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    A flooded car, dolls, and a dinobot prison break

    by , 10-09-2013 at 05:39 AM (474 Views)
    It had just finished storming outside, and Cory and I took the car to go pick up some supplies. The whole area was flooded in front of our driveway, which was stretched out about two or three acres over our front yard. He couldn't get to the road from the driveway, so I told him to back up into the yard and just drive to the road from the grass. He was being kind of reckless and wasn't really watching where he was going, and I told him to back up slowly so he doesn't fall into any deep puddles. As soon as I said that, he backed right up into a huge puddle, and the back of the car sank immediately into it. The water flooded into the car and came up to my waist, ruining my phone that I had sitting next to me. Instead of freaking out, we were just really calm about it, and he was able to drive the car forward out of the puddle. I was pissed that he didn't pay attention and made him get in the passenger seat so I could drive instead. I remember just sitting there in the driver's seat wondering how I could get my phone working again, and I thought about putting it in a bag filled with silica packets.

    I received a new BJD in the mail and was super excited about it. It wasn't one of the 60cm ones like my Delf, but one of the ones about the size of Barbie dolls... I can't remember what they're called at the moment. It was a female doll with blue skin, but some of the darker blues painted on her face weren't blended properly and it looked odd, but I really liked her anyway. I wondered what she would wear since the only clothes I had were for Ian, and they were 60cm clothes, so I went online and someone told me that my specific model could fit into Monster High / Bratz outfits, so I got all giddy and bought her some cute outfits at Toys R Us. Her skull cap was kind of weird, too. The front part had to be tucked in under itself or it didn't fit properly, and it kept slipping off to one side so I had to keep readjusting her head. Basically, it was a dream where I did nothing but geek out over a doll.

    I was stuck in prison for something I didn't do, and I was assigned to stamp license plates with a few other prisoners. The plate-making procedure was kind of odd; we would hammer out lettering, dip the letters in black paint, and then hang them on a clothesline in front of our cells to dry. After they dried, we would attach them to the actual plates. One of the other prisoners told me they were planning to escape by making a license plate with fake numbers, attaching it to one of the prison's unmarked cars, and then driving out with it. She said since they wouldn't be able to run the license plate, they wouldn't know the car was stolen. I agreed to join them, and we put the fake plate on and drove away, but one of our cellmates snitched on us and soon we had dozens of police cars after us. The girl I had escaped with told me she knew a magic spell that would shield us from the sight of the police, so we got out of the car and stood on top of it, and she cast the spell. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and turned us both into Dinobots from the Transformers, except we couldn't move. I was the T-Rex and she was some sort of dino-bird. We stood there on the car top, with policemen surrounding us but too afraid to come near us. Suddenly, my mom popped in out of nowhere, snapped her fingers, and we were all in a big cozy den that was surrounded by bookshelves and had a fireplace going. Mom told me that I could transform myself and the girl back to human, because she was secretly a witch meaning that I also had witch-y powers in my blood. I remember being shocked, because I always took her for being Catholic, but I concentrated really hard and both of us morphed back to human form.

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