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    Demons at the festival, my fall, and my subsequent ascension

    by , 08-24-2013 at 04:18 PM (513 Views)
    I had just gotten a new wallet. It was black and white on the outside, but the inside was lined with this silvery fabric that had glitter and holographic rainbow colors all over it. When you opened it up, it unfolded into a big suitcase that could hold notebooks and pencils and such, it was like the TARDIS of wallets. I knew I had classes soon, but I really wanted to get my wallet ready so I could bring it with me, so I sat down and started putting all my schoolbooks and pens and such in it, I remember having some pens with glitter all over them and putting them in because they matched so well. Eventually, I glanced over at the clock and saw I was late for class, so I rushed to school and entered the room with my sparkly new wallet. The classroom was huge, it looked like a plane hangar and had desks set up in rows like normal, however there were hundreds of desks. It was a huge class. The teacher was talking about some kind of math, and I wasn't paying attention because I was organizing my wallet. Then I got my old wallet out and started putting that stuff in my new one as well. The guy next to me whispered and said that somebody was trying to steal my old wallet, so I looked over and sure enough there was another guy reaching for it. I pulled it away and gave him an evil glare. Then the teacher announced we were going on a field trip, but didn't say where, so we all piled onto a big bus and started heading out of Huntsville and down through Arab. The bus didn't have windows, instead it had a long thin open space like those horse trailers have. After a few hours I started to get worried wondering why the trip was taking so long, but suddenly we drove down a dirt road and were at a renaissance festival. The driver said this isn't where we were supposed to be and that we were lost, but he didn't want to ask directions, so he drove around the festival. So we all sat in the bus and admired all the jewelry and things the vendors had for sale as we slowly drove past them. I remember thinking the vendors shouldn't have their booths so close to the dirt road because it would be easy for me to reach out and grab their wares as we drove by. Soon the bus got stuck in the mud and we had to get out, and I was all excited because I loved renaissance festivals. All the other students followed me around because I was the only one who'd ever been to one, so I started showing them around. We walked past vendors and I pointed to the parking lot on the right side, and I pointed to a huge open field on my left side where a bunch of ladies dressed up in renaissance costumes were running around a Maypole doing the ribbon dance.

    (Note: I don't know if this was a separate dream or the same one since it takes place at the same renaissance festival, but it feels like it was separate somehow so I'm starting a new paragraph here.)
    I was walking around the festival and the ground was getting kind of muddy because it had started to rain. Then a woman who looked like the goddess Cosmos walked past me and around the corner, and I knew she was actually the real Cosmos so I ran after her. However I didn't see her around the corner. Suddenly I heard people screaming so I looked up and saw these demonic monsters flying around and swooping down to kill people, however some of the demons were grabbing people and taking them away. I freaked out, as did everyone else, and started running towards the open field where the Maypole was, but then I fell so I pretended to be dead so they wouldn't take me. I remember feeling gross laying there on the muddy ground and I could feel bugs crawling around me, but I was too terrified to move. I lay there for a while and eventually the demons had taken everyone and had begun going around to the dead bodies and eating them. I knew this was it for me, so I thought of a really bad plan. I decided to get up and go convince the demon leader I was on her side. So I channeled an evil psychopath to help influence me to say the right things, in this case the psychopath was my friend Karr, so the demon leader would think I was sufficiently evil. I went before her, I think her name was Morgana or something with an M, and spoke to her. One of her henchmen, an incubus whose name I don't remember, took a liking to me and vouched for me, and then he bit my lip and licked the blood as some kind of weird blood pact. Morgana sent me back into the festival field to gather up any leftover humans and bring them back to her, where she put them in one of two dungeons that were attached to the fake wooden festival castles. I knew the demons would eat them, but I was being selfish and looking out for myself so I led all the stragglers to the prisons. I felt worse and worse for what I had done, so I decided to defy the demons and break the humans free, even if it meant I'd die. Then Cosmos appeared and we organized a prison break, she would lead out one prison and I would lead out the other. The next thing you know, Cosmos and I were running for the festival gates with about a hundred freed people following us. Morgana was furious, and started to flood the field. The field itself was in a sort of basin so we knew if we didn't get to the top of the basin where the parking lot was, we would all drown. We escaped the field just as it started to flood too high, but the incubus who vouched for me was throwing fireballs at us. Past the parking lot, I saw two trees and I knew if I reached those trees we would be safe for some reason. We got to the trees and ran between them, and then we stopped running. The trees were no longer trees, they were two white marble columns, and we were in this beautiful marble palace. Ahead of us, it was open to the outside, and overlooked a landscape of clouds that were beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples, like the sky at sunset, and there were other palaces and things in the distance. Everything was bathed in this nice soft sunlight, but it wasn't harsh and sunny like a bright day, it was just right. I knew it was heaven. Cosmos was gone and there were only about ten people behind me now, but that seemed normal. I was different now, I was hovering a few feet off the ground and wearing a long white robe, and I had white angel wings. The others looked the same as before though, and as I floated through the halls they followed behind me. One asked if I was an angel, and I smiled and nodded. This great awesome feeling of peaceful calm washed over me, as well as this joyous high, and I spun around as I floated along and sung songs. The song I sung was an Enya song, I think it was either Marble Halls or On My Way Home, or a mix of the two. I just remember being so happy and thinking I was home. Then we all stopped as Jesus Himself walked through the hall towards us to greet us. I was so ecstatic I could barely contain myself, and I flew right at Him and jumped in His arms for hugs, and He was happy to have me back as one of His angels again, and I was assured the other humans were also safe.

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