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    A bear hug, worms, and a detailed dream I can't really describe

    by , 10-11-2013 at 12:26 PM (494 Views)
    I had sleep paralysis that led to a lucid dream. As I entered paralysis, an image in my mind began to take shape of an angry giant man with black cornrow hair sitting on a throne. When I landed in the dream, I was in his throne room, and he stood up and started walking towards me menacingly, and I knew he was going to try to kill me. The dream was very unstable, but I was more concerned about the scary dude than about increasing my lucidity, so I said out loud "This man is my uncle, and he's coming over to give me a hug!" and I held out my arms. His demeanor instantly changed, and he was smiling. He ran over and grabbed me in a big bear hug, and then the dream faded and I woke up.

    I went to the local indoor pool club to go swimming. When I entered the building, the pool was surrounded on all sides by red plush seats on balconies, like some kind of fancy concert hall. One of the other swimmers pointed up towards Grace balcony (each balcony was named after a girl's name) and told me that Misha Collins and Adam West were sitting up there chatting. I got all excited and went up to see them, and sat down all nonchalantly next to Misha (he sat on my left, and Adam sat on his left), but I noticed Adam West was actually the cartoon character from Family Guy and was babbling about his crazy stuff. My dog came over and laid down on the chair to my right, looking all depressed, so I gave her a hug. As I hugged her, I looked over at the actors all embarrassed-like and said hello. Misha smiled and said hello back, and then said he was going to shoot himself out of a canon above us into the pool, and he wanted me to take a photo with my phone. He put on a weird white helmet that covered his eyes and got in the canon, and then flew out into the pool from super high up, but I was unable to get a photo because he moved too fast. Then I remember feeling annoyed because I was paying 30 bucks a month to use this pool and all its facilities, and they never told me that they had a pool canon to use. Before Misha could return, a voice on the intercom said "General Mills! General Mills!" and I knew they were calling for me and a few other people in the pool area, because we were carrying boxes of General Mills brand cereal. So I headed up a hallway out of the Grace balcony and as I was walking, a random girl started to walk next to me, and we were both carrying backpacks and the hall was now in a school and surrounded by lockers. I looked down at the ground and saw a virtual pet key-chain laying there. I picked it up, and the girl suggested I keep it for myself, but I knew it wasn't mine and that would be wrong, so I told her I was going to take it to the lost and found office and we went our separate ways. On the way there, I saw another virtual pet key-chain laying on a bench, the exact same model, but before I could pick it up, a girl in gym clothes with a towel over her shoulders walked by and picked it up. So I went to the lost and found office, and there was a glass window with a little drop box, and a bored woman with curly brown hair in a police uniform reading the paper. I couldn't put the key-chain in the drop box because someone had stuffed it with shoes, so I opened the door to where the woman was and handed her the key-chain, which was now no longer a virtual pet but a plastic figurine of a grey cat. The woman looked surprised and said "You found my key-chain! My daughter lost it, I thought I'd never see it again!", and with that I left the office and walked towards the front of the school. At the front of the school were 32 registers and sliding glass doors, like the front of a big department store. I noticed I was now a four-legged animal, and everyone in line at the registers were also animals, but I could only move two legs at a time so I walked very awkwardly. In front of the sliding doors was a display with General Mills cereals hanging from it. As I made my way from register one to register 32, I kept tripping over books that were laying all over the floors in front of the registers, which caused the books to go flying. The cashiers would cheer when a book landed near their register because the cashier with the most books near their line at the end of the day got some pills that made you a genius. I remember one of the books I tripped over was red and pink, and called "The Book of Lists of Books that Say They Are True, But Are Actually False". As I passed one of the registers, I heard a guy calling at me, a friend of mine but who was now a llama, and he said "Hey! Check it out, I've got a turtle now!". Sure enough, he had a wicker basket on his back with a turtle peeking out of it. I marveled at it because I remember he used to have something else in the basket.

    I was in a house, I think it was my old home in Arab, and there were leaks in the ceiling that were dripping down onto the carpet making it all squishy. I also saw bits of soil and lots of thin long white worms. I was kind of afraid of the worms because they looked strange to me. There was also a structure made out of pine wood set up in the room, it looked like a pool table that was unfinished or something. There isn't much I remember about this dream except snippets, but I remember going into my room where I had a big wooden clubhouse set up, and then going into the clubhouse and locking it, and laying on the little bed in there and crying. The worms were also on the floor there, too. Someone was banging on the door to my clubhouse while I was crying, trying to get in. I also remember a weird alien bobble-head toy that felt very soft and warm when I touched it, like it was alive.

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