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    Candy stores, and a cicada in my pocket

    by , 09-05-2013 at 01:26 AM (395 Views)
    (This is from August 31.)

    I was running through the mall, chasing after someone. I passed a big candy store, and ran through the food court. At the end of the food court was a second, smaller candy store and I went inside. Amy was there working behind the counter, and another friend I can't remember was also there buying candy. She was buying lots of chocolate, so I bought some peanut butter cups and then we both shared our candy with each other.

    Something was wiggling around in my jeans pocket and I realized it was a big scary cicada. I ran around screaming but everyone else was also too afraid to get the cicada out of my pocket for me, so I ran into the bedroom closet to take off the pants. I thought if I held the pocket shut while I took them off and then ran out and shut the closet door quickly, the cicada wouldn't fly at me. So I ran into the bedroom but it was raining in there, so I grabbed a stuffed teddy bear and put it on my head to keep from getting rained on, and luckily it wasn't raining inside the closet. I took off the pants and ran out the closet and then out of my apartment, but I'd forgotten to close the closet door so I knew the cicada was waiting in there for me. Then this weird creeper guy walked up to my apartment door and stared at me funny, and I realized I was naked from the waist down which was obviously uncomfortable so I ran away. Apparently we were all about to go on vacation because I had stuff packed in boxes elsewhere, so I ran to the boxes to find pants. The boxes were in some kind of airport or bus station that I was running through, and I remember running past lots of benches and a huge cat scratching post that was shaped like a pirate ship. When I was putting new pants on, I noticed two big ticks on my leg, so I grabbed them and threw them in the car thinking that the heat in the car would kill them for me. Jenny was upset and demanded I go back into the apartment to get some toys she forgot to pack. So I went back, but I remember going inside and seeing the cicada on the wall and then running back out scared.

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    Tags: bugs, candy, friends, jenny