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    1. A dog attack, and flying to the moon

      by , 08-24-2015 at 06:02 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was living on some kind of farm area and there was a chain link fence between my house and the neighbor's. My dog Loki escaped from the house and went running over to the fence, and at the same time I saw the neighbor's two bigger dogs, like both retrievers or something, run over and snarl at her. Loki was just walking along obliviously while these two dogs tore at the fence to get to her, and for some reason I was stuck at the door and couldn't go running after her, so I was watching helplessly and screaming. The two dogs tore through the fence, one went through the middle and the other went under, and they attacked Loki and I could hear all her whimpering and I was just flipping out. The two dogs eventually backed off and I ran over and Loki was lying on the ground covered in blood with a huge gash on her belly, and I started crying because I thought she was dead, but I looked and her eyes were open slightly and she was breathing, and when I picked her up her tail wagged a little. So I rushed into the garage but the car was blocked by someone's car who was visiting the house, and I screamed for Cory so his friend moved the car and Cory and I got in our own car and drove off to the vet. I was sitting in the passenger seat with Loki all distraught. It took a long while to get there, and when we stopped Cory got out but we were at CULVER'S... he came back to the car with two pints of ice cream and I was like WTF! I woke up pretty shaken.

      I had a lucid dream, I don't remember how I became lucid, but it happened while I was standing in a dark grassy field looking out over a starry night sky. I rubbed my hands together to stabilize myself and scanned the horizon for the moon. It was pretty low on the horizon and slightly covered by some dark trees, but as I looked at it, I thought "I wonder if I can still do that ki flying thing... aiming for the moon would be a huge success." So I did! I focused my attention on the moon as a goal and I jumped into the air, flying towards it. I almost fell at first, and kind of dropped to the ground a bit, but I ignored it and kept my focus on my goal, and soon I was flying at super human speeds with the moon growing bigger and bigger. The moon was coming up pretty fast, so I threw my legs forward so I could land on my feet and descended. The moon was pretty small... it was like the size of King Kai's planet. I wandered around and looked at all the craters, then sat down and ran my hands through the sandy ground. Moon dust! The stars in the sky were even more awesome on the moon. I noticed off to the side was a little deep cave, so I leaned over and thought it would be cool to have moon-people, so I cleared out a bunch of rocks and stuff blocking the entrance and I saw some movement inside. But then I woke up.

      I was in some kind of school-type setting, with a bunch of other people, and this guy kept checking me out and starting hitting on me and stuff. When he came over, I leaned over and whispered to him that I was going to go in an empty room down the hall, and that he should come out five minutes later after me, so we could meet up without everyone in the class knowing what was going on. So we met up in the empty room and had sex. Right afterwards, all the other people decided to move to that empty room, so we had to gather ourselves really quickly and pretend like nothing happened.

      There was a mini-dream I had when I dozed off, it just involved me picking up daddy long legs spiders and one of them kept biting me. I looked at him walking along my arm biting me over and over and I was just all "Why you gotta do me like this, bro?!" Bah.
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    2. A definite dream guide, and breaking free from the nightmares of the locked house

