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    Columns of deep water, and a chamber in a dolphin-filled lake

    by , 06-22-2015 at 04:34 AM (440 Views)
    There was a huge circular aquarium with a giant monster fish in it, it looked kind of like a Coelacanth, but it had creepy Piranha eyes and mouth and was about the size of a school bus. On the wall next to the aquarium was a giant skeleton of the same fish. I desperately wanted to go examine the skeleton but I was so afraid of the live fish, he kept swimming at me and snapping, I thought he'd break through the glass. So instead I just admired the damn thing from afar. At one point, I joined up with a tourist group who were being led around the rest of the aquarium by a dude who looked like he didn't even want to be there. We went down some stairs, and I found myself in this amazing room underwater with a big window opened up to the bottom of the ocean. The water reflected off the floors and walls and the whole room was just bathed in this wild blue waving pattern. The guy said we were actually at the very bottom of the ocean and that we were a few miles underwater. Which kind of terrified me, since deep water has always creeped me out. Then I noticed that there was no window glass, the water was just suspended there, like maybe there was some kind of invisible force field holding it back. I took my hand and reached out into the water, and was shocked that it actually went in. But instead of crushing my hand, like I thought a few miles of deep water would do, it was super light. I moved my hand through it and it was like moving it through air, only I could see the water moving. It was a total trip. Later the guy wound up having some personal problem and herded all the tourist group into a room while he took care of whatever business he had. We all sat in there bored and impatient, and I felt very put-out by it.

    For some reason, I was given moderator status over an art group because the founder didn't have the time to deal with it anymore. As soon as I was given the reins, this guy submits three pieces of "art" explaining why I suck as the new moderator. They were really insane reasons, too. The main ones were because I didn't add a Sonic category under the video game art, and because I never invited these two specific artists to join the group. I tried to be polite to him and told him that if he wanted a Sonic category, all he had to do was request it, and that I wasn't going to pester people about joining because membership was free to everyone anyway. He got all butthurt about it and started screaming at everyone.

    I was hiding behind some boulders because I was naked. I have no idea why I was naked, what the heck. But I was super friggin hungry and saw a bunch of people eating pizza, but I couldn't join them because I had no clothes. On the ground was this teeny little shirt, but when I put it on, it didn't cover up anything so there in the rocks I stayed. This woman with long, sandy hair noticed me and invited me over to her hotel room to help me out. We ate pizza and she gave me a bed for the night, and I guess she gave me clothes because I suddenly had clothes again? The next day we wound up with cutesy little crushes on each other and she left for work and I went on my way. I tried calling her later but she was avoiding me. Apparently someone told her a lie about something horrible I did, and I just had to find her and clear my good name, so I went up to her work but she refused to come out and talk to me.

    I was in a huge estate, looking out the window over a big lake. As I watched, I noticed a big black shadow under the water swimming away from the estate so I kept my eyes on it. A little ways in, it poked up its head and I saw it was a dolphin. There was a whole school of them. Then I remembered Cory's sister had a canoe so I decided to get it and go out there on the lake to check out the dolphins, and the canoe had a motor on it apparently. Me and someone else took the canoe out along the edge of the lake that was up against the estate to where the dolphins were, and as we headed out there, I felt like the canoe was slowly sinking but I wasn't too sure so I kept my mouth shut about it. It turned out it was sinking, and it started going under as soon as we got out to swim around with the dolphins, but then we realized the lake was super shallow, like shallow enough to stand in. So we left the lake, hauling the canoe to shore. Later on I walked out there by myself, still along the edge of the water by the estate, and I was really careful as I stepped because I was afraid the water would drop off into deeper spots. Then I saw a big railroad crossing stick and was afraid to go past that, but I didn't have to because the dolphins were right there, so I stood among them and it was just the coolest thing ever. There was only one big one, so I guess it was the mother, and a bunch of little ones, and I grabbed onto the fin of the mother and she swam me out further into the lake where I discovered a secret chamber. It was a bit weird to get in, you had to duck under some shallow water and then come up on the other side. But the chamber itself was creepy, it had mossy stairs and a few sarcophagi, but... it also had a mini-fridge, so I filled it with neat orange soda imported from Germany that said on the cans that it would get chilled in the fridge in under six minutes. Which I thought was bullshit, by the way. It said it in German, like 'Unter sechs minuten!' or something, whatever. My dog Loki figured out my new hiding spot pretty quickly and would come down there with me. But later I discovered there was a scary something down there in the depths of the chamber, but I can't remember what it was, just that it was terrifying. To keep the scary something away, you had to avoid specific areas of the chamber, and I forgot and at one point I was running out of the chamber in terror.

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