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    1. Two lucids in one night, and control training with my dream guide

      by , 08-26-2015 at 01:33 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      So tonight I flew to the moon again. Sorta. I went lucid and decided if I focused mostly on my flying and strengthened that, it would help me in other areas. Since flying involves ki, as do the big attacks I want to learn. Like... how am I supposed to fire off a successful Solar Kamehameha if I can't even control my ki enough to fly? So yeah.

      I aimed for the moon again and this time it was a bit more smooth of a flight, still sorta shakey, and as soon as I landed on it, I saw this huge asteroid floating just above it. It was totally going to hit the earth, and I guess I could've stopped it, but I didn't really care I guess? I mean, I'm hanging out with the bad guys trying to learn a move that can destroy a solar system, so the earth is doomed anyway.

      There was a door there on the moon so instead of hanging around to see the asteroid, I went through the door. On the other side was a long hallway with glass windows everywhere, so I tried to summon up someone to tell me where I was. This girl with green hair and a billion face piercings showed up, and instead of talking to me, she took me into a room and kept trying to make out with me. I told her I didn't really float that way, and also that it was weird kissing someone with facial piercings. So she started taking them all off and that's when I nope'd outta there and ran back into the hall. Seru was hanging out out there and as soon as I saw him, he smiled and turned away and then flew off down the hall. So I took off after him. My flight was kind of shakey so I realized I was still controlling my flying and he wasn't, he was just sort of leading me on. I noticed he did help me with some other things, like floating through walls and stuff. He would fly around randomly and I flew after him, through walls, outside, inside, etc. I felt like he was testing out my flying abilities so far.

      The last thing I remember, though probably the last thing that happened, was I pulled out of the glass windows in the hallway into the outside, and the hallway was kind of suspended in the air and I could smell the beach and hear water. That's when I woke up.


      Next dream started out non-lucid. There was a new Disney movie that was a crossover between Little Mermaid and Cinderella. Like they met and had adventures or something. I'd acquired an illegal bootleg of the movie from it's premiere before I came out in regular theaters and I got together with most all of my family and we sat around in a living room and watched it. The quality of the tape was really really poor and we were all disappointed and I was a little embarrassed I didn't check the tape beforehand. But we watched it anyway.

      A few minutes in, the image on the TV became really clear and vivid, and there was a scene of Cinderella standing on the beach looking bored, and the camera panned over a long pier that ended at a platform with a boat and some people mulling about. This was not part of the movie. I looked around and all my family members were just frozen, like they stopped existing.

      When I looked back to the TV, Seru was just standing there underwater, looking at me. And I suddenly became lucid again, but I couldn't control what I was doing, I just knew I was dreaming. I was pulled into the TV and down into the water, and I guess into his mind? I don't know, I just realized I wasn't in my own body, I was hanging out and seeing things in his first-person perspective, like I was just along for the ride. He sent me this weird questioning feeling, but I wasn't sure what he was trying to ask. He looked up and I saw we were directly below the platform. He shot through the water underneath the pier until he got halfway to the end, then he stopped and crouched down low and sent me another questioning feeling. I had this weird feeling like he was trying to fall into the background and suddenly I found myself in complete control. The questioning feeling he was giving me faded away and instead he seemed amused.

      I was totally in control. I was totally Seru! I mean WHAT.

      Well, I wasn't really him, he was still hanging out in there, but I still was in control of his body. Could a lucid dream get ANY COOLER than actually being a badass dude with infinite power and dream control? NO WAY.

      I wanted to test out some of his abilities, not any of the destructive ones, but I wanted to see how he flew and how he teleported around. I thought to shoot up through the water into the air, but real-Seru kinda sent me a thought telling me not to get the attention of the people on the platform because they would be annoying and follow us. And he couldn't banish them since I was in control. So I continued along the bottom of the pier and the water grew more shallow until I was attempting to crawl along all sneaky. I thought I was far enough away so I shot up into the sky and hovered there. It felt AWESOME! Like, I didn't even struggle to hover there! Usually once I stop flying and stay still I fall, but I had DREAM GUIDE POWERS, heck yes!

