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    Karr destroys my car, and a storm monster destroys an old lady

    by , 10-02-2013 at 06:56 PM (474 Views)
    I was volunteering as a helper for this elderly couple, and I was wearing a business suit. The business suit seemed very important to the dream somehow, because it's the most vivid thing I remember. While her husband was in the garage doing something with his car, the old woman needed help getting into the shower because she couldn't stand so I had to guide her wheelchair over to the tub and help her onto the bath seat. I stood outside the door waiting for her to finish when suddenly there was this strange whoosh noise coming from the garage, so I left her by herself to see if the man was okay. When I opened the door to the garage, the man was gone, and the entire area was filled with this blue electricity that swirled through the air like a rip in the fabric of time or something. I knew it was some kind of supernatural storm, but I didn't know how it had gotten into the garage of an old couple. The wind moved unnaturally fast, like a mini tornado in the garage, and I was hit by some debris and injured so I ran back inside to the bathroom to wash off the blood. I told the woman what was happening in the garage, and she jumped out of the shower with new-found strength and into the garage, calling after her husband. I stood at the doorway but didn't go back in there, and something inhuman that was only visible as a shadow picked her up and threw her against the ground. At that point, I silently backed up and locked the garage door, turned off the lights, and then locked myself in the bathroom hoping that whatever was out there would think that nobody else was home. I climbed into the shower and washed off the blood, not even bothering to take off my business suit, and then sat in the tub and waited.

    A dream I don't remember much about except for a scene where I was going jogging through the woods, and I looked down and realized I'd left my pedometer at home. I was very conflicted, because I wanted to go back for it but I'd already traveled too far into the woods.

    During a big outdoor festival at night, I left the crowd to go up to my car where I parked it on top of a hill. There was a smaller party happening in the parking lot, but I just went up there to get something from my car. As I neared the car, I saw that a girl was leaning against the side of it and crying. She had blonde hair up in a ponytail and was sort of chubby. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that nobody wanted to hang out with her because she was fat, so I felt a little bad for her and told her I'd hang out with her at the party. That made her really happy, so I got whatever I needed out of my car and we were going to head back down the hill. I remember looking out over the festival from above and seeing the big yellow and orange striped tent draped over it, and all the fireworks going off above it, and thinking how pretty it was. A group of guys stood around drinking near my car, so I asked if they'd keep an eye on it for me because I was afraid of it rolling down the hill. One of the guys was Karr, which should have been my clue not to leave it in the care of them, but dream-me seemed oblivious. The girl and I went down to the party, and after a few hours I decided to go home so I headed back up to the parking lot. When I got there, everyone and all the cars were gone, save for Karr who was standing next to a pile of dirt and grass. I got worried and asked where my car was, and Karr just shrugged and said "Sorry, I tried to fix it." and pointed to the dirt pile. I ran over and wiped all the dirt away because my car was buried underneath it, and after I got it all off, I knew it was worse than I imagined. Poor Celtius's bumper was missing, all the windows were crushed, the paint was peeling off and there were big spots of grey showing, the roof was caved in, and pretty much anything you'd see in a high speed crash had happened to my car. I cried uncontrollably and clung to my poor car like it was a baby, and Karr walked by all nonchalantly and said "Here ya go." and tossed the bumper at me before strolling off.

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