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    Class, House, Wall-E, rescue mission

    by , 02-16-2011 at 05:47 AM (690 Views)
    2/14-15. 130. Something about a rotating part

    607. At school. In a dark classroom. On the internet. I see someone opening lockers in the hall, dark as well. I try to scare someone. Then the room is huge and mom comes in. Saw me as I flew back to my table (run fast or actually fly, not sure)

    Watching House, but its like the ep is on fastforward. Its part of the intro because you get to see everything first, and the whole ep is them figuring out how the person got sick. Get to see bits of their treatment before seeing them treat the patient

    730. Wall-E meets Star Wars kind of thing. Small raid on something, inside a building/ ship? Im Wall-E sometimes. 2 girls Im with go up a dumbwaiter. I take the stairs and fight a bad guy. Then Im pitching ideas to Peter Griffen and Seth MacFarlane. One is that soda is thrown to the ground (Like the Indian crying commercial) and there should be a sad Indian, but its a red herring(misleading). Other idea is something about recycling. Peter Griffen says, What do you think this is, a syndicate?!

    9. At home. Go down alley to see friend (house front on alley side). Prostitutes at house across alley. Inside friends house. Dad there. I have a younger brother there. Talking to the guy, fireman. Smoke in alley and I ask, Whats that? Soon all gone. Decide to go out. Walk down alley. Kid with us is now a girl with crutches. Were trying to save some prostitute. Sneak and get out of alley, but girl and I are too far ahead. She stops and asks about her mom. We go back and shes not there and a UPS type truck is leaving (Guess shes in there). Watch the truck drive away and go around the corner to our other neighbors

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