      I looked around. We were in some kind of small bay leading out into the ocean. On one side of the bay was a beach, and on the other was sheer cliff. The pier extended out from the beach to the cliffs. I smelled the beach and heard the water, and I realized that was where I was being led to by Seru before I woke up the first time. He totally invaded my non-lucid Disney dream and pulled me back there and gave me lucidity.

      Wtf how is that even possible?

      Anyway, apparently I wasn't far enough away because the guys on the platform started shouting and were running down the pier in my direction. Real-Seru felt annoyed but also amused. I took off over the cliffs, across some grasslands, getting my bearing on things. I felt a little weird at first, since I had wings there and I had to figure them out, but I noticed when I lifted them my flying was much more smooth. Like, super smooth. It was epic. In the middle of the grasslands was a log cabin-ish house. Real-Seru was focusing his attention on it, so I went down there and went inside.

      In the entryway, I opened another door and saw what looked like the room I'd been in when I watched that Disney movie. He shot me another questioning feeling and an image of teleporting doors. Apparently trying to teach me some door teleportation... not something I've ever had any luck with. So I backed out of the room, closed the door, and reopened it. Nothing. He gave me an impatient feeling. I didn't focus enough. So I imagined being at a new place and opened the door again. IT TOTALLY WORKED. I was in some fancy room with a fireplace in a completely different house. I walked in and looked around at all the statuettes and furniture and kind of was amazed that my mind rendered this scene so quickly. It made me feel hope that I could teleport to a city if I wanted to.

      He sent me an urging feeling like he wanted me to try that. But before I did, I noticed this cat on the table looking at me. Oh my god, it was SO CUTE. Like all its cute features were multiplied in cuteness by a hundred, and... I just wanted to hold the cat real quick haha. So I picked it up and cuddled it, and got a disapproving feeling from real-Seru. He probably just didn't like the idea of his body cuddling a kitten. I wish I could've seen it from third-person, it would've been hilarious.

      Suddenly I heard people coming into the house, they were coming for me, the guys from the pier. Real-Seru was urging me toward the door, but I was so freaked out by the sudden change that I jumped out of the window and started flying, kitten in tow. SUPER annoyed feeling from real-Seru. He'd wanted me to teleport away using the door, me jumping out the window with a cat wasn't part of his "training", haha.

      I held out the kitten while I flew and concentrated, and it disappeared. How did I do that? I have no idea. SERU POWERS.

      My flying was still smooth. There was another building, it looked like a grocery store, and I figured I could go down there and find another door to mess with. I descended through the roof and landed in the refrigerated foods aisle, and all the shoppers freaked out screaming and ran away from me. At first I was confused, but then I remembered I was still Seru, so they probably assumed I was gonna eat them or something. I hovered, and then shot off down the aisles, testing out flying in small areas. It was a bit rough, I kept running into shelves and forgetting to keep my wings up for stabilization, and also people kept running away from wherever I was which was really distracting. Real-Seru was getting a huge kick out of it though, could feel how giddy he was. We got to a door, probably leading to a backroom or something, and he grabbed my attention and focused on it. I landed and walked up to it, totally ready to attempt a teleportation to a 'busy' scene, something I've never been able to do. I thought of a city and opened the door, and there it was!

      I stepped into the scene. It was a quaint little city scene, with square buildings on each side and lots of people walking around. It was night and street lights were on. It looked like something out of a Leonid Afremov painting. As soon as the people saw me, they started running as well. Real-Seru was giving me this feeling like 'do whatever you want now, you teleported' so I jumped in the air and flew down the street, focusing on various things to change my heading. My attention kept falling to the people running around and each time I thought about them I'd shake a little in my flying, but overall I did awesomely. I woke up at some point as I was flying around.

