass by an old looking part of the park. Sit on a bench. Glee people are there and sing a song (feels like that on vid of the people singing Bad Romance acapella). Then a building falls so I go over to help and dig 2 people out. One is an old man

      Fighting Rift baddies. Then I’m on an iTunes-like site and DL Bad Romance. I think about putting my iPod of shuffle so I can hear it

      835. In some older looking hotel. Hilarious British skits. In an elevator and when it goes up and stops you jump or something like that. I think a guy was scared so that’s why it was funny. Then in a room with an orange color to it. Some guys that look like Fred and George Weasley are showing me questions from a math test they took. They had the most hilarious answers to the questions. Some answers were so vague that they were right, and some were questions they missed because they had been misread, but were hilarious. Woke up actually laughing

      I'm not sure if there was the thumb, but this is pretty much how it looked. Mind you, I was laughing hard at this

    5. computer games, bar scene

      by , 03-06-2011 at 08:19 PM
      The first dream was probably because I've started playing a new MMO called Rift. Also, I had a dream earlier in the night, but the last few days I've been so tired that I don't write them down many times. Hopefully it's just a phase

      3/5-6. 3. Playing WoW on dad’s computer on the couch. He comes in and says, “Are you at a stopping point? I need to get on” “Yah, I just have to loot these guys.” Get off. Dad gets on and logs into HIS WoW account (he plays in the dream). His character is lv55. “Wow, you’re 55, huh?” (graphics look amazing). Then I want to show him my character when he’s done. Use his computer, but ends up taking too long and he doesn’t care anymore. I start to play a racing game. Cars are based off of Toy Story characters. A setting was set to “real” so if you crash, you blow up. I make a racer blow up in a pile of rocks

      1030. Theresa and I are in a hotel in Amsterdam. Take out the keycard and our room is 17. We walk by a door with 2 girls. Look on the wall and there’s a 17. They had just opened the door for someone and I peek inside. One of the girls at the door gives me an odd look like I shouldn’t be looking. “Oh, this is my room… 17.” We walk in and it’s huge and open(50-75’ ceiling at least). Girl shows us around the place. Starts with the front and there’s a heart shaped bed. Then an open space and the lady starts to dance. I think to myself “I hope I don’t have to dance with her.” Then the room is a bar and lots of people. We find Michelle Xxxxxx and hang out with her. See a Kelly Xxxxx guy around. We go to some table with a few guys and talk. Guys start to act like dbags, so we kindly leave and get our own table. Theresa is now StacEy, but named Brianne. Another girl is Brianne Xxxxxx. StacEy is now Theresa again. I’m sweating a lot for some reason and trying to use my shirt to wipe off the sweat. Shirt is long sleeved and light blue. We then start to leave. Kelly guy seems mad at us. We decided to head up some stairs and go to our room. I’m back on the 1st floor and some guy bumps me. Then Kelly again. I head to the room since a big fight seems to be brewing
    6. Riverside, robbing, jury

      by , 03-03-2011 at 10:08 PM
      3/2-3. 1. Town and Country? Heather Xxxx?

      610. Sara Xxxx sends me a text of a friend and her. One person has pants over their arms and the other on their legs, but the people are connected. Looks really funny. Then at some homes in Riverside. Poor looking kind of, just unkempt. Large field next to them. Small fires along the fence line and the people are very scared. Then I’m at Riverside station 1, except it’s in a different area of down, by the Victorian homes? Xxxx there. The whole city is laid out differently. We then go on a tour of the station. Mxxxxx and Jxxxxx there. Then we’re getting off an engine like we were driving around. Saw a few buildings. As we’re getting off, we’re told that there’s a training burn that’s going to happen. Get off and we’re watching another academy throw ladders, inside. I look to the side, the parking lot(?), and something is missing (not sure what, but that’s how I felt). One guy almost drops a 35’er. Outside now and Mxxxxx and I leave to go check out the training burn, but I have to go to the bathroom first. Go into what I thought was the bathroom, but looks like a restaurant. People look at me weird. Building for training burn is on fire. People are panicking. Everyone running toward it. Some guy is up on a ramp and falls off. I go to his aid and check his pulse, don’t think I feel anything. Another guy tries to log roll him, but I didn’t have C-spine yet and told the guy to stop. Guy rolls anyway. Guy that fell says he’s fine and gets up. Then march to Fraizer Park (diff location). On the way, Mrs. Xxxxxx is stabbed with a flag that someone threw. She’s find and no bleeding and is miffed. I call 911. I ask to tell the operator the location and he says he doesn’t need it. It’s dusk and the building implodes. Not in park. Dark and fireworks are going off. Look of city looks like NYC with lights and stuff. Erik Xxxxxxxxxx there and taking photos. I take a few also. Then it’s day and I watch Theresa’s video

