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    WW2 bad guys

    by , 02-27-2011 at 08:38 PM (726 Views)
    2/26-27. 230. Something from that Ghost Adventurers show? Zack guy (host)

    At my house. Night. Dave there. We have these 2 guys that had broken in or something. Theyíre dressed in war BDUís. Looks WW2-like, but not sure. One was Asian the other white. Dave and I end up separated at some point. Iím fighting the Asian one. I donít have a gun, so just drying to dodge the guyís fire. He uses a single shot, then switches to a Thompson looking gun, but had no wood, and no straight mag, more modern looking, but the main part looked the same. The pile of dirt on the side yard is gone and itís just all flat grass. The pool side doesnít have as much stuff under the tarp. Then I find an M1 Garand. I look in the top and see that thereís a round chambered. I hide around the corner with the bushes concealing where I am. The bushes arenít as dense and can see through them easily. Guy runs past and I shoot him in the chest. He goes down and I start to beat his forehead with the butt of the M1 which isnít flat, but angled and a brass guard on it. Itís not doing much damage, just some scrapes. Then he starts to take something out, a grenade, but doesnít look like one. Before he could pull the pin, I take the butt of the gun to his neck and pretty much chop his head off. Heís still alive until I make the final cut. Flick his head away from his body to be sure. Then go to the garage and find Dave there with his bad guy disemboweled and shredded up and some pieces are hanging from the rafters, which are only 3ft off the ground. Garage is cluttered. I go in and check out some of the pieces. The garage door opens and some older people are there, live at my house (so not my house). Some sort of quick conversation about them being baddies

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