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    Qur'ans at an antique mall

    by , 09-21-2013 at 04:23 PM (398 Views)
    (This is from September 15.)

    I was shopping at some kind of flea market / antique mall. I walked through the various booths with Cory and saw some interesting things, like some very tiny props used for a dollhouse or something. There was a mini table with a mini stick of butter and sliced loaf of bread and other foods. It really struck me because it was so realistic looking even though it was tiny. They were in a glass case with some other things, and I wondered if they were big enough to use as props for my BJD Ian, but Cory said they were too small. There was also a tiny piano the size of a finger and it was playable. As we walked around the booths, we wound up outside some doors to the next area of the market. There were tons of people sitting around waiting to be let through the doors, but they were only letting in five people at a time. They had a TV set up for people to watch while they waited. The whole area was very rustic looking with wooden walls and lots of old advertising signs all hung up. We finally got to the front of the line and the people letting others through the doors were my old friends from middle school! I saw Jessica ushering people through. When it was our turn they let Cory through but he was number five, so we were separated. I went through after a while and couldn't find him, so I went to the book area and looked at the old religion books. I found an awesome book on rituals for Egyptian gods and got that, then I saw a huge section of nothing but copies of the Qur'an and I thought I would find a nice one since I've never read it before. As I was looking, this guy came over and looked through them with me. I asked what would be a good translation and he kept pointing to different things but not speaking so I thought he was a mute. I found a really nice one and put that with my Egyptian book and another book that was red but I don't remember what it was about. Then Cory found me and asked if I was ready to go, so I gathered them and headed out. As I walked away, the guy I thought was mute said goodbye to me and I was surprised.

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