      Looking out bedroom window. See something going on, robbing? Breaking into my house? Run to the bathroom and call 911. Tell them someone’s breaking into my house. Cops show up super fast. Robbers apprehended, but they say they’re not. Cops interview them. Then they take me across the street and interview me. More details but can’t remember

      Outside of a building. Something about being on a jury. A class? Dan Xxxxx is next to me. A lot more but can’t remember
    7. WW2 bad guys

      by , 02-27-2011 at 08:38 PM
      2/26-27. 230. Something from that Ghost Adventurers show? Zack guy (host)

      At my house. Night. Dave there. We have these 2 guys that had broken in or something. They’re dressed in war BDU’s. Looks WW2-like, but not sure. One was Asian the other white. Dave and I end up separated at some point. I’m fighting the Asian one. I don’t have a gun, so just drying to dodge the guy’s fire. He uses a single shot, then switches to a Thompson looking gun, but had no wood, and no straight mag, more modern looking, but the main part looked the same. The pile of dirt on the side yard is gone and it’s just all flat grass. The pool side doesn’t have as much stuff under the tarp. Then I find an M1 Garand. I look in the top and see that there’s a round chambered. I hide around the corner with the bushes concealing where I am. The bushes aren’t as dense and can see through them easily. Guy runs past and I shoot him in the chest. He goes down and I start to beat his forehead with the butt of the M1 which isn’t flat, but angled and a brass guard on it. It’s not doing much damage, just some scrapes. Then he starts to take something out, a grenade, but doesn’t look like one. Before he could pull the pin, I take the butt of the gun to his neck and pretty much chop his head off. He’s still alive until I make the final cut. Flick his head away from his body to be sure. Then go to the garage and find Dave there with his bad guy disemboweled and shredded up and some pieces are hanging from the rafters, which are only 3ft off the ground. Garage is cluttered. I go in and check out some of the pieces. The garage door opens and some older people are there, live at my house (so not my house). Some sort of quick conversation about them being baddies
    8. Lucid in house then train hijack then monkey art!

      by , 02-27-2011 at 04:34 AM
      Took a nap because I was up at 5am (had to be up at 7, but just couldn't get back to sleep)

      I'm going to break this up into respective paragraphs, but it was all one dream, and pretty fun to watch. This is marked as a lucid, but I'd call it semi lucid as I had a slight feeling of being lucid, but had no control. Because of that "feeling" I'll call it a lucid

      LD. 2/26. Nap. 4. 645. In this wooden house, but one of those odd post modern kind of ones that has odd shapes and such. Very dark. Kyle and I are on an elevator, has a shape like the cars on the London Eye (whole house has this similar shape as well). Become semi lucid. Sort of knew I was dreaming, as the scene looked familiar (from another dream?) but had no control. Elevator stops at our floor. Pick up Kyle by his pants and slowly lift him. Kind of a toss? Put him in the air coz I knew he’d stay there. Lose lucidity. We make some food. I make cereal, Frosted Flakes. I put a seasoning sauce on it similar to what sloppy joes use. Then Theresa is there, Kyle gone, so Xxxx’s house. Play with Missy a bit and Cindy and Jim come home. It’s still dark. Jim looks at my cereal which has turned into a meaty stew, or something, and the sauce is now ketchup, can’t really tell in the dark, and I look at the packet

