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    The body part peddler, paralysis aliens, and the gnashing of teeth

    by , 01-02-2014 at 04:59 PM (579 Views)
    (I haven't actually updated this journal for a few months, mainly because I fell back into my old ways of writing in a paper journal even though I promised myself I would stick to online journaling due to the tag and search features that I love. So here's my new year's resolution, to put down my notebook and use the internet I'm going to upload a few memorable dreams and my lucid dreams in the next few entries, just to have a bridge between the last few months and now. They won't be in any particular order since I didn't date them, I'll just label those entries as (undated older dreams #).)

    (undated older dreams 1)

    I was at a store with mom, and we found an area with lots of glass trinket cases that had neat items in them. The whole area was very pink and girly but I really liked the items there. There was a case with anime trinkets in it, mostly Hello Kitty and Pokemon, and a bunch of Team Rocket figures caught my eye. One of them I remember vividly was a figure of Jesse but she had the hair of Nurse Joy, and I thought it must be some kind of error and might be worth a lot of money, but then I saw this awesome as hell cat figure I just had to have. I picked it up and turned around to show it to mom, but she was nowhere to be found, so I put the figure down and debated whether or not I should stay there looking at figures waiting for her or if I should just leave to go find her. Eventually I decide to leave because there's this awkward tension between me and the salesperson and I got the feeling he thought I was trying to steal something since I was just loitering around. Eventually I ran into mom, and she told me to go get the cat thing, but on the way back to the case I passed by a giant RV sitting right in the middle of the store and get sidetracked by it. Going inside the RV, I noticed there were lots of small blinking red lights all over the floor, and whenever I picked one up it would make rude comments at me. There was a strange sound coming from the bathtub, but before I could check it out mom and grandma showed up at the door all freaked out and told me to drop the lights and leave the RV quickly. There was this feeling of absolute terror and I ran back out into the store, and froze when I saw this man sitting in an aisle with a blanket laid out in front of him. He had a human head in his hands and was cutting it up and laying it out piece by piece on the blanket and labeling the pieces with prices. He had parts like the eyelids and lips and bits of brain laid out and they were all blackish green with decay. As soon as I saw it I woke up feeling like I was going to vomit.

    A lucid dream where I was sitting at a computer, and when I looked at my hands I noticed they looked strange and became lucid. As soon as lucidity hit, the whole dream froze like a paused DVD and I was unable to move. It faded until everything dissipated and I was floating alone in pitch black nothingness, so I willed myself to float upwards in an attempt to find something, but then my head started tingling like it does when I go into sleep paralysis, and I stop going upwards and start involuntarily spinning around in circles.

    Not sure if this is related to the last one, but at some point I was laying in bed and stuck in sleep paralysis, and when I opened my eyes I saw a grey alien standing at the foot of my bed out of the corner of my eye. Instead of looking at it, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it and push myself into a lucid dream, but then I heard this horrible noise coming less than an inch away from my right ear. It sounded like someone pigging out on food making an OM NOM NOM sound with their teeth, but it had this unnerving evil quality to it that kinda freaked me out. As soon as it stopped I had this small dream where I saw a clear blue sky, but then it darkened to night and a red moon appeared, and a shadow of some kind of monster flew across it.

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