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    Lucid in house then train hijack then monkey art!

    by , 02-27-2011 at 04:34 AM (939 Views)
    Took a nap because I was up at 5am (had to be up at 7, but just couldn't get back to sleep)

    I'm going to break this up into respective paragraphs, but it was all one dream, and pretty fun to watch. This is marked as a lucid, but I'd call it semi lucid as I had a slight feeling of being lucid, but had no control. Because of that "feeling" I'll call it a lucid

    LD. 2/26. Nap. 4. 645. In this wooden house, but one of those odd post modern kind of ones that has odd shapes and such. Very dark. Kyle and I are on an elevator, has a shape like the cars on the London Eye (whole house has this similar shape as well). Become semi lucid. Sort of knew I was dreaming, as the scene looked familiar (from another dream?) but had no control. Elevator stops at our floor. Pick up Kyle by his pants and slowly lift him. Kind of a toss? Put him in the air coz I knew heíd stay there. Lose lucidity. We make some food. I make cereal, Frosted Flakes. I put a seasoning sauce on it similar to what sloppy joes use. Then Theresa is there, Kyle gone, so Xxxxís house. Play with Missy a bit and Cindy and Jim come home. Itís still dark. Jim looks at my cereal which has turned into a meaty stew, or something, and the sauce is now ketchup, canít really tell in the dark, and I look at the packet

    Then Jim and Cindy are slender guys dressed in old west clothes. Plotting something. Then we catch a train thatís just pulling out of its garage, becomes bright and sunny. I jump on and point my finger like a gun and tell the guy to hand over the train. They donít, but donít put up any fight. Somehow get into the driver seat (has a seat) and the roof of the train is gone. The train is steered by an odd system. Rings stacked large to small from bottom to top, and have a small plate to grab on the left side of the ring to use the ring. The top 2 rings steer depending on the direction turned. Top ring anti-clockwise was backward and to the left, turn CW was backward to the right. Second ring was the opposite, forward, but canít remember the exact directions. Anyway, use the largest ring on bottom at first, but was so big, you had to move your head to turn it all the way. Backing up the train to a platform. Some older lady talking (wasnít present, just her voice) about her husband who owned the train. Backed the train to a platform and ladyís husband was there. His head was on the steering console I was using or something. He made some funny joke about his wife. Backing the train from the platform, guy was now on the platform, and train derailed, so tried to get it back on the tracks (just went off, no movement)

    Then everything is in a room. A monkey makes art with this stamper sort of thing, like a Bingo blotter/ marker, but thereís an entire design in it. Design is a lady with a monkey and a few balloons. The pattern is almost like the pattern was printed out because of its consistency and the monkey is just revealing the design, like those hot/ cold water toys that change color. The monkey is hanging onto the ladyís boob. For some reason I inspect the picture, come to no conclusion, and keep watching the monkey stamp

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    1. saltyseedog's Avatar
      Yay for being lucid