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    Brain surgery with Yosemite Sam, a Christmas gathering, and a sewing gathering

    by , 09-24-2013 at 07:37 PM (431 Views)
    (This is from September 23rd, yesterday.)

    There was some kind of gathering for a Christmas pageant. It was in the middle of the desert and surrounded by a chain link fence, so I climbed the fence and jumped over to join in the Christmas festivities. There was a stage with a bunch of people practicing a nativity play, and they were singing Christmas carols. I wanted to be in the play to play one of the angels, but then I heard the director say that the play would involve a daily commitment, and I knew I couldn't come every day since I technically didn't even belong here. I walked among the crowd of people around the stage, the actors singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and I sung along with them as did most of the crowd. After a while I remembered that I had a huge collection of reindeer hats and I wondered if I could sell them there, so I put one on my head. But as I was adjusting it, someone on a megaphone said they were going to have a contest where you had to tackle the guy in the antlers to win a prize. I immediately took off my reindeer hat because I didn't want to be mistaken for the guy they were supposed to tackle. A person came up to me and said they were having problems finding parking spaces for all the cars coming to the pageant, and he asked if I could help out by putting down markers showing each parking spot. I climbed back over the fence and started putting down markers, and every time I put down a marker, a car would appear out of nowhere and park there immediately.

    I was in this camp, it was sort of like a colony, there were booths set up all along the bare dirt ground and festive-looking gypsy caravans around. All the people in the colony were seamstresses and tailor, and they all had different "animal attributes". Like there were people who were cat-people, who had cat ears and a tail and claws, and there were rabbit-people who had the fluffy bunny tail and bunny ears, etc. I was a cat-person and a novice seamstress. There was a celebration going on, and we pulled out a giant dragon pinata the size of a car, and everyone hit it with sticks until it exploded. But instead of candy, little miniature versions of clothes spilled out. They were like doll clothes, but we used mini clothes as sort of patterns to make actual clothes, so they were very valuable. Everyone got down and collected some loot, I remember picking up a mini plaid shirt and a weird pair of pants that had one leg a long jeans leg, and one leg a short-shorts leg. I thought it was very odd so I showed it to people saying "Look at these weird pants I found!" but none of them seemed interested. As I was scouring the ground, I saw a piece of paper that had about ten pairs of mini-pants glued to it, and I knew that wasn't part of the loot, it was a part of someone's portfolio. So I picked it up and I went over to a friend of mine, who was a rabbit-person with shoulder-length dark hair and glasses, and asked her if she knew who it belonged to. She took it and looked at it, and said it belonged to another person whose name was Kat, and was a cat-person like me who had grey cat ears and grey hair, and looked very anorexic. She gave me the paper back and I took it over to Kat. However, when I gave it to her, we both noticed it wasn't the same pants I'd found on the ground, it was a paper with a couple dresses on it! We realized my rabbit-friend had stolen her pants designs and switched them with some old dress designs. Kat was super pissed off but didn't want to confront her, so she stormed over to my friend's caravan tent, which was bigger than everyone else's and looked more like a two story house. She said she was going to climb up the side and through the window to see if her designs were in there, proving my friend stole them. I didn't want any fights to break out, so I whined and begged her not to break into the tent and said we could all work this out civilly. Kat would not listen and climbed up the side. I ran over to my rabbit-friend and told her Kat was going into her home to find the designs, but she didn't seem to care. I urgently told her she could easily run into her home from the front and beat Kat into the house, but she seemed to want Kat to find the designs. I think they had some kind of beef with each other and were just looking for a reason to fight.

    A dream involving Bill Nye but I can't remember what it was about. I think he was yelling at me about something.

    Yosemite Sam said he could stop my seizures by operating on my brain, and for some reason I thought that was a great idea so I got onto the operating table. He gave me anesthesia but not enough to knock me out completely, so I was still conscious and talking while he cut my head open I just couldn't feel anything. I heard the sounds of drilling and the vibrations, and then I saw him pull out a piece of my brain, it was like a little sphere of brain matter and reminded me of the Brain Surgeon from Dexter. He even put it in a little jar just like it. But I was really happy thinking I would never have seizures again, and then he sewed my skullcap back on and told me not to move my head around too quickly or the stitches would fall out.

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