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    The ballad of Piper and Sabrina, and a casual wedding

    by , 08-23-2013 at 07:48 PM (477 Views)
    The dream didn't have me in it at all, instead it followed a story-line involving Piper from Orange Is The New Black. She was arrested and sent to prison, a different prison than the one in the show, and was worried about how she'd fit in. When she first walked into the cafeteria she met a smiley happy woman who invited her to sit down and pointed out the different prisoners and their names. She pointed to a really tall muscly lady with shoulder-length blonde hair and said that was her girlfriend, and that everyone was always surprised because the muscle lady's voice didn't match her body. The lady stood up and started yelling at some people, but her voice was super soft and high-pitched like she sucked on helium. Piper totally laughed and imagined the lady as if she had a normal voice, and had a thought of her in a suit and tie with a deep voice bossing people around. Out in the yard during recess she wandered around exploring. The yard was huge and fenced in, and had lots of trees and closed off wooded areas and locked doors. She found an opening through one of the closed off areas and walked past it, which led to a confusing labyrinth of trees, rocks, and barbed wire fence. She took a wrong turn trying to get back to the main yard from the maze and wound up in a small clearing that was surrounded by trees on all sides except the north side was against a tall wooden fence with a door on it. She walked up to the door and looked through the cracks and was shocked when she saw it led right back to the main yard. However, she couldn't get through it because it was locked, so instead she had to go all the way through the maze back to the other side. But she resolved that, because that clearing was hidden and unknown, she would make that her private reading space. Back in the cafeteria she met another girl whose name began with an S, I think it was Sabrina or something like that, and she was very tan and had long bouncy black hair and lots of black eyeliner on. Sabrina kept flirting with her, and then Piper wound up having a crush on Sabrina. Everyone in the cafeteria was giggling about it and making childish jokes. The next time they were in the yard, Piper took Sabrina, who was carrying a china tea set, through the maze to show her the secret clearing she'd found. When they got there, they sat down and had tea. One of the tea cups had a stick of red dynamite in it that didn't work, but Sabrina carried it around for good luck. Suddenly, the guards started taking a roll call and Piper could hear them through the door on the fence, and they both freaked out because they were in a closed off forbidden area. Piper hoped that she could just say "Here!" when the guards called her name and they wouldn't actually look to see where she was. So the guards called for Piper, she replied, and one of the guards, a mustached guy with sunglasses, sighed and walked right up to the locked door Piper and Sabrina were behind. He asked what they were doing back there and Piper made up an excuse and said they'd gotten lost and the door was all they could find. He seemed to buy it, because he went to find the keys, came back, and let them out and sent them back inside with the others. As the two girls walked through the main yard, the prisoners saw their tea set and they saw the dynamite stick and thought it was a vibrator, so they all got the wrong idea and started spreading rumors about Piper and Sabrina's secret "sex area". Back in the cafeteria, in order to gain the prisoners' respect back, Piper aimed to show them she was good at baseball and would make a good addition to the prison baseball team. She found a big yellow bat, and kept picking up small pocket-sized rainbows with My Little Ponies on them, threw them in the air, and tried to hit them across the room with her bat. She missed, but blamed it on the fact she was throwing the rainbows herself. A random lady came over and took the rainbows and pitched them to Piper, and she hit every single one of them. Everyone was impressed. Weirdly enough, when the pony rainbows were hit and landed on a wall, they would transform into a big wall mural of whatever pony was on that particular rainbow, so the walls were covered in My Little Ponies. News came from the guards that Piper was to be transferred to a different prison, and everyone laughed when they found out the name of the prison. When she asked why, Sabrina said that was the prison where the rich people went, and the prisoners started making jokes about how difficult life in prison for them must be when they can get daily massages and spa treatments. Piper was pretty excited at that, and they transferred her out. On her first day at the new prison, she walked into the cafeteria expecting a bunch of girly girls she could discuss beauty treatments with. But the moment she said hello, everyone in the room started throwing food and trays at her, and she realized the people here were meaner and more "prisoner-y" than they were at the last prison. She sat down next to an older Asian woman with spiky short black hair who wore too much lipstick and blue eye shadow, and the woman just rolled her eyes at her and said it was a difficult place to be.

    Cory and I were getting married, and somehow my old friends from middle school caught wind of it, probably from Facebook. I was super worried about them coming because I thought they'd laugh at me since I wasn't the same person I used to be back then and I didn't want them to hate me. So I decided I'd pretend to be like an older version of my grade school self while they were there. I remember talking to each of them on the phone. Before they came over, I tried to calm myself by playing video games. The one I remember in particular was this Dragonball Z RPG/fighting game that I played often as a kid so it was nostalgic (in the dream, it wasn't an actual game that existed in real life) and when my old friends came over, some of them actually wanted to play with me. Sarah was really good at it and we played the game together for a while. Then the time came for the wedding, but Cory and I weren't wearing regular wedding clothes, we were both just wearing t-shirts and jeans. The place where the wedding was being held looked suspiciously like the clearing from the Piper dream I'd just had, and I started thinking "Wait a minute, this looks familiar..." but before I could connect the dots to realize I was dreaming and become lucid, I woke up.

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