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    My roommate's Klingon boyfriend, and a dinosaur attack

    by , 09-21-2013 at 12:14 PM (324 Views)
    (I haven't updated this dream journal since the 5th I've been super-busy the past few weeks and only had time to write them on my iPhone before jumping headfirst into my day. I'm not going to go through and upload all the dreams from all 16 days I've been offline, just the more memorable ones - I gotta keep my tag collection growing! It's awesome to see my tags change size and give me an overview of what I dream about most.)

    (This is from September 7.)

    I lived in an apartment with a roommate - a meek little lady with big wire glasses. When she moved in she brought all these couches with her, and she would put a couch in the den based on the holiday. She currently had a pastel-colored Easter couch out there and it slightly annoyed me because it was really gaudy and didn't fit. It was dinnertime currently, and we both sat down at the table, and I saw that she was wearing a Touched By An Angel shirt so I told her how much I loved that show. She told me she'd invited her boyfriend over for dinner, and he sat down next to her. Except he wasn't human at all, he was a Klingon, and I remember being really freaked out because he just seemed so annoyed and uncomfortable sitting at our quaint little table eating roasted chicken. Then things got really bad after my roommate decided to start flirting with me in front of him and mentioned she had a crush on me. I, of course, wanted nothing to do with this situation, but the Klingon got angry and challenged me to a fight, and soon enough I was running out the door and into the backyard with this guy screaming and swinging a sword at me. He kept telling me to stand still and accept an honorable death but I kept dodging him.

    I was staying at a hotel that overlooked a futuristic expressway, where I could see hovercars going to and from their destinations. My suite had multiple rooms but there was one bedroom I really liked in particular. However, when I came back to my suite after doing some shopping, I saw that the room wasn't a bedroom anymore. Instead, it was smaller and was filled with boxes. I asked the room service guy and he said there was never a bedroom there in the first place, only that small storage area.

    During a college class, all the students were paired up to do a project. I waited until the last second and couldn't choose a partner, so I got the last person left, who happened to be Michi. I was really excited to be paired with her since she's like a little sister to me, even though I wasn't sure what she was doing in college since she's only five or six years old. The teacher pulled me aside and asked me to find a new partner because he thought I was a bad student and would hold Michi back. I got super upset at that accusation, even though I knew I often didn't do my homework, but it made me embarrassed and I decided never to go to that class again. Instead, I skipped that class every day by going home to eat and then coming back after it was over. But one day while skipping I couldn't find my car in the parking lot and the city bus had already left, so I wandered around campus looking for my car. A group of people sitting on the grass in the commons area made fun of me for being so bad at my project and told me to just quit school already. Instead of crying and leaving, I got determined to prove them wrong and I went back to class. We were watching some Spongebob movie and everyone in class complained because it was a horrible movie. Spongebob was walking around on a real life beach, and this large girl in a bathing suit kept staring at him funny. Halfway through the movie, the ground started shaking and we all ran outside to discover dinosaurs were attacking the school. Everyone was in a frenzy trying to escape and ran off in big crowds, and I grabbed Michi and took off, but was terrified that we'd be squished because the dinosaurs were just randomly stepping on people.

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