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    Attacked while lost in a parking lot

    by , 08-19-2013 at 05:59 AM (363 Views)
    I went to some sort of festival or marketplace with my parents, but they took their own car and I followed behind them in mine. We traveled down a winding road with lots of flowers and pristine sidewalks and fences, it was very upscale looking. At the end of the road there was a gate set up that was similar to the gates you have to pass to get on army bases, where they wouldn't let us pass until we each bought tickets to the festival/marketplace thing. After we got them, they let us through into a huge parking lot that was packed with probably tens of thousands of cars, and the lot was divided into lots of smaller parking lots placed all around the area of the gate, I think each was numbered so you could remember where you parked. My parents and I parked in separate lots and went into the festival, but I don't remember the actual festival except that it was inside a giant warehouse and had dimly lit blue hallways with vendors selling things like stuffed animals. When we came out I couldn't remember where I parked, but I saw a red car that looked sorta like my Celtius. I walked up to it and realized it wasn't my car at all, and a couple walked up and asked why I was staring at their car, so I felt really embarrassed. Then I noticed a bike rack sticking out of a space further up and assumed it was my car instead, so I smiled and told them I was just walking past to my car up there, but as I got closer I saw it was just a big black SUV that happened to have a bike rack and wasn't my car either! So embarrassing, because I knew the couple was still staring at me as I walked around confused... Instead of continuing to search the whole lot, I asked my parents for help, and I hopped in their car and we drove around the the different lots looking for my car. (I remember playing the song 'To The Hilt' by Die Krupps on their radio and they were all "Ughhh your music sucks." Whatever homes, my music rules.) We drove through the gate to check the outer lots, but when we tried to get back through the gates the guard demanded we buy tickets again. I explained my situation and luckily he let us in and even helped us look, so we all split up to search the whole lot. As I was looking I heard a loud whirring noise, kind of like really low pitched binaural beats, and looked up to see weird undulating black things flying around in the sky that kind of resembled big cargo copters but were super disturbing in the way they wiggled while they moved. I was terrified thinking they were UFOs with grey aliens in them, but kept looking for my car instead of running away. The copters started attacking and a giant face came down from the sky and started killing random people it set its sights on. It looked kinda like the Face of Boe but bigger and completely white and see-through like a ghost. Then it set its sights on me and I was so scared and hid behind a car. When I peeked around the side of the car I saw it floating there on the other side looking for me, so I kept going around the car trying to avoid its gaze as it also went around the car trying to find me. Suddenly it came down on me from on top of the car and I screamed, then I woke up right before it jumped me.

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    Tags: aliens, celtius
    non-lucid , nightmare