      by , 06-30-2015 at 06:06 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Lucids two nights in a row! Nice. This one started out as a regular nightmare rather than through sleep paralysis. I was watching The Lion King with my brother like we did when we were kids, and I was sitting there playing the original Pokemon on my old Game Boy. Then suddenly dad came running into the room all psychotic, laughing with a gun in his hand, and we freaked out and ran away. He chased us and caught my brother, and I heard horrible gunfire and so I ran down the hall and locked myself in a room. He was banging at the door and I was so scared and kept trying to push through the window glass, but then I noticed my hands on the glass. My fingers were all funny and I immediately recognized it as a dream and went lucid. I turned around from the window and the room was pure white, and the banging had stopped. So I left the room and found myself in another house I couldn't get out of, but this time it was all white and there was sunlight everywhere. ...but I was still locked in. In one of the rooms was a grey alien, which was a little weird, but when I walked up to it and poked it, it disappeared. Now back in the hall, I just told myself "You know, I can never find that guy when I search, so I'm just going to sit here and wait on him." So once again I was sitting on the ground in the hallway, surrounded by white and sunlight, calling out to Seru all pitiful-sounding. I heard a noise at the end of the hall, and leaned over to look, and there he was standing there looking at me and smiling. Yay, it worked! I went over to him and asked him if he could break me free from the house again, and he said yes. He flew up through the ceiling and I flew up after him, but this time I didn't just hit the ceiling instead I went right through it. Then we were up in the air and I was looking in awe at all the landscapes surrounding me. In front of us was this massive flower garden, fields and fields of all different species, it looked so rainbow-speckled, and it was so vivid I just couldn't believe it. I wanted to go down there immediately, but then he told me to look at the rest. So I looked to the right and there was a vast ocean and a beach that stretched forever, and far in the distance in front of us, past the flower fields, was a giant wall. Like the Great Wall only much higher. We landed on top of a tall fence overlooking the flowers, and out of all the different flowers, rare ones and such, this one common blue-purple pansy stood out, and I really wanted to keep it because it was so vivid but I also didn't want to ruin the field at all. I was curious about the wall so I asked him what was beyond it. He said there were mountains as far as the eye could see. Well... the call of the unknown lured me in and I wanted to go over the wall. He took off into the sky and I flew after him, towards it, buuuuttt... then my husband's alarm clock woke me up! Haha, well that's okay. I got a sweet vivid lucid dream, a dream guide, and fun places to visit next time.

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    3. The body part peddler, paralysis aliens, and the gnashing of teeth

      by , 01-02-2014 at 04:59 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (I haven't actually updated this journal for a few months, mainly because I fell back into my old ways of writing in a paper journal even though I promised myself I would stick to online journaling due to the tag and search features that I love. So here's my new year's resolution, to put down my notebook and use the internet I'm going to upload a few memorable dreams and my lucid dreams in the next few entries, just to have a bridge between the last few months and now. They won't be in any particular order since I didn't date them, I'll just label those entries as (undated older dreams #).)

      (undated older dreams 1)

      I was at a store with mom, and we found an area with lots of glass trinket cases that had neat items in them. The whole area was very pink and girly but I really liked the items there. There was a case with anime trinkets in it, mostly Hello Kitty and Pokemon, and a bunch of Team Rocket figures caught my eye. One of them I remember vividly was a figure of Jesse but she had the hair of Nurse Joy, and I thought it must be some kind of error and might be worth a lot of money, but then I saw this awesome as hell cat figure I just had to have. I picked it up and turned around to show it to mom, but she was nowhere to be found, so I put the figure down and debated whether or not I should stay there looking at figures waiting for her or if I should just leave to go find her. Eventually I decide to leave because there's this awkward tension between me and the salesperson and I got the feeling he thought I was trying to steal something since I was just loitering around. Eventually I ran into mom, and she told me to go get the cat thing, but on the way back to the case I passed by a giant RV sitting right in the middle of the store and get sidetracked by it. Going inside the RV, I noticed there were lots of small blinking red lights all over the floor, and whenever I picked one up it would make rude comments at me. There was a strange sound coming from the bathtub, but before I could check it out mom and grandma showed up at the door all freaked out and told me to drop the lights and leave the RV quickly. There was this feeling of absolute terror and I ran back out into the store, and froze when I saw this man sitting in an aisle with a blanket laid out in front of him. He had a human head in his hands and was cutting it up and laying it out piece by piece on the blanket and labeling the pieces with prices. He had parts like the eyelids and lips and bits of brain laid out and they were all blackish green with decay. As soon as I saw it I woke up feeling like I was going to vomit.

      A lucid dream where I was sitting at a computer, and when I looked at my hands I noticed they looked strange and became lucid. As soon as lucidity hit, the whole dream froze like a paused DVD and I was unable to move. It faded until everything dissipated and I was floating alone in pitch black nothingness, so I willed myself to float upwards in an attempt to find something, but then my head started tingling like it does when I go into sleep paralysis, and I stop going upwards and start involuntarily spinning around in circles.

