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    Training, Universal Studios, Rift, British

    by , 03-09-2011 at 06:49 PM (578 Views)
    3/7-8. 12. 8. Going through a covered walkway. Feels like a line to a ride kind of. I look into a piece of glass, itís a window, but thereís nothing inside, and see a reflection of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Edd is talking about something. Then itís a CoD/ Metal of Honor kind of war training. Something about the gun magazine. Then dodging enemy gunfire.

    At Universal Studios. Pass by an old looking part of the park. Sit on a bench. Glee people are there and sing a song (feels like that on vid of the people singing Bad Romance acapella). Then a building falls so I go over to help and dig 2 people out. One is an old man

    Fighting Rift baddies. Then Iím on an iTunes-like site and DL Bad Romance. I think about putting my iPod of shuffle so I can hear it

    835. In some older looking hotel. Hilarious British skits. In an elevator and when it goes up and stops you jump or something like that. I think a guy was scared so thatís why it was funny. Then in a room with an orange color to it. Some guys that look like Fred and George Weasley are showing me questions from a math test they took. They had the most hilarious answers to the questions. Some answers were so vague that they were right, and some were questions they missed because they had been misread, but were hilarious. Woke up actually laughing

    I'm not sure if there was the thumb, but this is pretty much how it looked. Mind you, I was laughing hard at this

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