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    Alarmed by Alarms

    by , 10-08-2017 at 11:49 AM (347 Views)
    My alarm is going off. It's incredibly loud and annoying, and my hands are trembling as I try to shut it off. I'm swiping for all I'm worth, and the icons on the screen are sliding left and right, but that sound continues.

    I realize that it's not my phone ringing at all. It's my wife's phone. I grab her phone from her and swipe ... swipe ... swipe! ...

    The sound is piercing and persistent and annoying.

    It goes on for about ten seconds, and I'm thinking about launching the phone at the wall when it dawns on me that this phone isn't ringing either. The ringtone is different.

    I wake myself up, genuinely rising out of sleep, and I open my heavy eyes. Beside the bed, my wife's Kindle alarm is going off.

    I reach over like a man clawing toward safety, grab the Kindle, swipe toward 'dismiss' or whatever it says.

    Finally, It stops.

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