      Not sure if this is related to the last one, but at some point I was laying in bed and stuck in sleep paralysis, and when I opened my eyes I saw a grey alien standing at the foot of my bed out of the corner of my eye. Instead of looking at it, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it and push myself into a lucid dream, but then I heard this horrible noise coming less than an inch away from my right ear. It sounded like someone pigging out on food making an OM NOM NOM sound with their teeth, but it had this unnerving evil quality to it that kinda freaked me out. As soon as it stopped I had this small dream where I saw a clear blue sky, but then it darkened to night and a red moon appeared, and a shadow of some kind of monster flew across it.
    4. A trip to the past, and a nightmare locked away

      by , 10-02-2013 at 05:27 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I fell out of the sky and landed on some farmland. I could see a white fence off in the distance and a big colonial plantation home, and then what looked like guest homes off in the distance. It was night out and I noticed the house was lit up strangely, and when I got closer I realized there was no electricity, only candle light. A lady in the house came out, dressed up in an old 1800s style dress, and invited me inside. From the things she told me, I found out I'd fallen into the past and was on a southern plantation in the 1800s. I sat down and had tea with the ladies of the house, and they were interested in my stories of the future about cars and electricity, and one of the ladies had a crush on me and would follow me around. I wandered around the farmland looking for a way back to the present, but once I figured out how to get home, the lady who was crushing on me became irrationally angry and tried to force me to stay. I had to run to get away from her.

      My dad invited me over to his house to pick up a bunch of my old toys and stuff from when I was a kid. I was weary at first, but I really wanted to get my old stuffed animals and things, so I decided to go get them and leave right away so I wouldn't have to deal with dad. When I got there, he showed me to a closet that was packed with all my old stuff, so I spent some time digging through and looking at my old things. I remember seeing my Lion King beanbags, a bunch of My Little Pony stuffed animals, and some teddy bears. Dad came over and demanded that I stay for dinner since I hadn't seen him in forever, and I was suspicious but I decided to because my car wouldn't start. When I was eating, he slipped some drugs in my food and I became tired and laid down on the couch, and I heard him say he unhooked my car's battery so I couldn't leave. He locked me in the guest room and wouldn't let me out, and all the food he gave me was laced with the sleepy drugs. I broke the door down and went onto the porch, and I saw him taking all the stuff out of my car and throwing it away, so I freaked out. He saw me out there and started heading back to the house with an angry look on his face, and I ran inside terrified and grabbed the phone, which was wooden and shaped like a stringed bow, and shut myself in the closet and called 911.
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    5. Spiders, Hot Wheels, and a girl named Abigail

      by , 08-20-2013 at 12:34 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was laying in my bed alone and it was morning, so I got up and walked over to the dresser when out of the corner of my eye I see movement on my bed. It turns out there were thousands of spiders crawling all over the bed sheets, and I went into a panic feeling myself all over making sure there were none on me. Then I noticed that they were all over the floor as well, and all along my walls! Just tons of them, of all different types. Little ones, big ones, poisonous ones like Black Widows and Brown Recluses... I had to just stand there without moving my feet because I was barefoot and afraid I would step on one and get bitten, and at that point I became lucid and I realized the whole thing was a dream and it would be impossible for so many spiders to be in my house. Unfortunately, I didn't have any control over the dream and couldn't will the spiders away, so instead I tried to reach for my shoes so I could walk over the spiders and out of the room. When I looked in my shoes there were spiders already with webs hanging out in them, and no matter what pair of shoes I picked up they all had webs and spiders in them. There were also webs all over my room now, in all the corners of the wall, in my bookcases, around my dresser and on my bike, and even under the bed! It was absolutely terrifying. So the whole dream I just stood there still waiting for it to end.
      (Note: My fiance and I went hiking earlier yesterday only to discover spiders in webs all over the path because apparently they come out in force after a rain! We had to turn around early: hike cancelled on account of spiders. I think that caused this dream/nightmare.)