      Then Jim and Cindy are slender guys dressed in old west clothes. Plotting something. Then we catch a train that’s just pulling out of its garage, becomes bright and sunny. I jump on and point my finger like a gun and tell the guy to hand over the train. They don’t, but don’t put up any fight. Somehow get into the driver seat (has a seat) and the roof of the train is gone. The train is steered by an odd system. Rings stacked large to small from bottom to top, and have a small plate to grab on the left side of the ring to use the ring. The top 2 rings steer depending on the direction turned. Top ring anti-clockwise was backward and to the left, turn CW was backward to the right. Second ring was the opposite, forward, but can’t remember the exact directions. Anyway, use the largest ring on bottom at first, but was so big, you had to move your head to turn it all the way. Backing up the train to a platform. Some older lady talking (wasn’t present, just her voice) about her husband who owned the train. Backed the train to a platform and lady’s husband was there. His head was on the steering console I was using or something. He made some funny joke about his wife. Backing the train from the platform, guy was now on the platform, and train derailed, so tried to get it back on the tracks (just went off, no movement)

      Then everything is in a room. A monkey makes art with this stamper sort of thing, like a Bingo blotter/ marker, but there’s an entire design in it. Design is a lady with a monkey and a few balloons. The pattern is almost like the pattern was printed out because of its consistency and the monkey is just revealing the design, like those hot/ cold water toys that change color. The monkey is hanging onto the lady’s boob. For some reason I inspect the picture, come to no conclusion, and keep watching the monkey stamp

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    9. Best recall in detail in a while. Studio, driving, sister

      by , 02-22-2011 at 09:17 PM
      Drank some cranberry-raspberry juice before bed and had the best detail recall I've had in a long time. Ended up being 2.5 pages in Word!

      2/21-22. 1230. 530. In a grocery store with dad. Area looks to be by the BoA but also next to the registers. Then it’s a musician studio, mostly guitarists. Talking with some guys about a guitar. One guy looks like the big guy from Fanboys. I have to go to the bathroom, so go into another studio, which I guess was the bathroom. Feel uncomfortable because the rooms have glass between them. Some guy in a studio to my left. I’m able to get an angle where no one can see me. Still talking to the 2 other guys. Hand it to them while trying to go. “It’s a Rickenbacher knockoff. I can’t remember the name.” Though it was supposed to be a bass, it was a guitar with a short neck and dark blue. A pause and then I say, “Averia! That’s the name” (not the actual name). Then 2 other guys come into the same room I am to practice. One is a trombone player from my freshman year, Xxxx I think, has glasses. Name is different in the dream though. They’re across the room, so I go to the bathroom anyway as a chair is hiding me

      750. I wake up in my room. Theresa’s cats are there. I play with them. One jumps up on my left side dresser. I have an organizer with papers and the cat chews on it. I pick up my computer mouse, don’t know why I had it, and tap it on the dresser to get the cat off. Runs to the door. Then the cats are the 2 older Xxxxxxx twins, but one’s a girl. Play with them for a little bit. Then I’m walking down what feels like Main St. There’re a bunch of kids that had just graduated from Kindergarten, black robes with, I think, an orange stoal? Then at a car repair place. Pale yellow. It looks like the back of a Pep Boys with its garages, but that’s the building. Guy closes up shop because the kids are annoying him. Door is also pale yellow, but the bottom third is like a metal mesh and blue. I then drive home, heading south on Main. Xxxxxxx calls me to see if I’m going to make it to the run, academy? “What run is it?” “It’s a cancer run.” I’m eating some gummies or something. I take forever to answer his other questions though for some reason like I’m super tired and am thinking about each question before answering it. Pass a house where I see mom with glasses, and she’s jumping, like there’s a parade going on. Make it to Xxx and Xxxxxxx and there’s traffic. The houses and shops are no longer there, like it was before they were there, just an open lot. Heading W on Xxxxxxx and there’s a lot of traffic. Able to look up ahead and looks like some ambulances and flashing lights. Get closer and at that first street is a pile of junk cars being loaded onto a tow truck. Don’t catch what is going on off the left side, but maybe an accident