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    2. A definite dream guide, and breaking free from the nightmares of the locked house

      by , 06-30-2015 at 06:06 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Lucids two nights in a row! Nice. This one started out as a regular nightmare rather than through sleep paralysis. I was watching The Lion King with my brother like we did when we were kids, and I was sitting there playing the original Pokemon on my old Game Boy. Then suddenly dad came running into the room all psychotic, laughing with a gun in his hand, and we freaked out and ran away. He chased us and caught my brother, and I heard horrible gunfire and so I ran down the hall and locked myself in a room. He was banging at the door and I was so scared and kept trying to push through the window glass, but then I noticed my hands on the glass. My fingers were all funny and I immediately recognized it as a dream and went lucid. I turned around from the window and the room was pure white, and the banging had stopped. So I left the room and found myself in another house I couldn't get out of, but this time it was all white and there was sunlight everywhere. ...but I was still locked in. In one of the rooms was a grey alien, which was a little weird, but when I walked up to it and poked it, it disappeared. Now back in the hall, I just told myself "You know, I can never find that guy when I search, so I'm just going to sit here and wait on him." So once again I was sitting on the ground in the hallway, surrounded by white and sunlight, calling out to Seru all pitiful-sounding. I heard a noise at the end of the hall, and leaned over to look, and there he was standing there looking at me and smiling. Yay, it worked! I went over to him and asked him if he could break me free from the house again, and he said yes. He flew up through the ceiling and I flew up after him, but this time I didn't just hit the ceiling instead I went right through it. Then we were up in the air and I was looking in awe at all the landscapes surrounding me. In front of us was this massive flower garden, fields and fields of all different species, it looked so rainbow-speckled, and it was so vivid I just couldn't believe it. I wanted to go down there immediately, but then he told me to look at the rest. So I looked to the right and there was a vast ocean and a beach that stretched forever, and far in the distance in front of us, past the flower fields, was a giant wall. Like the Great Wall only much higher. We landed on top of a tall fence overlooking the flowers, and out of all the different flowers, rare ones and such, this one common blue-purple pansy stood out, and I really wanted to keep it because it was so vivid but I also didn't want to ruin the field at all. I was curious about the wall so I asked him what was beyond it. He said there were mountains as far as the eye could see. Well... the call of the unknown lured me in and I wanted to go over the wall. He took off into the sky and I flew after him, towards it, buuuuttt... then my husband's alarm clock woke me up! Haha, well that's okay. I got a sweet vivid lucid dream, a dream guide, and fun places to visit next time.

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    3. Lucidity with Afiel: Explorin' buddies Part 2

      by , 09-23-2013 at 12:18 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 21.)

      I awoke into the dream staring at sentences in a book as I was laying in a bed. I noticed that the words on the page were kinda shifting around and getting fuzzy, and I thought I must be dreaming. So I did the palm RC and became fully lucid when my finger went right through my hand. I stood up from the bed and surveyed my surroundings, and saw I was in a messy bedroom with hardwood floors and wallpaper with flower prints on it. There was a hallway to the left that was lit brighter than the room I was in, and on the wall to the right was a mirror. I got really excited when I saw the mirror because I remembered how I was able to use a dream mirror in my last lucid dream to successfully summon Afiel. First, I tried just calling out his name and willing him there, because I didn't want to be reliant on mirrors, but it didn't work so I stood in front of the mirror and saw this time that the wings on my back appeared on my reflection, however when I moved them up and down they didn't move in the reflection. I attempted to summon Afiel as I did last time by having him appear behind me in the mirror, but it would not work and I started getting upset. Then I tried a trick I'd read on the forums here where I shouted "Increase lucidity!" to make the dream more real. I yelled it about three times, and every time I would hit the wall with my palms while shouting it, and that caused a wave that looked similar to an aftershock wave to ripple across my surroundings and make the scene clearer and more vivid as it moved. I remember being super excited at adding this new trick to my lucid arsenal. But then I looked down that bright hall out of curiosity, and I saw a grey alien creature standing at the other end of the hall. I couldn't see its face, but I knew what it was, and I had chills up my spine. I backed away in fear and crawled into the bed, cowering with the covers placed between me and it, but then right when my terror peaked, Afiel popped in out of nowhere and did a running tackle at the alien and it disintegrated. I jumped out of the bed, absolutely ecstatic (mostly because the alien was gone but also to see Afiel) and ran over and hugged him. I think the lucidity yell made him feel more real, because I remember thinking how weird it was how solid he felt when we were hugging. With him now there, I felt free to test some other things, like trying to change the scene. I would close my eyes, float up into the air, and should "Teleport (name of place)!", but when I opened my eyes we were still in the bedroom. After a few tries, I opened my eyes a saw clear blue sky, but I also felt my body waking up so I grabbed my shirt and tried the lucidity shout again. It worked, but I was again back in the bedroom. Afiel suggested I couldn't teleport because I was using a single-person teleport and it would be impossible for me to go somewhere without him since we were tethered together in the scene. I gave it one more shot, grabbing Afiel and attempting to teleport us both into deep space. Immediately, there was dark blues with random points of light zipping by me, it looked a lot like that effect that plays when Sam leaps into another body in Quantum Leap... suddenly I saw galaxies appearing and disappearing, but I can't remember if Afiel was there with me. Before everything could stop zipping around and calm down, it all fell apart and I woke up.
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    4. Lucidity with Afiel: Explorin' buddies

