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    1,000th DREAM!!!

    by , 07-22-2011 at 04:41 AM (738 Views)
    Last night I hit dream number 1,000! It's taken 1yr 8mos

    Here's my DJ for last night(thousandth dream is noted below) :

    7/21-22. 915. With someone who’s a friend in the dream. Area kind of looks like near the area around the Ruby’s on the Pier in Oside. Sunset? Area seems more compact though. See an expensive yellow car that looks kind of like a Lotus. Called a “Cararo” (made up). Comment on it in the style of Jeremy Clarkson. Someone then gives us a PA speaker? Then on freeways. Lots of construction going on and unfinished walls. Can see rebar sticking out of the concrete

    Dan Fxxxxx is over at our house. He drives me somewhere. Then back home and it’s Kyle’s birthday. I see 2 fire helmets and they’re for me for some reason

    Dave and someone drinking. We’re in some sort of theme park? They’re getting sick from drinking. The one person throws up? Then some people pass and I talk to them?

    FA? I’m in my bed. I get up to clean myself and take a shower using the toilet. Mom and dad are then up and help me. I see academy people in the mirror

    225. At Theresa’s. The cats are waking up

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