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    Aliens, a run, school, and Xmas tree

    by , 01-02-2011 at 11:54 PM (794 Views)
    I don't even remember the first one, lol

    1/1-2. 12. 320. Theresa’s house look. Animals locked up. Large alien ship leave. Shoot at it

    610. Idyllwild in a restaurant with mom and someone else. Hear call go out. Trolley(with people) and engine go by. Lady asks if trollies go with people, and I say yes when I did a ride along they did. Drive up after them. Then run down hill. Steep. Other people with us. Feels like you could fall but then fly at same time. Then at bottom and we’re waiting for a run to begin. In a park. Water is pooling on the ground. Finntroll- Trollhammaren plays. Some guys, one with us, another guy with other group talk in Swedish/ Norwegian. Our guy says something and the other guy makes a joke of it. Something about our guy used a word for “cops” when he should’ve used a diff word

    At school. Some band is playing. Drummer is that Italian guy in my sections and looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Stick breaks and hits someone in the head. I eat some sugar cookies

    Xmas tree is small and so’s the table. CO monitor is on the floor, floor is smoking. Tell dad. I blow the smoke to get it away. Catches fire. I run to the sink to get water and tell dad to get an extinguisher

    1030. Large sitting area like a cafeteria. Chelsea xxxxx and some of her friends(?) there. We go out to parking lot. One of her friends leaves. Then riding with dad. Come back. Then I’m getting out of an EMT class? Walk through another class while another EMT class is going on. Tell class the answer/ something to look for in vid they’re watching. Go back out to truck. Ride with dad. Theresa there in lot with a large green kite. Tell her to get in with us and she does. Kite gone

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar

      Try to elaborate a little more your notes. For example
      Quote Originally Posted by 'by you"
      Theresa there in lot with a large green kite. Tell her to get in with us and she does. Kite gone
      Elaborate with:

      A lot happened with a large green Kite and Theresa. I told her to come in with us, so she did. The kite was gone.

      It makes reading easier. Also try to use some paragraphs.

      Nice dreams though.
    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      I actually miss read you, that is why you need to elaborate.

      Theresa was in a lot using her green kite (if that is what you meant )
    3. Armistice's Avatar
      *Theresa was there and had a large green kite (was walking through the lot)
    4. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Yeah, that is what I meant. Write the keywords at night, but elaborate on your online DJ
    5. Armistice's Avatar
      Only one not expanded on was the first one
    6. Matte87's Avatar
      I agree with PercyLucid. To make the DJ more reader friendly (if readable even) you should elaborate a bit more. I'd love to read your dreams as stories as they seem to be interesting. Keep on dreaming!