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    Dream fragments, and giant snowflakes

    by , 06-22-2015 at 07:17 PM (361 Views)
    (Was up all night EBaying and it kinda threw me off my sleep schedule... I don't remember too much of my dreams today.)

    There was a boatload of snow on the ground and for some reason I needed to drive somewhere. Someone asked if I've ever driven through snow before and I lied and said I had. I could see the snow falling when I looked out the window, but the snowflakes were huge, like maybe a foot in diameter. They were really pretty.

    Some dream where I was in a classroom and we were paired up with partners.

    There was a guy that looked like RuPaul giving a presentation about a new Madison campus. A few other students and I were sitting on some chairs in a row to listen, but it turned out to be a presentation on a different college in Madison, so most of the students tried to leave. The guy got super mad and forced everyone to sit through the whole presentation. For some reason I didn't give a fuck and wanted to stay anyway.

    Something about a chicken? Like a raw chicken that I needed to cook. Then Seru opened the door suddenly and was looking at me funny. Something freaked me out about the chicken, I don't remember what.

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