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    Chucks, house then shaft then plains

    by , 03-13-2011 at 12:02 AM (800 Views)
    3/11-12. 1. Looking at Chucks. Dickies store? Selling for $50 (I'm not exactly sure if this was from tonight, but I remembered it when I went to a store that sold shoes today. Could have been from the night before, or 2 days ago [been horrible lately abut writing dreams down right when I wake up])

    In a house and I’m sitting on the floor, beige. Dad and I then walk around the house, like it’s a tour. It’s Gma V’s house. I’m wearing an SCBA mask for some reason, purge the bypass. There’s quite a bit of remodeling work being done. Lots of art, glasswork, and pictures around and on the being of being clutter, like a mansion. Then there’s stuff that’s broken or stolen. Gma knows who it is. I examine a broken glass piece. Outside and see some windows broken out, 2 story house. Then I’m lying on my stomach and there’s a super deep hole in the ground and other people are stuck on ledges. I’m a little uncomfy on that edge so scoot back a little. Christopher Loyd (Doc from Back to the Future) falls. We start to turn off the lighting for some reason. We get a system of 2x4’s set up and they’re placed in a certain order and they help pull up the people trapped. It’s my job to put the boards in the correct spot (I have had this dream before about the mine shaft, Doc falling in, and the board system). Then Herman Munster (from The Munsters) is helping us out. Then we’re on some plains, looks like Stonefield from Rift, and there’re these pins I have to stick in the ground to keep monsters away. I’m examining the tag and pin because the pin goes into the center of the tag, but looks like it barely stays on and could come off easily. Then the pin and tag have turned into the guy from Inglourious Basterds, the one that says, “How fun!” He’s in a tank and is stiff like an action figure, the tag is his base, like a plastic Army man. He’s kind of yelling at his tank crew about something

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