      1040. Watching TV. Someone gets hurt on a dam. Then the suicide video plays of goy at Hoover Dam. When guy hits bottom, his head smashes and red and yellow come out. People are then on the dam around him and looks like some people walked down the face that he just slid down. Then I’m home, but the house doesn’t look like ours. Dad’s showing me something to do with telling time at night. “Can you see it if there’s a new moon” (Showing me something and a black light flashlight simulates moon, shape is a snowflake). “No.” “Can you see it with a full moon?” He turns on the black light. “Yes! Man, that’s cool!” I’m looking around the room and the wall closest to use has a witch that moves, I’m thinking about touching it for some reason. The rest of the room is winter themed kind of. Snowflakes are all over and light up when I turn the black light on, which is now like Kyle’s, but only 3” long. Mom and dad then go to bed. I stay in the room and look around. There’s a door on the opposite wall, so go to it. I notice that the floor creaks, so assume there’s a walkout basement like Ernie’s house. Now light and with a friend. Room is his sister’s room. He’s looking around and I look at a wall next to the door. Sister was in track, uniforms are light blue and white. She has this whole section covered with pics with friends from track. There’s one I look at and they’re jumping over hurdles, she’s wearing earmuffs, but doing it gracefully in a funny way. 3 girls in the photo and one is a huge girl, maybe 400lbs. I think, “How can she jump?” Look at another picture and she’s holding the fat girl. I look back and forth at these photos and they stay the same, as well as others in my periphery. I go toward her computer desk which has its own little nook. Papers and stuff are everywhere and can’t walk, so don’t go in. Look at some papers. Get up and turn around and the friend found some boy’s number, he tears it up. Then walk out of the room, which the winter room from before is now different. There’s a kitchen counter and his mom and sister are at it. We get low and try to sneak up the stairs. Stairs creak a little also. Something about a white dog on the stairs with us, or at the top?
    10. Class BBQ, guitar session

      by , 02-20-2011 at 08:03 PM
      2/19-20. 12. 9. In class. Looks like NHS P buildings. Engineer Dxxx is teaching the class as a sub I think. Kristy Xxxxx is like D.O. or something. We’re correcting papers/ homework. Dxxx leaves and Kristy starts to dance. Dxxx comes back in and Kristy is able to recover and look like she was just standing there. Dxxx asks what’s funny. We say Kristy was dancing and she dances again. Then she’s sitting in a desk. She makes herself fall out of it. Then we’re having a BBQ lunch. I’m at a table, the desks have disappeared and become long tables, and eating with Kristy. Some guy that looks like Dodd sits with us. An Asian guy sits down too and shows us that his yogurt moves his spoon. He lets the spoon sit in the cup and it starts to slowly move around the cup. He says it’s because of the bacteria that’s in yogurt. “Take a look!” I look but can’t really see anything.

      918. Going to record a song. I grab these lightsaber looking things, but they’re short sticks of color (I think they’re practice guitars?). Head to Dan Xxxxx’s house. His house is farther down the main street than his actual one is. We talk. Then go to the box I brought and see it only has the colored sticks. “Damn it! I forgot the guitars! Do you have any guitars we can use?” “Yah, I’m sure I have some.” “Crap! I forgot the cords too! And the amps!!!” We walk to another room. “We’re going to need… 4… 5… 6… 7 cords.” (Actually 6 would be fine, no clue why I said 7). He’s rummaging around in a closet and I see this TV/ computer screen on the wall called an electric window. Looked like an actual window. Move my head a little to the side and see that there is no window and it’s a wall behind it
    11. Fire in my town

      by , 02-20-2011 at 08:00 PM
      2/18-19. 430. Near the hospital and church, but the hospital isn’t there, night The building next to it looks different and is more like an office building, multi story also. Some business lady is outside of it. See some light smoke coming from the front door. Get closer to it and then realize there’s a fire (can’t see fire). I call 9-1-1, but I’m not even getting a dial tone, like the line is out. Call Captain Xxxx to tell him, but same thing with his cell number. Then I’m at home talking to mom about it. Dark in our house. Point that the fire is west (would actually be north). Mom says to try calling again. Call 9-1-1, doesn’t work, then call Xxxx, no dice. Realize that I’ve been annoying and they won’t want to talk to me (What? Haha)

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    12. Universal Studios, LotR, fire station, bad guy

      by , 02-17-2011 at 10:25 PM
      2/16-17. 1130. At Universal Studios. There’s a light rain and we’re deciding on getting on the backlot tour tram