      by , 09-21-2013 at 06:22 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 16.)

      I woke up into a lucid dream from an episode of sleep paralysis. I looked around and was in some kind of dorm room, there was a futon on the floor, a small area with a microwave and mini-fridge, and the regular dorm room surroundings. I also saw a mirror on the wall and wondered what I looked like, so I looked into the mirror and saw myself. I was confused at first, because I knew I had wings, but I couldn't see them in the mirror, so I kept concentrating on my reflection until my wings appeared. After that, I attempted to call Afiel into my dream, using every trick I could remember. Yelling his name, visualization, closing my eyes and reaching out, etc, but none of it worked. At that point I was annoyed, because this was my second lucid attempt to bring him about and I didn't want to fail again, but then I looked into the mirror while visualizing him and there was his reflection in the mirror! He was standing behind me; using the mirror had worked. I spun around and he was standing there looking all excited that we were able to do it, and I ran over squealing like a little girl and jumped into his arms. He said he honestly didn't think it would ever work and he was just humoring me all this time, and that he was "pleasantly surprised" when he woke up in my lucid dream. I wasn't sure how to leave the room since there was no door, but I had pretty good control and stuck out my hand, which caused a big hole to open up on the floor. We both jumped through it and came out on the other side in midair, just above the lowest layer of clouds and the ground below us like green patchwork. Afiel didn't seem to have a problem flying, right away he spread his wings and caught a current of wind. I, however, was immediately falling as soon as I exited the hole. I spread out my wings and tried to steady myself, and was able to finally get myself going in flight after a few failed attempts at hovering. As I flew, I saw Afiel much higher up, his huge black wings were maybe three times bigger than my little white ones and he was blocking out the sun. I followed him up and we just flew around together enjoying the view and laughing. I remember at one point seeing something interesting on the ground, so we landed in the grass and were surrounded by lots of cool old stone structures. We flew together through a lot of odd places just exploring, occasionally ending up in weird dimensions that didn't make sense. Every few minutes or so I would be surprised that my dream was so vivid and was lasting so long, and had this feeling that Afiel was somehow helping me keep it anchored. Even so, I kept randomly touching things and rubbing my hands together thinking it could possibly buy me more time. We flew through a weird ribbon-like thing in the sky and wound up in this scene that was a giant translucent blue cube about a mile in size that would start over at the beginning once we reached the end, like some kind of dimensional loop. On the sides of the cube I could see offices and floors of buildings just floating around strangely, and beyond that was infinite darkness. The darkness eventually closed in and the dream faded away.
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    5. Piles of meat, the wooden walkway, and an embarrassing attempt at lucid control

      by , 09-05-2013 at 01:57 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 1.)

      I decided to go shopping at a new grocery store, but the front door was closed, so I took a shopping cart and went in through the cart area where they have those big plastic flaps employees push carts through. The first thing I saw was a big display with lots of holiday candy, mostly Christmas and Valentine's Day candies, then I passed through this huge open section that was almost the size of a regular grocery store itself. It was nothing but meat, lots of different kinds of meat, different cuts and stuff, all piled up on counters all the way around the walls. Some of the meat piles were almost as high as me. I remember being both fascinated and creeped out at the same time.

