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    Fishing with the mermaids

    by , 09-06-2013 at 12:47 AM (480 Views)
    The earth was being attacked by aliens in flying saucers, and I was in a big open grassy area in a park. To the right of me was a bridge going over a small brook. There were people running around and screaming, and a flying saucer was passing over us and shooting people down. I fell to the ground and pretended to be dead, and some others did as well. After a while, the area was littered with dead corpses and a few people here and there pretended to be dead. Soon the saucer came back by and started to taunt us, a voice on some kind of megaphone attached to it made fun of us for pretending to be dead, saying that they could still see us, and they began to laugh and shoot lasers at the faking people. I was scared and jumped into the brook, and hoped I could hold my breath until the aliens left, but when I resurfaced, the aliens were gone but the entire park had been flooded over by the brook and there was no land anywhere to be found. I hopped onto a floating piece of plywood board and rode it with the current, only to find a concrete platform and a fort jutting out of the water. When I landed on the platform, some dirty people in tattered clothes greeted me, and they told me the whole planet was covered in one giant ocean and tribes only existed on small platforms placed in random areas. They accepted me into their tribe because they liked my plywood board. Apparently, my tribe had some kind of alliance with a group of mermaids that lived nearby, because the mermaids would help us with fishing and defense. At one point, I was far out from the tribe, floating on the board and fishing, and a merman I had become friends with was fishing with me. Suddenly I caught something big and a giant shadow pulled my fishing pole under. When it surfaced I saw it was a blue whale, and the whale swam away in pain at the hook in its mouth. The merman felt bad for the whale and went after it to retrieve the hook, and I went back to the tribe. Then a huge Lovecraftian bug-monster rose out of the water and started to attack us. It grabbed me and picked me up, about to squeeze the life out of me, when a harpoon burst out of his chest and he fell into the water dead. I saw that the merman had arrived and stabbed the monster with it just in the nick of time, and we were all grateful to him.

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    1. skiesAffinity's Avatar
      This is one cool dream. Ocean fears the spirit out of me when i dream of them. Were you able to control your dream?