      LotR. I’m with Frodo and Sam. Sam, Pippin, and I have to leave so start to go. Head down a hallway, bt then go back to room with Frodo in it. Merry’s there. I tell Merry to take care of Frodo. I give some sort of speech telling Merry how important Frodo is. “Like a mare, or garden” is all I can remember. Leave and go out and I’m at a school. There’s a horse there and I jump on it, but then it’s a girl, wearing a blue shirt. Ride her across a lawn area. I see Dave and so stop and get off. Praise girl with, “Good girl” and she gets mad. Then mad at Dave because she gave him many chances to ask her out, but now is with Richard. Girl is Carrie(?) but looks nothing like her

      725. Doing a ride along with Station 1. Xxxx is captain. We’re getting the rig ready for the shift to start. Xxxxp seems to be mad at me for some reason and tell me to pull a hose, “Yes, sir!” I pull a preconnect and flow some water to make sure it’s working. Have to restabilize myself because of the pressure. Xxxx puts on and takes off a silver HazMat suit. After taking it off, I check it out and it seems like it neoprene, like a wetsuit. Rig is now a black truck. Engineer is playing some music loud and the chief(?) comes out and has him turn it down. Xxxx tells him to turn it down more. Then we head over to a large garage that’s for storage. Rig now looks like Jim’s blue and white Ford. Then head out, but I’m not on rig

      835. Mira Loma? Driving and go under a freeway. I was supposed to get on(?) and miss it, so go to the next street and pull down it to turn around. See some cops pass by on the other side after I get turned around. Matt Xxxxxxx is a bad guy, but the cop is Matt as well. Cop shoots bad guy and hits him. Bad guy then runs away toward the freeway and up the embankment. I hop a fence to go after bad guy, and find where bad guys hide out. Freeway is no longer there, but the hide out looks kind of like a bus stop/ train stop
    13. Lines, game, bad guys, Texas, academy,

      by , 02-16-2011 at 08:25 PM
      Was able to get a lot written down last night

      2/15-16. 1130. Waiting in line for a ride at Universal Studios. I think it was next to The Simpsons ride because I recall some of that ride’s look in the background

      On my computer. I notice that my Facebook relationship is different and longer. Still said “In a relationship,” but there was more after it. I couldn’t see all of it so I clicked on it and went to Theresa’s page and could see all of it. Then I’m watching a video, webcam look, of Brianna and Theresa playing a racing videogame. They both have steering wheels, but Brianna has control of the gas and steering, and I think Theresa controlled shifting and braking. Then shows the game. Looks similar to 1nsane. They were going around a long, sweeping left turn, but they always had too much speed because they kept crashing into the cliff. All the other players (computer) were doing the same. I think there was water (ocean?) to their left

      6. In the desert at night. I’m driving or walking. Then come across three guys and I detain them because they’re wanted. One of the guys walks off across the road and continues east. I don’t go after him. The other two just sit by my truck. One of the guys is right at my door and his fingers are always at the door jamb and I keep slamming his fingers into the door, but it’s like he doesn’t even know I’m doing it, doesn’t care. Then I’m back to walking, but I’m walking toward my truck, like I left to go to the bathroom, and it’s daylight now. Captain Xxxxx calls me and says that Txxx and Uxxx were on their way. He says that Txxx needed $10 and that Uxxx needed change so Txxx had to get more than $10, so Uxxx would have change

      In Austin, TX. Place looks like it’s out of a Western kind of, dirt streets and crude concrete/ wood/ brick buildings. Visiting the fire dept. Guys want help improving a part of the road because they always get stuck on it and have to push the rig. Small bump that I thought was it, but ends up being a 3’ drop. I suggest taking a skiploader and flattening the drop. The drop is then part of a flatbed trailer that hauls cars. Then say we can get some grinders and cut holes in the metal and then lay pieces of flat metal in those cuts and the drop is still there, but the rig can get through. Then we’re in a diff section of the town. Volunteers are getting into a block formation. For some reason, academy is there and we do the same. Volunteers do this weird hand thing, left arm bent in an L shape, palm up, and the right arm is at a 75º angle to the sky. Something about fallen volunteers I think. We then march over some area. There are lots of crosses, graveyard. Tourist kind of signs that say how many die, plains grass fires. Then to another area close by. A bunch of the volunteers wives are on the ground, about to give birth?