      I had just transferred to a new school but nobody in my class wanted to help me get caught up on the assignments, until I sat down next to this nice girl. We both sat in the front row, near the middle. I think her name was Abigail, or Agatha, something like that, and she had blonde hair in braids and was really white like she never went out in the sun. She also wore an old-fashioned light blue dress that reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. She was really helpful and would let me borrow her notes and supplies I needed for the coursework. She was always smiling and I kinda had a little crush on her. The next day I sat down and she wasn't there, apparently she was running late. The professor had us work on an art project the class had started before I transferred, so I didn't have anything to work on. The project involved making an intricate picture out of string. Since Abigail wasn't there to loan me any string, I went over to the storage drawers to see if there was any extra laying around. I opened one of the drawers and someone's string art slid out and became tangled, I think it was a picture of a building made with red string. The guy came stomping over and was pissed at me, so I lied and said it was like that when I found it, but he didn't believe me so I went away from him and sat back down. He kept glaring at me the whole time, though. Soon Abigail came in and we discussed what we were going to wear on Halloween, and we left the room together and walked down the hall still talking about it. As we walked, the hallway transformed and soon we were walking in a vast snowy field at night, but it wasn't too dark because of a full moon. Abigail also transformed as we walked, she became a short old Inuit man, but for some reason I didn't think that was unusual at all. We sat down in the snow and the man made a fire and told me depressing things about how hard it was to keep food on the table for his wife and children.

      I was in a library with a big collection of Hot Wheels cars, and I was sitting at a long wooden table going through one of those old-fashioned card catalogs. I wanted to find out how much my Hot Wheels were worth so I was looking for price guides. The collection was pretty big so I couldn't finish pricing it before the library closed, so I came back the next day. When I got there the library wasn't open yet and apparently wasn't going to open all day for some reason, so I sat there at the door hoping they'd open anyway. The library itself looked like a giant church, almost exactly like the Chapel of Loretto, and was out in the middle of wilderness, with no civilization around for miles. It was wintry outside, but not too cold, and there was a little bit of snow on the ground. Eventually I got annoyed and gave up, and started walking away, past some bare trees and over some hills.
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    6. Attacked while lost in a parking lot

      by , 08-19-2013 at 05:59 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I went to some sort of festival or marketplace with my parents, but they took their own car and I followed behind them in mine. We traveled down a winding road with lots of flowers and pristine sidewalks and fences, it was very upscale looking. At the end of the road there was a gate set up that was similar to the gates you have to pass to get on army bases, where they wouldn't let us pass until we each bought tickets to the festival/marketplace thing. After we got them, they let us through into a huge parking lot that was packed with probably tens of thousands of cars, and the lot was divided into lots of smaller parking lots placed all around the area of the gate, I think each was numbered so you could remember where you parked. My parents and I parked in separate lots and went into the festival, but I don't remember the actual festival except that it was inside a giant warehouse and had dimly lit blue hallways with vendors selling things like stuffed animals. When we came out I couldn't remember where I parked, but I saw a red car that looked sorta like my Celtius. I walked up to it and realized it wasn't my car at all, and a couple walked up and asked why I was staring at their car, so I felt really embarrassed. Then I noticed a bike rack sticking out of a space further up and assumed it was my car instead, so I smiled and told them I was just walking past to my car up there, but as I got closer I saw it was just a big black SUV that happened to have a bike rack and wasn't my car either! So embarrassing, because I knew the couple was still staring at me as I walked around confused... Instead of continuing to search the whole lot, I asked my parents for help, and I hopped in their car and we drove around the the different lots looking for my car. (I remember playing the song 'To The Hilt' by Die Krupps on their radio and they were all "Ughhh your music sucks." Whatever homes, my music rules.) We drove through the gate to check the outer lots, but when we tried to get back through the gates the guard demanded we buy tickets again. I explained my situation and luckily he let us in and even helped us look, so we all split up to search the whole lot. As I was looking I heard a loud whirring noise, kind of like really low pitched binaural beats, and looked up to see weird undulating black things flying around in the sky that kind of resembled big cargo copters but were super disturbing in the way they wiggled while they moved. I was terrified thinking they were UFOs with grey aliens in them, but kept looking for my car instead of running away. The copters started attacking and a giant face came down from the sky and started killing random people it set its sights on. It looked kinda like the Face of Boe but bigger and completely white and see-through like a ghost. Then it set its sights on me and I was so scared and hid behind a car. When I peeked around the side of the car I saw it floating there on the other side looking for me, so I kept going around the car trying to avoid its gaze as it also went around the car trying to find me. Suddenly it came down on me from on top of the car and I screamed, then I woke up right before it jumped me.
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