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    Sodas in the woods, school problems, and spelunking in the pyramids

    by , 08-26-2013 at 05:56 PM (403 Views)
    I was driving in my car, but for some reason it was scorching hot inside my car yet cool and nice outside. I had somewhere I had to be, I can't remember where, but I knew I couldn't spend another minute inside my hot car so I decided to park it somewhere and just walk the rest of the way. I pulled into a Barnes & Noble parking lot and a valet knocked on my window and asked for the keys. I told him I wasn't actually going into the store, I just needed to park my car so I could walk, so I drove into a space, parked, and then gave the valet my keys and said I'd be back later. Then I started walking down the road to wherever I was supposed to go, and feeling happy that I was much cooler now.

    Mom, my brother, and I were all staying together in an old log cabin in the woods. It was in the middle of nowhere and only mom had her car, as we had all came up to the cabin in her car rather than taking our own separate ones. However, in the dream it had a convertible roof, which it doesn't have in reality. Behind the cabin was dense forest, and in front of it was a huge field with long grass up to my knees, and then more dense forest about half a mile out. We were all sitting inside watching a TV show about ghost hunting when we heard this strange noise. I didn't make anything of it, but mom and Jonathan looked nervous and said they were going to go outside to get some sodas. As I sat inside, I heard the car taking off, so I ran out and saw them driving off in a panic, leaving me behind! I freaked out and ran after their car, and somehow caught up to it by running super-human speeds, but then mom stopped the car and I stood at the passenger door asking why she'd run off. She said she was afraid because there were ghosts and she didn't mean to, but then she said she only stopped so Jonathan could run back to the cabin to get something he forgot. I was super pissed that she would stop for him but not for me, but I got in the passenger seat anyway. As I stepped into the car I noticed there were dozens of unopened cans of Sunkist soda all over the ground outside the car, but even though I was kinda thirsty I didn't take one because they'd been touching the ground. The convertible top was down, but the top part of the window was super low and sharp and I realized that if we stopped suddenly it could totally decapitate me if I flew forward, so I put the top back up. Suddenly while Jonathan was still in the cabin, this orange SUV (the same orange as the Sunkist cans) came driving past us, but then spun around, kicking up mud everywhere and driving right at us. We knew it was chasing us but didn't know why, so we sped away to outrun the SUV and left Jonathan behind.

    A group of people were spelunking into the Great Pyramids and found a secret chamber. One of the people, a lady with a big fluffy ponytail, was lowered into the chamber with a lantern and a camera. The chamber had a huge floor the size of a ballroom and a giant mural of some kind of green bug-like creature on the ceiling. It looked kind of like a praying mantis. The group saw the mural from the camera and were terrified because it meant something bad and then the lady started screaming demanding to be taken out of the chamber because she was scared. I think there were spirits in the chamber or something.

    It was my first day at a new school and this girl was being nice to me so I sat next to her thinking we could be friends. Then I noticed everyone else avoided me and I didn't understand why. It turned out that the girl was in the KKK and because I actually talked to her, everyone thought I was in the KKK too! It really bothered me and I started avoiding the the girl but she wouldn't leave me alone. She would follow me around and randomly give me unwanted gifts. There was also something involving a Christmas card she left on my desk that had a drawing of some klansmen on it.

    Another dream involving a school, where I would switch seats depending on how my mood was. If I was feeling good I would sit on the left where the talkative people were, if I was feeling stressed and had social anxiety I would sit on the right by myself. At some point my teacher asked why I switched seats, and I cried and said I couldn't sit on the left when my social anxiety was bad, and then she gave me a hug.

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