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    A moment of lucidity, bad paint jobs, and a not-so-epic Warcraft journey

    by , 09-21-2013 at 03:42 PM (417 Views)
    (This is from September 14.)

    I brought about a lucid dream through sleep paralysis. As I was in paralysis, I visualized my bedroom exactly as it would be if I were awake, and awoke into a dream of me laying on the bed in my room. The surrounding were very unstable, however, and the air was heavy like a blanket and strange looking. It was almost like heat waves, but no heat. It looked a lot like the air in hell from Constantine. I couldn't lift my hands to rub them together in an attempt to stabilize so I just had to deal. I crawled out of bed and looked around, but everything was normal except there were a lot of alphabet magnets on my TV screen. I stumbled down the hall trying to fight the heavy air, but I just couldn't stabilize and the dream faded away.

    Cory had hired these two slutty girls to paint my car for me as a surprise, but I was pissed because I knew they didn't actually know how to paint cars and I had no idea why he was letting them. When I went out to take a look, poor Celtius was not painted at all. They had spray-painted some black letters on the side of the car and it looked awful. But for some reason he kept defending them. Then he let one of them stay at our apartment for a while, and it got to the point where he was just fawning over her and doing whatever she wanted. I was so angry, and I kept crying and trying to get him alone so I could talk to him about it, but she followed us everywhere. The other girl who didn't stay got snippy with me when I asked about the "paint job" and I wasn't in the mood to argue so I just flipped her off and went to lay down. One day while we were at a store, Cory snapped out of it and we realized she'd had him under some kind of spell, so we ran into an elevator and got the doors to close before she could follow us, and then ran out of the store.

    I was a displaced orc living in a strange land that was set up like some kind of prison labyrinth. It wasn't actually a prison, but it was grey and simplistic like a prison. The through-ways were difficult to navigate and the whole of the land was one giant maze, but we had no choice because the orcs had been kicked out of Durotar and Orgrimmar for some unknown reason and this was where I had settled. There were other races living here too, mostly people who supported us and left on their own free will, some blood elves and trolls and such. On the corners of the maze roads were phone booths, and these were set up on every corner and "sponsored" by a person or group that would keep them clean, like those Adopt-a-Mile programs. As I was standing against a wall with some blood elves, they began to talk about how silly the booths were, and pointed to the one closest to us that was sponsored by someone named Snowsparkle. They assumed it was some girly weak person and set a bomb in the booth. I was afraid because I knew it would be a big explosion and someone could get hurt, so I called out for help. Then this huge imposing centaur appeared and defused the bomb and sent the elves running off in panic. Apparently he was Snowsparkle. He thanked me and said that indeed would've been a big explosion, and to properly thank me he said he wanted to show me something amazing. He picked me up with one hand, I was like the size of his forearm, and we galloped away. After a long while we were in Durotar, and we stood upon the road leading from Razor Hill to Sen'jin Village. There were hundreds of orcs all lined up heading back into Durotar, carrying sacks of their belongings and looking happy. The centaur told me we were all allowed home now and I remember being overcome with emotion and I just sat there on his shoulder crying in joy. He took me back to my temporary home and I decided I would move back to Durotar with the other orcs. I packed up all my things for my journey back, which wasn't much and fit into one bag. To get from the place I was currently at and into Durotar, I had to pass through a magical home. I ran into the house humming that magic carpet song from Aladdin because I was so happy, and I think I realized the house existed between dimensions, and that Durotar and the world I was in were actually separate dimensions altogether because that land was grey and Durotar just immediately was bright and reddish. I ran through the kitchen, still humming, and saw Thrall standing over the stove cooking something. I waved to him as I ran past. Then I entered into a bedroom and there was a huge dresser against the wall with a closet door to the left of it. I knew I had to crawl through a drawer in the dresser to reach Durotar, but I was nervous because I felt claustrophobic. When I opened the drawer, I could see Durotar on the other side. Instead, I opened the closet door and found inside that it was completely empty except for a mirror. I pushed the mirror and it opened into a small room that was mirrored on all sides, and this mirror room opened up into Durotar. I stood on the road, incredibly happy that I actually made it there.

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