      I was debating on taking a plane ride to Indiana. The people I was going with were taking the plane, but I determined that it was only 200 miles away, and that I might beat them there if I take my car since they'd have to wait for the plane and all. When I got there, I walked out onto a long wooden walkway that snaked around a building and jutted out over a big waterfall and some dangerous rapids. Also on the walkway was a little girl who stood with a creepy old man, and I remember thinking the guy was totally a pedophile but the girl seemed okay so I ignored him. I talked to the girl about some things and she giggled a lot, but later I found out the girl had died and most likely was killed, and I just knew it was that creepy old guy's fault. I slipped and fell down on the walkway, and when I looked up I saw a huge spider in a web on my left and a huge yellow butterfly on my right. I was almost too terrified to move because I didn't want to upset either of the bugs but someone I slowly got to my feet and went into the building the walkway was attached to. Inside was a long hallway and lots of different rooms, and they were labelled based on what was taking place inside of the room, like for instance one was labelled SAT Room and people were taking the SAT test in there. I went into a room with a haircut label and the lady there said I had to get my hair cut if I wanted to be a part of their building. So I sat down and she cut my hair, but I kept hearing her say "Oops!" and I was upset that my hair would look crappy.

      I had a lucid dream that began with me standing in the dining room of a house. It was decorated very southern and was quaint. Nothing was really happening except me standing there, so it gave me time to think about where I was, and I didn't know. So I performed a reality check, the palm test, but it failed and my finger did not go through my palm. Still it felt like something wasn't right, so I did another reality check by holding my nose and trying to breathe through it anyway. It worked, and I was still able to breath, and that's when I realized I was dreaming! As soon as I became lucid, the scene started to fizzle out, like an old TV screen when you hit the antenna, so I rubbed my hands together and spun around a few times and the scene restablized. At that point, I was super excited because it's rare that I have complete control of my actions in a lucid dream, and I immediately go to the front door of the house and try to open it. However, when I opened it, there was another door behind it, and another, and another, and it was just endless doors all the way. So I went to try a closet door and it also gave me nothing but endless doors. I was really annoyed at this turn of events because I didn't want to be stuck in a quaint country house when I could go out and do fun lucid things, so I stared really hard at the front door and willed all my concentration on it. I had a vision of myself opening the door and emerging on the other side in a heavenly realm as nothing but pure light energy, so I took that as a sign to try opening the door. Sure enough, the door opened, but just to the front porch rather than the nice Heaven I'd envisioned. Out on the porch I was overlooking an old farmer's field covered in snow, with a few trees growing here and there. It looked a bit like the backyard of my grandmother's trailer. I got really excited again and jumped off the porch, intending to fly away, but instead of flying I drifted to the ground like a leaf. Another failure! I lay there, face down in the snow, concentrating on willing myself airborne, and after about a minute or so I began to hover about an inch off the ground. I continued hovering, kind of wobbling precariously in various directions like that American flying saucer prototype in that one old video, but the dream fell apart before I could really get my flight aspirations going.
    6. Demons at the festival, my fall, and my subsequent ascension

      by , 08-24-2013 at 04:18 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I had just gotten a new wallet. It was black and white on the outside, but the inside was lined with this silvery fabric that had glitter and holographic rainbow colors all over it. When you opened it up, it unfolded into a big suitcase that could hold notebooks and pencils and such, it was like the TARDIS of wallets. I knew I had classes soon, but I really wanted to get my wallet ready so I could bring it with me, so I sat down and started putting all my schoolbooks and pens and such in it, I remember having some pens with glitter all over them and putting them in because they matched so well. Eventually, I glanced over at the clock and saw I was late for class, so I rushed to school and entered the room with my sparkly new wallet. The classroom was huge, it looked like a plane hangar and had desks set up in rows like normal, however there were hundreds of desks. It was a huge class. The teacher was talking about some kind of math, and I wasn't paying attention because I was organizing my wallet. Then I got my old wallet out and started putting that stuff in my new one as well. The guy next to me whispered and said that somebody was trying to steal my old wallet, so I looked over and sure enough there was another guy reaching for it. I pulled it away and gave him an evil glare. Then the teacher announced we were going on a field trip, but didn't say where, so we all piled onto a big bus and started heading out of Huntsville and down through Arab. The bus didn't have windows, instead it had a long thin open space like those horse trailers have. After a few hours I started to get worried wondering why the trip was taking so long, but suddenly we drove down a dirt road and were at a renaissance festival. The driver said this isn't where we were supposed to be and that we were lost, but he didn't want to ask directions, so he drove around the festival. So we all sat in the bus and admired all the jewelry and things the vendors had for sale as we slowly drove past them. I remember thinking the vendors shouldn't have their booths so close to the dirt road because it would be easy for me to reach out and grab their wares as we drove by. Soon the bus got stuck in the mud and we had to get out, and I was all excited because I loved renaissance festivals. All the other students followed me around because I was the only one who'd ever been to one, so I started showing them around. We walked past vendors and I pointed to the parking lot on the right side, and I pointed to a huge open field on my left side where a bunch of ladies dressed up in renaissance costumes were running around a Maypole doing the ribbon dance.

