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    Best recall in detail in a while. Studio, driving, sister

    by , 02-22-2011 at 09:17 PM (705 Views)
    Drank some cranberry-raspberry juice before bed and had the best detail recall I've had in a long time. Ended up being 2.5 pages in Word!

    2/21-22. 1230. 530. In a grocery store with dad. Area looks to be by the BoA but also next to the registers. Then it’s a musician studio, mostly guitarists. Talking with some guys about a guitar. One guy looks like the big guy from Fanboys. I have to go to the bathroom, so go into another studio, which I guess was the bathroom. Feel uncomfortable because the rooms have glass between them. Some guy in a studio to my left. I’m able to get an angle where no one can see me. Still talking to the 2 other guys. Hand it to them while trying to go. “It’s a Rickenbacher knockoff. I can’t remember the name.” Though it was supposed to be a bass, it was a guitar with a short neck and dark blue. A pause and then I say, “Averia! That’s the name” (not the actual name). Then 2 other guys come into the same room I am to practice. One is a trombone player from my freshman year, Xxxx I think, has glasses. Name is different in the dream though. They’re across the room, so I go to the bathroom anyway as a chair is hiding me

    750. I wake up in my room. Theresa’s cats are there. I play with them. One jumps up on my left side dresser. I have an organizer with papers and the cat chews on it. I pick up my computer mouse, don’t know why I had it, and tap it on the dresser to get the cat off. Runs to the door. Then the cats are the 2 older Xxxxxxx twins, but one’s a girl. Play with them for a little bit. Then I’m walking down what feels like Main St. There’re a bunch of kids that had just graduated from Kindergarten, black robes with, I think, an orange stoal? Then at a car repair place. Pale yellow. It looks like the back of a Pep Boys with its garages, but that’s the building. Guy closes up shop because the kids are annoying him. Door is also pale yellow, but the bottom third is like a metal mesh and blue. I then drive home, heading south on Main. Xxxxxxx calls me to see if I’m going to make it to the run, academy? “What run is it?” “It’s a cancer run.” I’m eating some gummies or something. I take forever to answer his other questions though for some reason like I’m super tired and am thinking about each question before answering it. Pass a house where I see mom with glasses, and she’s jumping, like there’s a parade going on. Make it to Xxx and Xxxxxxx and there’s traffic. The houses and shops are no longer there, like it was before they were there, just an open lot. Heading W on Xxxxxxx and there’s a lot of traffic. Able to look up ahead and looks like some ambulances and flashing lights. Get closer and at that first street is a pile of junk cars being loaded onto a tow truck. Don’t catch what is going on off the left side, but maybe an accident

    1040. Watching TV. Someone gets hurt on a dam. Then the suicide video plays of goy at Hoover Dam. When guy hits bottom, his head smashes and red and yellow come out. People are then on the dam around him and looks like some people walked down the face that he just slid down. Then I’m home, but the house doesn’t look like ours. Dad’s showing me something to do with telling time at night. “Can you see it if there’s a new moon” (Showing me something and a black light flashlight simulates moon, shape is a snowflake). “No.” “Can you see it with a full moon?” He turns on the black light. “Yes! Man, that’s cool!” I’m looking around the room and the wall closest to use has a witch that moves, I’m thinking about touching it for some reason. The rest of the room is winter themed kind of. Snowflakes are all over and light up when I turn the black light on, which is now like Kyle’s, but only 3” long. Mom and dad then go to bed. I stay in the room and look around. There’s a door on the opposite wall, so go to it. I notice that the floor creaks, so assume there’s a walkout basement like Ernie’s house. Now light and with a friend. Room is his sister’s room. He’s looking around and I look at a wall next to the door. Sister was in track, uniforms are light blue and white. She has this whole section covered with pics with friends from track. There’s one I look at and they’re jumping over hurdles, she’s wearing earmuffs, but doing it gracefully in a funny way. 3 girls in the photo and one is a huge girl, maybe 400lbs. I think, “How can she jump?” Look at another picture and she’s holding the fat girl. I look back and forth at these photos and they stay the same, as well as others in my periphery. I go toward her computer desk which has its own little nook. Papers and stuff are everywhere and can’t walk, so don’t go in. Look at some papers. Get up and turn around and the friend found some boy’s number, he tears it up. Then walk out of the room, which the winter room from before is now different. There’s a kitchen counter and his mom and sister are at it. We get low and try to sneak up the stairs. Stairs creak a little also. Something about a white dog on the stairs with us, or at the top?

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