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    Babysitting in hell, and the attack on Mordor

    by , 09-27-2013 at 04:59 PM (396 Views)
    (This is from September 25.)

    I was visiting someone's house with my dog, Loki. I think I was helping them with some groceries or something, and it was a very nice brownstone sort of place that you'd see for rent in the better areas of a big city. I entered the place and while I was sitting at the table, a demonic entity appeared. The person I was visiting didn't seem surprised and seemed to know this would happen, she said "Sorry." to me and left the room. The demon looked like a typical classic demon, he had the whole "Greek Pan turned Christian devil" look. He came up to me menacingly and demanded that I give him my dog for sacrifice, to which I said HECK NO (because my dog is awesome cute, I mean just look at her on my DJ page image with her cute lil' sunglasses...) and I offered up myself in place of my dog. He mulled it over for a bit and finally agreed, pointing a finger at me and transporting me to a demonic den. I found myself in some kind of pit, surrounded by human bones and lots of blood splatter. I could hear screams and see fire out in the distance. The demon appeared before me and said the pit I was sitting in was the nursery in hell, where the baby demons were kept, and because I was now his servant I had to constantly keep watch over the little babies. Apparently, I'd been relegated to the position of babysitter. The babies I watched were actually really cute, they were like the little Raphaelite cherubs, except they had bat wings and horns. After a while it got a bit tedious and I knew I couldn't be a babysitter for eternity, so I sneaked out of the pit and entered this portal that took me back to the home I'd been taken from. The person I'd been visiting was there, and she explained she had to offer me and my dog in exchange for her own freedom. But now that I'd gotten free, the demon came back and took her instead.

    There was a war going on, against the forces of Mordor, and I was one of the strategical officers behind the scenes in charge of trained battle animals. We had lots of different animals, all in cages waiting to be let out so they could feast on the bad guys of Mordor. I remember a few griffons, some lions and tigers, and some gargoyles. It was my job to know exactly the right moment to let out certain armies of battle animals to do maximum damage to Mordor. Unfortunately, our army was kind of lazy and was taking its time getting ready. We knew the enemy had a weapon that required a few hours to charge but could wipe out the entire world once it fired, but I was the only one who seemed to realize they were charging it and nobody would hurry or listen to me. Suddenly, as our troops began to mobilize, we heard a big booming voice coming from the Eye of Sauron start to count down from 30. I raced to get everyone moving, but it was too late, and when the countdown hit one, a giant wall of fire engulfed the whole world. But when that happened, I didn't die, I woke up and found myself to be a strategical officer for the forces of Mordor instead of the good guys, and realized I was actually a bad guy who just dreamed I was good. I handled the animals for the Mordor side, but they were weak compared to the animals I'd seen in my dream. I let out a tiger, but then a tiger from the forces of good pounced on top of it, five times bigger than it. Then I let out a griffon that had the ability to levitate things, and I remember messing around and getting the griffon to levitate random pieces of paper, trying to buy the good guys more time. One of the commanders got pissed and I jumped on the griffon and flew away.

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