      (Note: I don't know if this was a separate dream or the same one since it takes place at the same renaissance festival, but it feels like it was separate somehow so I'm starting a new paragraph here.)
      I was walking around the festival and the ground was getting kind of muddy because it had started to rain. Then a woman who looked like the goddess Cosmos walked past me and around the corner, and I knew she was actually the real Cosmos so I ran after her. However I didn't see her around the corner. Suddenly I heard people screaming so I looked up and saw these demonic monsters flying around and swooping down to kill people, however some of the demons were grabbing people and taking them away. I freaked out, as did everyone else, and started running towards the open field where the Maypole was, but then I fell so I pretended to be dead so they wouldn't take me. I remember feeling gross laying there on the muddy ground and I could feel bugs crawling around me, but I was too terrified to move. I lay there for a while and eventually the demons had taken everyone and had begun going around to the dead bodies and eating them. I knew this was it for me, so I thought of a really bad plan. I decided to get up and go convince the demon leader I was on her side. So I channeled an evil psychopath to help influence me to say the right things, in this case the psychopath was my friend Karr, so the demon leader would think I was sufficiently evil. I went before her, I think her name was Morgana or something with an M, and spoke to her. One of her henchmen, an incubus whose name I don't remember, took a liking to me and vouched for me, and then he bit my lip and licked the blood as some kind of weird blood pact. Morgana sent me back into the festival field to gather up any leftover humans and bring them back to her, where she put them in one of two dungeons that were attached to the fake wooden festival castles. I knew the demons would eat them, but I was being selfish and looking out for myself so I led all the stragglers to the prisons. I felt worse and worse for what I had done, so I decided to defy the demons and break the humans free, even if it meant I'd die. Then Cosmos appeared and we organized a prison break, she would lead out one prison and I would lead out the other. The next thing you know, Cosmos and I were running for the festival gates with about a hundred freed people following us. Morgana was furious, and started to flood the field. The field itself was in a sort of basin so we knew if we didn't get to the top of the basin where the parking lot was, we would all drown. We escaped the field just as it started to flood too high, but the incubus who vouched for me was throwing fireballs at us. Past the parking lot, I saw two trees and I knew if I reached those trees we would be safe for some reason. We got to the trees and ran between them, and then we stopped running. The trees were no longer trees, they were two white marble columns, and we were in this beautiful marble palace. Ahead of us, it was open to the outside, and overlooked a landscape of clouds that were beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples, like the sky at sunset, and there were other palaces and things in the distance. Everything was bathed in this nice soft sunlight, but it wasn't harsh and sunny like a bright day, it was just right. I knew it was heaven. Cosmos was gone and there were only about ten people behind me now, but that seemed normal. I was different now, I was hovering a few feet off the ground and wearing a long white robe, and I had white angel wings. The others looked the same as before though, and as I floated through the halls they followed behind me. One asked if I was an angel, and I smiled and nodded. This great awesome feeling of peaceful calm washed over me, as well as this joyous high, and I spun around as I floated along and sung songs. The song I sung was an Enya song, I think it was either Marble Halls or On My Way Home, or a mix of the two. I just remember being so happy and thinking I was home. Then we all stopped as Jesus Himself walked through the hall towards us to greet us. I was so ecstatic I could barely contain myself, and I flew right at Him and jumped in His arms for hugs, and He was happy to have me back as one of His angels again, and I was assured the other humans were also safe.