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    Lines, game, bad guys, Texas, academy,

    by , 02-16-2011 at 08:25 PM (702 Views)
    Was able to get a lot written down last night

    2/15-16. 1130. Waiting in line for a ride at Universal Studios. I think it was next to The Simpsons ride because I recall some of that rideís look in the background

    On my computer. I notice that my Facebook relationship is different and longer. Still said ďIn a relationship,Ē but there was more after it. I couldnít see all of it so I clicked on it and went to Theresaís page and could see all of it. Then Iím watching a video, webcam look, of Brianna and Theresa playing a racing videogame. They both have steering wheels, but Brianna has control of the gas and steering, and I think Theresa controlled shifting and braking. Then shows the game. Looks similar to 1nsane. They were going around a long, sweeping left turn, but they always had too much speed because they kept crashing into the cliff. All the other players (computer) were doing the same. I think there was water (ocean?) to their left

    6. In the desert at night. Iím driving or walking. Then come across three guys and I detain them because theyíre wanted. One of the guys walks off across the road and continues east. I donít go after him. The other two just sit by my truck. One of the guys is right at my door and his fingers are always at the door jamb and I keep slamming his fingers into the door, but itís like he doesnít even know Iím doing it, doesnít care. Then Iím back to walking, but Iím walking toward my truck, like I left to go to the bathroom, and itís daylight now. Captain Xxxxx calls me and says that Txxx and Uxxx were on their way. He says that Txxx needed $10 and that Uxxx needed change so Txxx had to get more than $10, so Uxxx would have change

    In Austin, TX. Place looks like itís out of a Western kind of, dirt streets and crude concrete/ wood/ brick buildings. Visiting the fire dept. Guys want help improving a part of the road because they always get stuck on it and have to push the rig. Small bump that I thought was it, but ends up being a 3í drop. I suggest taking a skiploader and flattening the drop. The drop is then part of a flatbed trailer that hauls cars. Then say we can get some grinders and cut holes in the metal and then lay pieces of flat metal in those cuts and the drop is still there, but the rig can get through. Then weíre in a diff section of the town. Volunteers are getting into a block formation. For some reason, academy is there and we do the same. Volunteers do this weird hand thing, left arm bent in an L shape, palm up, and the right arm is at a 75ļ angle to the sky. Something about fallen volunteers I think. We then march over some area. There are lots of crosses, graveyard. Tourist kind of signs that say how many die, plains grass fires. Then to another area close by. A bunch of the volunteers wives are on the ground, about to give birth?

    In some place just off a freeway. Desert looking. Messing around on some hills. Then in academy. Run over the mounds, another mound you go up and slide down a rope, only 5í down. Then Xxxxx looking guy says, ďI bet you canít break down that door!Ē Kind of a barn door look. Run up to it, push on it to see where the hinges and stuff are, find them, and take a few steps back and run and break down the door with ease, door seemed floppy anyway. Next we went into a room where we had to help out our cadets I think. Then Iím standing outside and everyone is gone. I have to wait a while for my ride, so decide to go on a run. Thereís an offramp about a mile out, so run to it. At some point, Iím on a light green bike. End up going under the offramp. Thereís some sort of water collection basin dug out, not deep. Check it out, then start to head back

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