      In some place just off a freeway. Desert looking. Messing around on some hills. Then in academy. Run over the mounds, another mound you go up and slide down a rope, only 5’ down. Then Xxxxx looking guy says, “I bet you can’t break down that door!” Kind of a barn door look. Run up to it, push on it to see where the hinges and stuff are, find them, and take a few steps back and run and break down the door with ease, door seemed floppy anyway. Next we went into a room where we had to help out our cadets I think. Then I’m standing outside and everyone is gone. I have to wait a while for my ride, so decide to go on a run. There’s an offramp about a mile out, so run to it. At some point, I’m on a light green bike. End up going under the offramp. There’s some sort of water collection basin dug out, not deep. Check it out, then start to head back
    14. Class, House, Wall-E, rescue mission

      by , 02-16-2011 at 05:47 AM
      2/14-15. 130. Something about a rotating part

      607. At school. In a dark classroom. On the internet. I see someone opening lockers in the hall, dark as well. I try to scare someone. Then the room is huge and mom comes in. Saw me as I flew back to my table (run fast or actually fly, not sure)

      Watching House, but it’s like the ep is on fastforward. It’s part of the intro because you get to see everything first, and the whole ep is them figuring out how the person got sick. Get to see bits of their treatment before seeing them treat the patient

      730. Wall-E meets Star Wars kind of thing. Small raid on something, inside a building/ ship? I’m Wall-E sometimes. 2 girls I’m with go up a dumbwaiter. I take the stairs and fight a bad guy. Then I’m pitching ideas to Peter Griffen and Seth MacFarlane. One is that soda is thrown to the ground (Like the Indian crying commercial) and there should be a sad Indian, but it’s a red herring(misleading). Other idea is something about recycling. Peter Griffen says, “What do you think this is, a syndicate?!”

      9. At home. Go down alley to see friend (house front on alley side). Prostitutes at house across alley. Inside friend’s house. Dad there. I have a younger brother there. Talking to the guy, fireman. Smoke in alley and I ask, “What’s that?” Soon all gone. Decide to go out. Walk down alley. Kid with us is now a girl with crutches. We’re trying to save some prostitute. Sneak and get out of alley, but girl and I are too far ahead. She stops and asks about her mom. We go back and she’s not there and a UPS type truck is leaving (Guess she’s in there). Watch the truck drive away and go around the corner to our other neighbors
    15. Porcupine, Yellowstone, OCC crew

      by , 02-14-2011 at 09:13 PM
      A few dreams that I liked from the last few days

      2/12-13. 130. 8. Somewhere camping? Have an RV. There’s a group of us. Then a porcupine comes out and is following me because it likes me, but I’m trying to keep away from it so it doesn’t stick me. Try to get onto the RV, but another guy is trying to do the same

      2/11-12. 1030. Going to Yellowstone but it’s in Alaska. Coastline looks like Unalakleek, AK coastline (see it as we fly in, but looks like I see it from space). Go to a National Park and it has a huge crystal blue lake, very round. Visitor center is a tall building that is a mile high. Sean is there. We’re talking to the information desk person and I lean on the glass window to look outside and realize I’m afraid of heights, become anxious. I buy a glove for some reason, but it’s just one. Later (in a darker room a few floors below the information desk floor) I try to buy a set of gloves but they cost $65. Mom is there and tell her the price

      2/10-11. 1130. 410. Riding bikes. Almost out of gas, but have enough to get home. On the freeway, then bike cuts out so I pull over where there’s an onramp. Sitting in the area between the the onramp and freeway. Vinny and Paulie from OCC are with me. “It’s riding funny.” Vinny is kind of mad. My bike has ape hangers. I’m able to loosen the bars by twisting the screw that tightens them. Paulie jokes and calls his friend to help out. Vinny shows me a shop he bought called Lipps ‘Lectric (or ‘Lectrical). A little rundown looking and in what looked like an older part of the town. Was like The Showcase at some point, and then I’m in it and there’s some girl talking about the best played here and kids would get punched in the head. Punk scene. Area was familiar from another dream
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